Messages 1984 to 2000

Swift Bear: Our Development.

November 2, 2000

Seville, Spain

Received by Alfredo


All things need time for developing, and so you show your will to accomplish it. Nevertheless, there are several points to take into consideration.

The solicitude made by persons, who receive, or try to receive, consolation through your words. And you yourselves are guided by spiritual forces you have at your disposition, provided you have the good will to do it.

I wish to tell you that a work becomes a masterpiece, when you put to use your love for your brothers, teaching others and yourselves, how to achieve the progress or adequate process for each one.

Perseverance is the motor, which pushes your desires forward. Always keep in mind that you are never left alone, unless your intentions are selfish, presumptuous or altering the true nature of what is put forth or done.

I want you to remember that whenever you turn your vision to God, you will enjoy the blessings of your deeds.

Never lose sight of your purpose, even as to yourselves, besides of what you share with your brothers in the flesh.

Everyone needs help. Therefor, never judge whom to concede it, listen to everything and to everyone, be a shelter for lost souls without hope, beware of pride, never believe yourselves superior, because you, too, need our help, as we need yours.

This is a chain, built with the purpose of granting progress to everybody, for our approaching perfection and purity of spirit.A work, which God gives us all, so that each one may attain to happiness and progress we all need.

God bless you, and stay with Him.

Swift Bear