Messages 1984 to 2000

Speaking in tongues

September 4th, 2000.

Santa Cruz, California.

Received by K.S.


Dear Father in Heaven, I pray for a great inflowing of Your Love at this time. I have been presented again with a question from one of Your children who is seeking enlightenment. What is speaking in tongues? What good does it do if people don’t understand the message? Some believe it’s caused by the Holy Spirit, but we know the Holy Spirit’s only function is to convey the Substance of Your Love to the soul of the prayerful person. I want to know the truth. I pray to be enabled to put aside my forethoughts so as to not interfere with the clarity of the message. Amen.


I am here now to write, my dear sister in Christ, and I come to you this evening to convey my thoughts in writing, and I see that you feel apprehensive about receiving a message on this question because you don’t know what the answer will be, but is that not why you ask in the first place, to acquire a better and more accurate understanding of these happenings?


(K.S., “Yes.”)

Well then, I will answer to the best of my ability so you will be able to understand better. It is not really a very mysterious event, and it is a widespread phenomenon, it has become popular in some segments of many religious practices because of its unearthly appearance. Adherents of these religions believe speaking in tongues is a special gift, which indicates that the performer is blessed by the Holy Spirit or has certain powers conferred upon him or her when enabled to speak in this unique fashion, and they become influenced by spirits to be used in this way.

You can easily imagine that the performer assumes a trance-like state and channels spirit entities who like to conduct these performances for the purpose of entertainment or for convincing others that some special event is taking place. Oftentimes a believer in the sanctity of speaking in tongues is benefited by receiving this kind of communication from a spirit in their band because it is what is expected of them during one of their worship services.

In some of these happenings there are ancient spirits who deliver messages in the language they spoke when they lived on earth, but in other cases it is a made-up narrative which they have observed appeals to the audience. If you are to realize that God does not listen to your words, but the longing of your hearts, then even if these words have no meaning, it would be the intention you have for involving yourself in this kind of ritual which will help or hinder your spiritual progress.

For example, if you come to your worship service, believing in the goodness of God and are willing to demonstrate this by submitting yourself to the use of the spirits for delivering their message in this dramatic way, this might help others become believers in the Power of God, or at least accept that there is a God. But no guarantee is made that these evidences of speaking in tongues is always spiritually beneficial.

So, I will basically proclaim that speaking in tongues is not a sin, but oftentimes it is not helpful to a soul’s spiritual progress. There are different levels of spirits who are willing to work through mortals in this ritual, so there are different motives, intentions and results from performing the ritual.

I know that there are many people who feel very strongly about the positive spiritual evidence of speaking in tongues and this is because it is their belief, it is a tradition of their church, it has been done by other spiritual examples they have looked up to and have desired to emulate, but this does not make it the truth. This does not make it become evidence of the visitation of the Holy Spirit just because they “decide” it is what the ritual means.

Seeking truth with your hearts and souls means being willing to let go of beliefs which are not real, and this may take quite a long time to accomplish, especially for people who have adhered to a particular practice over a long period of time. Many traditional religious practices may stay with a person until they come into the spirit world, and even in the natural heavens these still prevail because the mind of a human being can believe whatsoever it chooses.

All the various religious practices are still being carried out in the various spheres. Spirits can still attend church and take communion. They can still study the Bible. And even though their natural love eventually becomes purified, their minds can still hang onto false beliefs if they are not willing to learn new things and accept that these ideas may be incorrect. I know this may seem difficult to believe, but it is true.

So you should be thankful that you have desired to know the truth and have been willing to let go of false beliefs, even before you are ready to enter the next phase of your life. When a person prays sincerely for God’s Divine Love to transform their soul, this is equivalent to desiring to progress from a human being into an angel, desiring to develop the highest potential of their soul and therefore allowing the soul’s wisdom to take ascendancy over limited mind’s beliefs.

It is a growthful process which takes some longer to accomplish than others; but getting started upon the divine pathway of spiritual development is the main step. To keep going is the next, and eventually you will reach a point where false beliefs fall away completely and truth will reside in your soul along with love and faith.

Holy communion with God is prayer to Him for Divine Love. It is not a sin to take a wafer as a representation of receiving the Substance of God’s Love into your soul, but in most cases of “holy communion” being given by churches, they convey the message that it, the wafer, is the substance of God and, thus, they are deceiving their adherents. Spiritual progress is not being made and false beliefs are being perpetuated.

Speaking in tongues is a ritual of some churches which have come to believe there is some redeeming factor in these channelings. Benefit may be derived from them if a follower wants to know the truth, wants to do God’s Will, and if they have a humble and sincere heart and soul. Guardian spirits can influence souls who are open to truth. A knowing comes to that person’s heart. Sometimes being in harmony with others in such gatherings is more important to a person than wanting to know the truth or being willing to change, so the deception continues.

God bless you each in your search for truth and love. Give yourselves to God and let Him into your hearts. Give your love to your fellow human beings and become examples of God’s Love made real in your lives and you will not fail, you will show others the Way to God’s Love. I will leave you with my love and even though you blocked some of my thoughts because you did not like what I was saying, most of my message got through. I am one of your Celestial band who watches over you and protects you when you ask and pray. I will come again to write if the need arises.

I am Andrew, the Apostle of Jesus and a true follower of his teachings.


Another message on the same topic, given by a different medium at about the same time has rather a different flavour. One is inclined to think that either both are true at different times, or consider that at least one of the mediums may have carried some bias about the topic. As much is indicated above.