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Mary: Can anything not in accord with God’s laws be considered of the hells?

September 10, 1998

Received by Amada Reza.


Dear Heavenly Father,I pray for your Divine Love to fill my soul at this time that I might make rapport with your Celestial angels. I pray to be in a condition of soul and mind that will allow these loving spirits to deliver a message to help those who I love and who need an answer to their spiritual questions. I love you and I love my Celestial guardians. I pray for faith in the power of Your Love to heal me and bring me into more harmony, body, mind and soul.


I am here now my dear sister in Christ and I am Mary the mother of Jesus and your celestial guide. I also pray for the Divine Love to fill my soul that I may be of greater service to the spiritual needs of my brothers and sisters on earth as well as in the spirit world, and I am always filled with the loving assurance that God has heard my prayer and that I am not alone.

The first question that I would like to answer is the one posed by H___ regarding heaven and hell. Indeed, although it can be said that anything not in accord with God’s laws can be considered of the hells, you must understand that while living in the flesh, hell must be considered first as a condition rather than a place. As you have seen in your life on earth, beauty and harmony abounds and there exists a spirit of love and peace that results from a creation in perfect accord with the laws of God. Yes, nature is in harmony with the natural laws of the universe and despite man’s interference with the workings of these laws by imposing his will and desires that are not in accord with love, nature is always able to right itself. The storms and diseases that abound on the earth plane can be means by which nature attempts to right itself, but these are not out of harmony with the workings of the laws but a result of the workings of these laws.1

One may ask then, is disease of the body not the workings of the laws and are not these workings perfect within the realm of reality as God intended?

My answer is yes, disease is the workings of laws and these laws cannot be interfered with unless higher laws come into play. It behooves mankind to attempt to understand what in his life is in accord with the law of love, Natural and Divine, and what is not. By his search for the truth and prayer for love to transform his illness into strength, higher laws can go into effect to eradicate the disharmony that results in sin and sickness.

So if heaven and hell are thought of as a condition of soul and mind, one can understand the possibility exists that the earth plane may someday, through the fulfillment of the workings of the laws of Natural Love, be likened unto a Natural Heaven, and such was the case at the time of our first parents arrival to their state of man and woman. The harmony and beauty that existed surpasses your imagination. When Jesus prayed for the Divine Love and fulfilled not only the law of Natural Love but the law of Divine Love, he was able to invoke higher laws to heal and teach. The condition of his soul was such that he was living in a more or less constant state of harmony and love and he was surrounded by hosts of angels to bring the message of love to the earth plane.

You observe in some places that there exists a spirit of peace and love where souls gather to pray and I encourage you to make your homes such temples of safety and repose for your spirit to find nurturance and inspiration.


1 This comment is almost precisely the same as that used by Jesus recently to warn of the challenges that lie before us at this time (2016) because of the negativity of us humans and the huge number of incorrect choices we have made. See this message.