Messages 1984 to 2000

Jesus: the work that lies ahead.

October 6, 1997.

Received by DL


I am now here to write, my dear brother in Christ, and I am most happy that it was your wish that I communicate with you today as your third communicator. The truth is that I intended to do so without your formal request, because I also wanted to pass on my love and encouragement in the work ahead. It has been some time since we have gotten together for a message, even though I have often visited you and have kept close contact with how you were progressing. And I am also happy to verify that you have made significant progress in your message taking ability, and that you are a far cry from your more humble beginnings with me. This is to say that, with your receipt of more of the Divine Love, and with your regimen of more regular practice in taking messages, you have come a long way in terms of your development. I personally want to thank you for making my initial work of developing your mediumship so satisfying and rewarding to me. One never knows for sure how one will develop in this regard, but it is always a wonderful experience when the faith invested in a medium has been fully justified by such positive results.

In addition to conveying my love and gratitude, I would like to make comment on your generous assistance where C____ is concerned. You were being encouraged by us to provide this assistance, but it was also your love that acted to provide her with the temporary assistance she needed. In time, her marital and financial problems will be satisfactorily resolved, but it is good to see that her initial depression has been greatly lifted by the help she has received both by us and by her friends on earth.

As you progress in this work, there will be much to do in the way of furthering our cause on earth. Your editing has been a major accomplishment in providing a new and improved version of the Padgett and Samuels messages to the world at large. But as great as this accomplishment was and is, we foresee even more significant developments to come. Some of these will evolve as the result of the new technology that provides a much greater outflow of the Truths we wish to expand upon. The Internet and web sites will be able to accommodate our teachings on a much larger scale than if we were only able to communicate these through the volumes alone. However, in order to access this new technology on an expanded basis, it is imperative that we are in perfect agreement as to what material should or should not be included in our outreaches to the public. And that is where our Celestial mediums working in close harmony with us become so important.

In order to make our teachings effective in bringing more souls into the Father’s Fold, it becomes extremely important that we proceed with such an undertaking not only carefully but also in such a way that whatever we present at any given point of time is both accurate and ready for the public at large to take to heart. This involves both careful planning and well-coordinated exercises of information distribution. It will do little to no good if a message on the Internet, no matter how true and accurate, is not embraced by the public because of their lack of spiritual readiness. What we will need are well-timed messages that are going to be well-received and understood because such readiness has been encouraged and established beforehand. Accordingly, we need a building reserve of true and accurate messages from us on many different levels of spiritual sophistication, so that people with different levels of receptivity can be equally touched and impressed. This is no small task, as you might imagine, because there are a great many levels of spiritual awareness to be accommodated.

Of course, to even begin to accomplish this complicated but extremely worthwhile undertaking, it becomes imperative that we work in league and very closely with our beloved co-workers on earth who will actually be our arms and hands for distributing our messages, both old and new. And this is why we are now in a concentrated recruiting stage to obtain those developed Celestial mediums who will allow us to proceed with our plans as carefully and effectively as we can. Much is at stake, for our opportunities for expansion are much greater now than ever in our last 2000 years. We foresee this period, at the turn of the millennium, as a much larger stepping stone for our even greater and more involved work ahead.

Our work will not cease until the Celestial gates are closed and the Kingdom is complete, but we envision our work to be much more intensive as progress is being made. The more souls available for embracing the Truth, the more of our Celestial army will have to be employed to fulfill the greater demand for that Truth. And we are most happy and grateful to acknowledge that our Celestially bound army on earth, though not as large as here in the Celestial Heavens, is now working even more closely and energetically with us to accomplish our mutual goal.

Dear D____, you must never be discouraged because of fearing that your own contributions are not very worthwhile. Nothing could be further from the truth. You are my faithful disciple, and when I say that you are vitally important for the carrying out of this work, I speak with the authority of one who knows. You are looked up to as one of the earthly leaders of our movement, and that alone makes you most valuable. But beyond this, you have a good and loving heart that your colleagues have come to know and trust. In addition, with your Divine Love, you have also increased your possession of wisdom and your desire for preserving harmony among the Trustees, which is providing your group with a cohesion that is extremely important in the carrying out of this new stage of the Father’s Work. We must all work more closely together than ever before, and you are a key figure in encouraging and allowing such closeness to be preserved.

So, as I say, recognize how valuable your contributions are to this greater calling before us, and accept our thanks, our love, and the knowledge that we will ever be with you in your work as it is now proceeding. I love you, my brother, and my good and faithful disciple, and I will now leave you with a great big congratulations on the high level of success in your receiving all three of our messages today.

Your brother and friend,