Messages 1984 to 2000

Peter: Overcoming the difficulties that lie ahead.

October 27, 1997.

Received by DL


Yes, D____, it is I, Peter, disciple of the Master, a Celestial angel and one of your special angel guides. I come to you today because I want to introduce myself and to commend you on all the fine work you have been engaged in and are now furthering by way of developing your mediumistic talents to new heights of receptivity and excellence.

Like John, my predecessor message-wise, I have not heretofore been all that active in my role as angel guide for you, except by way of overseeing your development from time to time and helping with subliminal suggestions when the time seemed right and appropriate that I should do so.

As you know, among the initial disciples of the Master, I was the one who carried the most authority after the Master left us to start his new Kingdom in the Celestial Realms. None of us were really that cognizant of the Master’s true message until we experienced that great joint inflow of the Divine Love at what has been referred to as the Pentecostal visitation of the Holy Spirit. Indeed, that experience was the clincher and very necessary in order to prepare us for what was to come. Going out into the world to carry on the work of Jesus was no small task, and it was one fraught with danger for us all. Roman officials and many of the high priests in the Sanhedrin and synagogues were not open or sympathetic for one alleged malefactor to be followed by a whole band of them espousing what Jesus had taught and died for, and which they had hoped would be an end to such preaching with his death.

As I say, we needed to summon all the courage we could to pick up where the Master left off, and to face the threat of the very same fate he had to endure. But we found that courage, not in our human strengths but in the strength that the Divine Love provided us with. But, even so, it would have been initially impossible and fatal if we had simply picked up where Jesus left off and openly preached to the people. Our meetings had to be held in secret - in catacombs under Rome, in caves, and in other concealed places where we could not only teach but also pray without disturbance or fear of discovery. Those were most difficult times and one might say that our days were numbered before the authorities of that day would search out our leaders for purposes of permanently silencing them. Most of us were eventually caught and executed, but thanks be to God, not before our initial work of preaching salvation through acquisition of the Divine Love had taken hold among many of the Jews, and even so-called pagans, Greeks and Romans. Our deaths were unfortunate in depriving many of the leadership that the people needed and expected, but our loss and theirs did not destroy what had been originally gained during our relatively brief ministries in the way of converts and true followers of the Master.

What began as a trickle became a stream, and, after our era, the stream became a river, and then an ocean. Christianity is quite widespread today, but, as you know, the intervening years of religious development had its problems and, unfortunately, errors of all kinds began to creep into the original teachings, the most significant early landmark of this being in the reign of Constantine where the absurd dogma was imposed that God existed in three persons and that Jesus was one of those persons. Other blatant errors followed through the years and, today, we find that the Master’s original teachings have been so emasculated that all of us wonder how such wonderful teachings could have been so poorly passed on to the point that one can hardly distinguish truth from fiction any longer in many of the so-called major denominations of Christianity.

If it wasn’t for the work of James Padgett, Dr. Samuels, Eugene Morgan, Dr. Stone, John Paul Gibson and others, we would still be in a dark age of understanding with little hope for any light of Truth breaking through and shining forth.

But when I mention these wonderful pioneers of this new age, this is not to neglect all the good souls who have picked up where they have left off, and have carried forth our corrective movement even further toward the Truth. This would involve such as are in the present church and its branches today - names too numerous to mention here, but I am sure you are aware of most of them now actively working to spread the Master’s original teachings far and wide at this time.

My work with you and with others will be mainly focused on helping to overcome emerging difficulties ahead. Just as we had to face public censure, the days are fast approaching when the orthodox religions of today are going to attempt to discredit all the work you and others are engaged in. Organized religions, as in our day, do not like interlopers coming in and upsetting their apple carts and seats of authority. Religion, among other misused things, can often be designed for both business and power. And once established, the desire to remain wealthy and omnipotent is not easily shaken or destroyed. Those in power want to remain in power, and means necessary to do so can be varied and quite punitive in nature.

It is when our church begins to encounter strong opposition to our movement that my work of support will become more active and paramount. People in power have not changed since my days on earth, and I did learn a thing or two about how to best deal with those who would usurp the Power that comes from our Father alone. Helping you all over the rough spots will be my primary task, and, with you being one of the leaders of our movement, it was felt that I should especially offer my services to you and other such leaders when the going gets rough.

This is not to say that I am not here to help you in any other ways I can. But, in terms of mediumship development, for example, you are already in very good and competent hands and my input is not necessary for this phase of your development.

One thing I very much like and admire is your strong desire to preserve harmony right within our present church government and structure. This is not an easy task. I know because I had to deal with preserving harmony in the early church as well. Thus, in this phase of your development and training, I will be at your side attempting to preserve that harmony in the church. Thus, wherever you are involved with matters of authority - from outside sources or within - I will be at the forefront helping you to face and overcome any and all obstacles you might encounter from either source. Authority should never be misused or abused, and I will attempt to see to it that it won’t be insofar as it is possible to do so.

So, my beloved brother, in a sense, you are inheriting some of my mantle of authority in our working together. I want you to know that you can always count on me for being there when you need me. Together, we will see to it that harmony and peace will reign so that this most important work of building the Kingdom can proceed in all due haste and without any serious interruption or interference. I love you, my brother, and I am looking forward to a long and happy association with you, and I am happy that I was able to come to you today to reveal both my presence and the capacity in which I will be working with you as part of your immediate spirit band. The Master is with me now and wants to add his love to mine in helping you continue with your wonderful work and development. I am

Peter, apostle of the Master and one of your special angel guides.