Messages 1984 to 2000

Jesus: Ordination confirmation.

May 6, 1990

Received by D.L.


_Dearest Master, Jesus, as you know, Master, now that G____ has completed his study course, and the members of the thesis committee have received his thesis and have responded, it now falls upon you to present your comments as to G_’s ministerial candidacy. G_ has worked faithfully and diligently to fulfill the ministerial requirements, and apparently without the backing and support of some of his family members. Undoubtedly, this has required G____ to exercise a great deal of courage to continue in the face of this opposition, and we feel he deserves especial praise for his perseverance despite this opposition._

_We all know how very special it is for any mortal to be graced by your personal response, and I therefore pray that I will be particularly clear this day in receiving those thoughts of yours which I know G____ will cherish for the rest of his life and during all his years of service to our mutual cause upon this earth._

I now welcome your loving presence and message of today.


I am now here to write, my dear brother in Christ, and I am particularly happy to address your request to respond to G_’s ministerial candidacy. I am, of course, your friend and brother in God’s Love, Jesus, who is Master of the Celestial Heavens and the eternal leader of our church on earth, and would like to begin by saying that we in the Celestial Heavens are always most proud and happy when we are privileged to welcome yet another mortal within our ministerial fold. And to quickly allay any anxiety G_ might feel, I am most happy to say from the onset that we fully approve his candidacy and desire that he be given his ministerial ordination forthwith. In truth, he has earned this privilege and responsibility, and we are looking forward to offering our spiritual guidance to him as he embarks upon the glorious service of bringing the Truth of God’s Love to all his brethren who yet hunger for the soulful “Food” of this Love made manifest within their own souls.

As you, the Trustees, know, the road of service on the mortal plane can be a most difficult one at times. While the world longs for peace and health and happiness, these values are seldom achieved for any great length of time when sought for with the material mind or with the powers of the intellect alone. Prayer to our Father does ascend for these blessings, and such prayers, offered from the soul do reach the Father’s listening Ear and are answered in benevolent ways. But what is still lacking is an awareness on His children’s part that there is a Blessing above all others that, if gained, will automatically lead to the fulfillment of all lesser blessings. I am, of course, speaking of the Blessing of God’s Love, which, upon entering the soul, prepares that soul incrementally to receive all the blessings one could hope to receive, and many more besides which are available from the unfathomable Storehouse of God’s Great Soul. And it is the Father’s great Wish that all His children learn to tap this great Storehouse of His Blessings by seeking first the Kingdom of Heaven from which all these Blessings flow. It is God’s Love that preeminently exists in the Kingdom of Heaven, and anyone who finds this Kingdom finds all.

But, as I say, in a world filled with strife, pestilence, disease, sin, error and warfare on multi-levels, to one who chooses to provide service to one’s brethren who are caught up in such negativity, the rewards are rarely immediate or satisfying. Because one brings a message of the restored availability of God’s Love for all His children, given to whomsoever asks for this immortalizing Love in earnest and heartfelt prayer, this does not necessarily result in such a message being received with open ears and gladdened hearts; nor does this presentation result necessarily in honor and gratitude being accorded the message bearer.

As I grew from childhood to manhood, receiving more of the Father’s Love day by day and year by year, until finally reaching that day of my own ministerial ordination - so given to me by the Father Himself - the mission I was about to embark upon and the paths I would soon come to walk were not easy ones in many instances. To begin with, neither my parents nor my brothers and sisters were hardly convinced of my claim of being God’s chosen Messiah to deliver the glad tidings or true salvation and immortality restored. As it is written in the Bible, they at first all thought that I had leave of my senses, and that my statements were the product of a demented mind adversely influence by over-zealousness. And certainly my immediate community had little to no belief in my claim, for they had always viewed me as simply an obedient son of a carpenter who grew to manhood in a way no different from other men’s sons. And, so, as it was observed then, and has been often stated repeatedly throughout history, a prophet is rarely accepted in his own community or country.

But what was I to do in the face of this initial rejection - abandon the mission for which I knew I was chosen? No, whether I was to be accepted or rejected, I knew within my heart and soul that there was no compromising with the Truth, and that one could never really live with anything less than the Truth once it had permeated one’s very being. The resolution, then, was not to surrender to the rejection of others, but to strive even harder to become the living example of God’s Love made manifest in my soul, so that others, in witnessing this Love, might be persuaded of my claims after all, and might therefore follow the same path that led to my own salvation and supreme closeness with the Father.

And, so, I say to you, G_, my dear brother in Christ, recognize that you are joining with a whole host of us who are no strangers to rejection - rejection even coming from our nearest and dearest: our families and friends. My very own disciples were reviled and spat upon, and some of the present day Trustees of our church have suffered abuses as well while attempting to serve the Will of our dear Father in Heaven. But take heart, G_. In remaining firm in your convictions and faithful in projecting your own love to all, the chances are very good that the differences in religious belief among your family or friends will not deprive either you or them of the love that you truly share within your souls. Unanimity of soul is far more desirable to retain than unanimity of mind. And as long as you are a loving example, you will draw to you loving responses, irrespective of differences in transitory mental convictions.

But even if one does not receive the full measure of love and respect from one’s family and friends hoped for, despite one’s best loving efforts, please keep in mind always that God’s Love is Eternal, and it is He Who we are serving and loving foremost as His chosen ordained ministers. And while human or natural love is most worthy to gain, this cannot compare with the Divine Love God gifts to those children of His who seek to do His Will, and who strive to bring the Truth of His abiding Love to all who have ears to hear and yearning souls to receive It.

Before closing, I should like to say that we are all most proud of the work that all our beloved co-workers are accomplishing, and we look forward to many more fruitful years of mutual effort with our brothers and sisters in the flesh who are dedicating their lives to the Father’s Service. And, today, we are privileged and joyful to recognize G. M. U. as a true co-worker and beloved brother in Christ who now is to take his place beside us in our ever-growing army of salvation.

I leave you now with my love and blessings, and the Blessings of the Father. I am

Your brother and friend,

Jesus of the Bible


Master of the Celestial Heavens.