Messages 1984 to 2000

Jesus: On prayer

date not known

Received through K.S.


Remember to pray for God’s Great Love, and know that He hears your prayers when offered sincerely from your soul, and that He will help you. He will answer your prayers and send His Love through the Holy Spirit to your soul; and this Love will give you the inner strength and peace which will help you relax and not worry so much about material appearances, but will help you put priorities on love’s interchange and small but real accomplishments of lasting value, of helping build self-confidence in yourself and others, of helping them recognize the importance of prayer and love.

The major thing to always remember and put first on the list of priorities is to pray for the Father’s Divine Love to enter your soul to give you the strength and courage you need to face the day, and for the effort required to carry out your responsibilities; and to thank Him often during that day, after the completion of each task. Thank Him for His Blessings of Love, for helping you in the many unseen ways you may never become aware of. When you remember to do these things and lean more heavily upon your Creator, you will find stressful situations diminishing, and the same things that had previously caused worry will become worry-free through prayer and the intervention of Love.

When you love God and put your life into His Care, then do your best and let God do the rest. You will be letting go of a great many burdens you have taken upon yourselves as a result of your living in a material world. Strive to be in the world but not of the world, and you will be stepping out of many burdensome responsibilities you have taken on as an adult person.

God hears our prayers and knows our thoughts and desires even before we express them. So, when you have a prolonged desire of heart which is good and loving and selfless, it will bring to you added blessings. Some, who perhaps don’t see their own goodness, might say, “I don’t deserve all these blessings”; but they may not recognize the goodness of their hearts’ desires.

God always hears your prayers and cares for His children. All your good thoughts and deeds are rewarded with blessings. Even though these blessings may be unseen and may be not even felt right away, they are given out by the workings of the Father’s Laws in accurate and exact measure. All Laws of God don’t work in obvious ways, but are intertwined, working on all levels, meting out their just dues in exact doses, some obvious and some not.

Until God’s children learn the importance of their spiritual natures, they are going to be plagued with the idea that there is no justice because they make the mistake of evaluating life by material observances. Spiritual blessings can come to a prayerful child without material changes for quite some time; but when the inner changes have occurred and the person is more peaceful in heart, he will reevaluate his attitude about his material needs and, even when there has been no change on the material level, he will count his blessings and believe there has been a change because his material needs are less. This goes hand-in-hand with fulfillment being a quality of the soul and how, when the soul is satisfied, the material desires seem satisfied also; or the desire for material things decreases as the seeking for spiritual food increases.

As we help the Father’s children learn about the Truths of His Love, we can also stress how His Laws work to govern their lives in ways that will continue to lead them in the direction of their hearts’ desires. And that, when they hold the thought of wanting to know the Truth, or wanting to do the Will of God in their lives, these thoughts and desires will have their good effect in their behalf; they put into motion certain attractions which include the protection and influence of angel guardians. These influences reach far and wide to attract even material situations which will make life more comfortable, or tolerable, for the child wanting to come closer to the Will of his Creator. So, even though the statement to “pray unceasingly” seems like an impossible request, remember that even a heartfelt desire is like a prayer; a longing for love and harmony to be a part of your experience is like a prayer. All the good thoughts and desires held by all God’s children are helpful to them in making their lives better and their souls purer.