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Jesus: …Without Love, I Am as Tinkling Brass…

December 17, 1987

Received by D.L.


Dearest Master, Jesus, with the completion of Dr. M A’s thesis, the Trustees of the Foundation Church of Divine Truth humbly seek your comments with regard to Dr. A’s candidacy for full ministerial ordination. In addition, dear Master, if you have any words of comfort or advice concerning Dr. A’s condition of health and present infirmity, we are confident that he would be most grateful for your words in his behalf.

I hope I may be an exceptionally clear channel for your message of today, for I sincerely want Dr. A. to have full and clear benefit of your loving input. We know of a surety that Dr. A. will treasure your personal comments to him, and that he will keep your loving words in his heart and soul from this day forward.

Thank you, dear brother, for all that you do in humbly coming to your lowly brothers and sisters in the flesh to bless and lead us in making the Father’s Divine Love and Truths more available and abundant to humankind. I now welcome your loving presence and message of today.


I am now here to write, my beloved brother in Christ, and I am most happy to once again to come to you to share my thoughts for the benefit of humankind, and more specifically today for our brother, M____. I am Jesus of the Bible and Master of the Celestial Heavens, and the eternal leader of our church on earth.

M____, as you know, has been working diligently to fulfill all ministerial requirements, and I am happy to say that we are well pleased not only with his spiritual progress but also with his satisfactory completion of the requirements for ministerial ordination. We, in the Celestial Heavens, have been very much aware of his dedication to our cause of disseminating the Father’s Truths to humankind, and we are equally aware of his fine efforts and accomplishments already made with helping his African brethren embrace the Truths of God. He is to be commended upon his steadfastness of purpose and the exceptional degree of diligence he has put forth in communicating the basic tenets of our teachings to a soul-hungering people and world.

As you know, although our powers in the Celestial Heavens are very great, it would be a mistake to assume or believe that our mortal brethren do not also have a work to perform in association with all our own efforts. The world cries out for peace and happiness, for freedom from sickness and despair, for the restoration of those heavenly conditions of tranquility that God has always intended for his children, not only on earth but also throughout His vast Creation of Being. We, in the spirit world, can only do so much to further these noble ends; but without such dedicated souls on earth to join with us in this effort, our work would indeed not bear all the fruit possible toward bringing humanity once again into harmony with all the Father’s Laws. For it is the restoration of this harmony which will bring to humankind all that their hearts desire. And to accomplish this requires a tremendous effort on the part of all of us - spirits and mortals alike. And I and my Celestial co-workers are always supremely happy when we can add and number among us yet another mortal or spirit who has joined with us in carrying out this greatly needed and most glorious and worthy work of bringing more and more of the Father’s children to His Bosom of Love and Solicitude.

M____ has been working with us in this capacity for some time now, and I should like to add that the dedication of his heart has been and is of vastly more importance than any formal recognition we might accord him. Nevertheless, while a certificate of ordination is only as important as the love and dedication in back of this, in M____’ case, we are happy to acknowledge that the substance of his dedication and ministerial beginnings does indeed stand fortified by the presence of a loving heart that is the true originator of all his meritorious efforts. And because he possesses much of the Father’s Love, we are confident that, as his spiritual growth continues, he will accomplish much good during his tenure on earth. But he must always keep in mind that he can only be as effective in this great work as his own spiritual development permits; which is to say that with his praying for and obtaining more of the Father’s Love, to that degree he receives this Love will he become more persuasive in his presentation of the Father’s Truths to his African brethren. In back of teaching must be the Love that fuels the fire of acceptance in others.

I say all this because I realize how discouraging it can be when others will not listen to or embrace the Truths of the Father’s Love. Even I, when on earth, having as much of the Father’s Love that I then possessed, was not successful in turning all my brothers and sisters to a recognition of the true relationship with the Father that they should have been aspiring to. And, so, with others perhaps possessing less of the Father’s Love, you can perhaps better understand how difficult the task might and can be to be as effective a teacher as one might desire. As Paul once said, “…Without love, I am as tinkling brass…”. And, so, I would have our dear brother M____ always keep foremost in his thoughts and heart the importance of his own prayers for the Father’s Love so that, in turn, he will be able to manifest this Love that is so necessary to have to accompany the teachings of the Father’s Truths.

However, not to digress too much from the intention of this communication, yes, I am most pleased to welcome brother M____ to our ministerial fold, and I am only too happy to extend our full approval of his candidacy. As he continues his work, he will have Celestial guardians to help and inspire him in the work ahead. And when his mortal efforts come to an end, and it becomes time for him to enter the spirit world, like all the Trustees of our earthly church, he will continue this work with us by our sides.

Now with respect to M_’ physical condition, I can offer what I have stated in messages through you before. There is no substitute for heartfelt prayer to the Father for any and all help being sought. And what must be kept in mind is that no sincere prayer to the Father for His Assistance goes unanswered. A benevolent outcome must unfailingly result when a child of the Father prays to Him with all the earnest desires of the soul. And when I say “benevolent outcome,” I do not necessarily mean that a specific outcome or change will take place that always corresponds exactly with what is being prayed for. Healings of the body are indeed possible and one does well to pray for this. But the Father’s Help need not be given in precisely the way that is requested or desired. The Father always knows what is best for His children, and His Answer, as I have said, will be a benevolent one and in the best interests of the supplicant. Thus, rather than attempt to specify, it is always best to ask the Father to accord His Blessings in whatever benevolent way He sees is most needed. Sometimes, this way is a physical healing; at other times, a healing of the soul is given, or a greater spiritual strength to overcome whatever adversity that needs to be set aside. The Father knows our needs at all times, and He will respond to help solicited if a prayer to Him emanates from a truly yearning soul. And, so, I would encourage M_ to ever pray to the Father for His Help. But, in doing so now, let him extend the faith that the Father Himself is best left to decide in what form this help is to come. And, further, let him believe that this Help will come, and he will indeed remain open and aware of the actual Assistance he will receive when it is given. And, as he SO prays, leaving the outcome to the sole and more than capable Hands of the Father, we will add our prayers to his own.

Well, this has been a more lengthy communication than I originally intended, but it has still been time well spent in welcoming our brother M____ to our eternal fold. I will now leave you with my love and blessings, and will be looking forward to our next communication wherein I might share more of the Father’s Truths with humankind. May God bless you all is the parting wish and prayer of

Your friend and brother in spirit,

Jesus of the Bible


Master of the Celestial Heavens.