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Jesus: Divine Love Knows No Pain of Regret, Delay, or Lack of Fulfillment.

April 29, 1988

Received by D.L.


_Dearest Master, Jesus, I and I’m sure all our trustees wish to thank you and your Celestial colleagues for your parts in the protection of B. R. and the overseeing of his recent, successful surgery. When I think of my own love for B___, it occurs to me that, in your own Love for him, for humankind, and for each other, the fulfillment of complete soul transformation must result in a Love capacity of awesome strength and joy. I hope and pray our own soul development will also bring us one day the degree of Love fulfillment enjoyed by you all in the Celestial Heavens, and before too many years go by.

There is an earthly expression: “I love him/her so much that it hurts.” Is this the natural love “talking,” or does Loving with the Divine Love also “hurt,” when Its great intensity potential is exercised? Also, a part of the natural love can be a great longing to love and be with one another. Is there also longing of greater intensity with the Divine Love; or, with It, in sufficient degree, are all desires fulfilled so as to make of “longing” but a bittersweet, human emotion of the mortal past, no longer experienced in its painful aspects as a Celestial angel?

I don’t know if I’ve expressed my questions clearly enough, Master, but I’m sure we would all enjoy reading your answers to these questions. Hoping that I am sufficiently clear to receive your thoughts, I now welcome your Loving presence and message of today.


I am now here, my dear brother in Christ, and I come to you this day to once again answer your questions the best I can in the service of making known the Great Love and Depth of the Father as this pertains to His Love for His children. I am, of course, your brother and friend, Jesus, who is Master of the Celestial Heavens and the eternal leader of our church on earth, and I am most happy to address your particular questions of today because, as you have intuited and expressed, the Father’s Love is a topic that always appeals to my own heart and soul, and I never tire of imparting that which I have come to know and appreciate about this greatest of all loves in the universe.

First, let me say that I well understand your questions, both as to their meaning and as to the emotional realities within the questions themselves. You are correct in the statement that the natural love carries with it a longing potential for that which it craves. But this longing is the natural love’s way of reaching out for that which it desires. And it is only when the desire is not fulfilled, or is greatly delayed, that the “longing” you speak of becomes painful. The pain is caused by the denial of that which the natural love seeks; it is not the result of the activation of the love itself.

But you must also know that, as great as the gift of the natural love is, it cannot compare with the Father’s Greatest Gift - His Divine Love - that forms a part of His Very Being and Substance. And if it can be said that the soul of man is made but in the image of the Father’s Own Soul, it can also be said that the natural love is also but a reflection or shadow of the Father’s Divine Love. The natural love is God’s greatest gift to mortal man, as mere man; and, in its purest state, undefiled and untainted by sin and error, it is man’s greatest source of happiness and fulfillment when expressed and received. But this love, as beautiful as it is, cannot compare with the Divine Love, any more than a copy can favorably compare with the genius of the original, be this art we are referring to or any original creation.

In the Celestial Heavens, we do possess the Divine Love in varying degree, just as you mortals without any portion of this Love, shall we say, experience the natural love to varying degree. But there is this one great difference (among many, I would hasten to add), and that is that the Divine Love knows no pain of regret, delay, or lack of fulfillment because Its very Nature and Inherent Quality is incapable of feeling dissatisfaction. Furthermore, where the desires emanating out of the exercise of the natural love can be thwarted through either delay or denial, the desires that blossom forth out of the exercise of the Divine Love’s Energies are never delayed or denied, any more than delay or denial could take place when the Father Himself exercises His Own Desires. For, you see, it is in the nature of divinity that all desires put forth are fulfilled, assuming, of course, that these desire; pertain to the self and do not involve that which is in the Province of the Father Himself to grant or not grant. I am speaking now specifically of the free will of all of God’s children, which even the Father will not interfere with. I mention this as an aside because I would not wish it to be misunderstood what I mean by “all desires are fulfilled.” A prayer or desire, for example, that the world be transformed into a veritable paradise of love and fulfillment can have no immediate fulfillment, because for this to take place would require the setting aside of man’s free will to accomplish this much to be desired end. And such a violation of God’s Own Decree that man’s free will be preserved obviously will not be allowed to occur.

