Messages 1984 to 2000

John: Personal Communication.

March 13, 2000


Received by Alfredo


I am happy to enter in new rapport with you, my dear brother.

I am John, Apostle and follower of the Master of Heavens, who by his teachings opened the true way to spiritual knowledge, which brings us near to the Father by developing in our souls the true Divine Love, guiding us to perfection and to eternal happiness. This has always been His intention.

We accept Him with pleasure, and because we do His will faithfully, not because of selfish interest, but because we love Him deeply, and we deliver us wholly to his love. There is no barrier that prevents us to come closer to the Father. Our faith, patience, and love lead us to understand, where real happiness is found. Now I have to talk to you about your progress.

God understands, it was due to the situation that you have passed through until a short time ago, and you have been worried not being able to receive our messages. But what we have wanted to convey to you, is our support for you, for strengthening you gradually and for you not to lose faith.

I have to say though, that your faith has increased considerably, and we are almost surprised by your progress that you have achieved in a span of time so limited. Your steps have not been short, truly, your steps have been long. You are realizing already, how the Love of our Divine Father makes your soul happy, and you feel how you are coming nearer to Him. We are happy to see that your thoughts constantly rise to our God, and that you constantly fight for your soul to overcome the sinful tendencies of the flesh. Just a short time more, and you will receive teachings of a deeper spirituality.

From now on, your rapport will be deeper. Your fears, your phobias have been eliminated from your mind, you show more love to family, you consider your relationship to God of more importance. We are with you, and we help you in every way, embracing you with our love.


Here, Alfredo asked about a caress he felt on his head, as if someone touched him, and this is the answer:


Yes, those caresses that you feel are from your brother, Francisco, your sensibility as a medium has improved considerably, and you observe how your visions become clearer and are improving.


Once again, Alfredo asked, who was his spirit guide, because he could not believe what he was seeing:


It is time for you to know new projects in your life. You ask yourself, who really is your spirit guide? Because you don’t believe what you are seeing and feeling? What is transmitted, comes very clearly. Your true spirit guide is an Indian, called Swift Bear. He is a guide with healing qualities, and he helps you to channel the energies, which heal the sick.


_Alfredo took advantage of the moment for asking, who was the spirit that was around him, and about whom he got the impression that he was related to H__, and received the answer as follows:


It is easy to answer your question; those spirits that lately try to enter in rapport with you, show impatience. It is difficult for you to get in rapport with them; you have to understand that when you receive a message from a Celestial angel, it is clearer and stronger.

There are two spirits, and it is as you have imagined, they are the brothers of H. One of them really was murdered, and only wants to convey to you that he, thanks to the effort of our brother H, is developing the Divine Love in his soul, and wants to thank him for having found the true pathway. The other one has a more noble personality [speaking of H___’s other brother], and his progress is on its way, although he always prefers to seek the logical in the teachings, and that, perhaps, makes him progress slower.


Then, Alfredo asked about the rest of the visions, and this is the answer:


That kind of cardboard of garnet color, was a symbol of traveling tickets, and he wanted to show that his work forced him to travel.


Alfredo’s thought: Maybe the garnet color is similar to blood, perhaps he wanted to tell me that during his travel he found death, but that’s just a personal opinion.


As to the pen, he had to do important paperwork. To enjoy a glass, watching people passing by, symbolizes that he liked to meditate, and he liked to know people thoroughly. He did not make a step before being sure. I can tell you that there are some other features, which simply were the object of your own thoughts mixed up with those of both spirits.