Messages 1984 to 2000

Jesus: ripples become waves.

November 29, 1991.

Received by DL


_Dearest Master, Jesus. As you are aware, I’m sure, we have before us another ministerial candidate, brother I. P. O., and it is our pleasure and privilege today to seek your loving response to his candidacy. Brother I____ has fulfilled all the ministerial requirements, and is most anxious to receive the full approval of the Mother Church in conferring upon him our certification of ministerial ordination. What he may not anticipate or know is that it has been our procedure to always request your input before awarding such recognition. Certainly your personal response to brother I____ will be cherished and remembered for the rest of his life, as he too recognizes you as our beloved eternal leader and the most loving of all of God’s children. Won’t you please offer him the product of your wisdom and the benevolence of your blessings at this crossroad of his life? We are confident that this will mean more to I____ than words can possibly say._

_Hoping that I may be extremely clear in receiving your thoughts today on I__’s behalf, I now welcome your loving presence and the blessings of your loving words.


I am now here to write, my dear brother in Christ, and I am most happy to fulfill your request in responding to the candidacy of our dear brother, I_. As you know, and has been oft repeated before, the conferring of a ministerial ordination in the form of a certificate is not so nearly as important as the strength, character, and love that resides within the hearts of those who would serve the Father. It is those qualities which make for a true minister of our Loving Father, and without which no amount of papered certification could substitute for or supplant. And today, I, Jesus of the Bible and Master of the Celestial Heavens, regard it as a privilege and an honor to confirm that our brother I_ is most assuredly one who possesses those necessary qualities that, by their strength alone, qualifies him for ministerial ordination.

Of course, when I say this, it must be understood that these qualities must also be directed properly if one is to serve the Father as He wishes to be served. And this is why I____ and others have needed exposure to the Truths we imparted not so very long ago through our beloved brother, Mr. James E. Padgett, the assimilation of which provides the direction and purpose whereby these qualities can be exercised and nurtured to those ends which will be most pleasing to the Father and most helpful and beneficial to His children.

In Africa today there is a growing movement toward our Truths being disseminated in an even wider circle than presently exists. And we envision I____ to be at the forefront of this advance of Truth, paving the way for many more to find the Truth of the Father’s Love within their very own souls. It is remarkable to us even now how simple is the Way, yet how few there be who find it. And this is why we must continue to work while it is day, for the time cometh when no man can work, which is to say that we must enunciate, and be living examples of this Way to the Father’s Love and Grace for as long as the Celestial Gates remain open, and for as many who will have the ears to hear and embrace their own salvation by walking this straight and narrow Way which I first made known to the world nearly 2000 years ago.

Since that time, many have learned of the Way, have embraced it, and are now living with me in the bliss of the Father’s Kingdom, the Celestial Kingdom. But the far greater majority of mankind, both mortals and spirits alike, are not living in the Father’s True Home, but still find themselves in their first created state and experiencing only relative happiness at best. And it is our greatest desire to make known to our less fortunate brethren, as it is the desire of the Father Himself, that they have the potential for much greater happiness than they are now experiencing, or can experience, as merely natural creatures as opposed to transformed divine children.

We, who can look into the souls of you all, see that our brother I_, is no less aware of our divine mission in reaching the souls of mankind, and that he is nearly as anxious as we are to bring the glad tidings of the Father’s saving Love to all his children worldwide. And his zeal for this appointed mission has been fueled in no small measure by his mentor, and dear brother and friend, brother U. N. , who has been also our faithful friend and co-worker on earth not so long after my Second Coming through the messages of Mr. Padgett and Dr. Samuels. Indeed, if brother I_ strives in the wonderful tradition of this mentor and brother, he will have truly merited all of the love and trust placed in his growth and spiritual development, so carefully nurtured over the past several years by brother U_. And in addition to offering our congratulations and full approval of brother I_’s ordination at this time, we would also like to express our deep appreciation and abundant love to brother U____ for helping so very much to bring another dedicated and qualified worker within our Celestial fold.

As I have expressed so very often before, we need all the co-workers we can amass. The harvest is for many, but the laborers are few. But as I____ now joins us, he, in turn, will influence others. And they will also influence and help others so that the ripples will grow into waves, and the waves will cover the earth. There will come the day when all will learn of the Father’s Love and the choice He still offers them. But this is still a long way off, and there is much labor ahead of us before the final Consummation of the Age. And one great pleasure we continue to experience with the passage of time is the growth we see taking place, even though our beginnings are modest. But as true as ripples lead to waves, and waves lead to greater waves, our march upon the waters is having its desired effect. From few will come many. And the sure knowledge of this is what keeps us ever striving toward the goal, and brings us ever increasing increments of joy as we see our army of co-workers growing and growing.

And, so, beloved ones, let me again affirm my full approval of the ordination of I. P. O., and let me further express my personal gratitude for his love and willingness to serve in our noble cause. We, the Father’s Celestial angels, welcome you most heartily to our fold, and the Father welcomes you most of all!

With my personal blessings, and with the bountiful Blessings of the Father, I will leave you now, and wish to thank you for the successful receipt of my message.

Jesus of the Bible


Master of the Celestial Heavens.