However, if we are talking about the Love and happiness we each individually feel as Celestial residents, as compared to the greatest happiness you can experience on earth, even as perfected men or women in the natural love, there are no words to explain the great disparity of feeling experience. Words fall far short of the soulful experience itself of what the Divine Love means to all of us in our Celestial homes, and among our soulmates and companions. But this I will say: there is nothing here which is in any way inharmonious or unfulfilling. Our interchanges are a never ending joy and fulfillment to all of us, and we live in environments of such transcending beauty that, again, words fail to capture even a faint glimpse of the ineffable realities of our daily living and surroundings. But I can say that, above all, we live in and are bathed continually in the Light of the Father’s Love, which both in-fills us and makes of our surroundings a joy to behold, and a peacefulness beyond compare to experience. And, one day, as you say, you and all your trustee compatriots will experience these magnificent realities of Celestial living that we are now so privileged to share and enjoy. But this continues to depend, as you know, upon a. sufficiency of the Divine Love within your souls that will qualify and actually prepare your souls for this grandeur, beauty, and happiness which I can only faintly describe to you in words. Without this Love in sufficient degree, as you have also been told, your souls could not respond to, and be at-one with, the atmosphere of our environs. And if this were the case - your residing here before you were soulfully prepared - our Heavens would not be a heaven to you. But this should not be a concern to you because no one resides in the spirit world where his soul does not qualify him for. Yet, at the same time, as one progresses into higher spheres of light and happiness, and toward the Celestial Heavens above, there is no aspect of painful dissatisfaction in any of these higher spheres. Happiness simply increases the higher one progresses, as you all know from the many accounts given through our communications, and ascontained in the volumes.

But I do understand what you mean by “longing,” and I. should like to say that this is a true friend in disguise, as this pertains to soulful development. If we did not long for love, progress, and greater happiness, our progress would remain at a standstill. But in answer to your question as to our possibly longing with greater intensity with our possession of the Divine Love, yes, we too have longings - greater longings than you experience - but, no, these are not the longings of despair or lack of fulfillment, for our every need is fulfilled without the delays that mortals so often experience. Rather, our longings are for further growth and development amidst the supreme happiness we already feel. And as our faith greatly exceeds yours, having had repeated, soulful confirmation of the availability of more of the Father’s Love and Blessings, quite naturally, our exercise of faith carries the strength of longing which brings us the more immediate fulfillment and increase of that which we long for. In the earth plane, it is much more difficult to exercise the degree of faith to which I refer amidst the cares, troubles, and inharmonies of mortal living. But, in our abodes, there are no such burdensome cares to interfere with the unbridled exercise of faith, which becomes more and more certain the closer we progress toward the Fountain of the Father’s outpouring Love. In a sense, you might speak of us all individually as “iron filings,” with the Father Himself constituting the “Magnet” toward which we are, or can be, attracted. The closer we come to Him, the stronger the attraction; and, the stronger the attraction, the faster our progress proceeds. This is not a perfect analogy because progress is not always uninterrupted or delayed, but there remains the essential Truth that it is easier to progress the closer one approaches the Father’s Own Residence and attracting Love.

Well, I feel that I have answered your questions sufficiently for now; although, admittedly, I can only begin to scratch the surface when I attempt to describe the wonders of the Divine Love and what this means to us in the Celestial Spheres. In the last analysis, there can never be enough words to describe a reality that has to be experienced and felt by each individual soul to be truly understood. But I am happy to say that we ourselves will not rest, or be remiss in our own longings for your joining us, until that happy day when this shall come to pass. And this will come to pass, I can assure you, as long as you continue to pursue the Way to our Kingdom, as you have been doing. But, you see, we are content in our longings here, for we know and can see that the workings of God s Law of Love, which you have all invoked to more or less degree, will indeed eventually bring you to our Kingdom. And, knowing this, there is no discontent in our awaiting these happy events.

And, so, my dear children, I will leave you now with my love and blessings until next time.

Your brother and friend, Jesus