Messages 1984 to 2000

Speaking in tongues and animals in spirit.

September 24th, 2000

Santa Cruz, California.

Received by Amada Reza.


_Dear Mary and John, I have been feeling like you want to deliver a message through me and I pray to be in spiritual condition to receive the truth and love that you may wish to convey. I pray to our Heavenly Father for an inflowing of His Great Love into my soul, that I might be elevated in my thoughts and aspirations to a higher level. Please protect me from lower spirit influences and grant that I might demonstrate more faith in the Power of Your Love, dear God, to enable me to serve Your Holy Will that all your children become at-one with You in Love. A question that was asked was how speaking in tongues works and T___ wanted to know if she made contact with an animal, if she would be able to recall its life by her memory of it in the spirit world. Thank you, dear angels, for your love and I am happy to be of service. Amen._


I am here with you, my dear sister in Christ, and I am Mary, the mother of Jesus, and your guardian in the Divine Love. I am a follower of my son, who is Master of the Celestial Heavens, and I am here with my beloved brother, John the Apostle, who is Jesus’ disciple and devoted follower on earth and in the spirit world.

As for your question about speaking in tongues, I will assure you that this does occur upon the reception of the Divine Love in those cases where the mind and body are not able to process the experience intelligibly. Sometimes there are spirits who accompany the experience of the mortal who is in the grip of the Holy Spirit, but more often it is the interaction of the soul and mind through the body that indicates the power is on “full” and there is no way to process the feeling.

I would liken it to a child of a very young age who has not learned to communicate, yet they are constantly babbling in their own language, expressing themselves and their feelings and emotions as they interact with the world around them. As adults, even though we are proficient in the language we are raised with, the effect of receiving the Divine Love may not be something we can communicate, and so we “babble” as a way of expressing the great emotion and feelings which arises within the soul.

You know from your own limited experience that when you would sing to God and want to express your love, that you slipped into a “non” language and were somewhat satisfied that your true feelings were being heard, and such was true because God does not communicate with the souls of His children through words, but through the aspirations of their souls.

It is not something you would necessarily want to aspire to do as a testimony of your love for God or His Love for you - it is an individual experience that one has no direct control over. To progress in such a way that you are capable of communicating the feelings and emotions of your soul is a satisfying endeavor, but I am sure that you all can attest to the fact that you are often at a loss for words. This is a good sign!

I love you, my dear brothers and sisters, and I will say that I have been praying for many years, and I am sometimes overwhelmed by the love I feel in my soul, but I have never spoken in tongues myself, being a person who was known to be more quiet and self-effacing. Personality does play some part in these occurences.


_[Will T___ be able to recall the spirit of animals in the spirit world?]_


T___, I want to assure you that God loves all His creatures. He is aware of these, and every one He loves. It is hard to imagine, is it not, that He could remember even the smallest ant, but it is so because His wonderful creation fulfills a purpose in His Loving Plan.

Each one of us has a part to play in bringing about the harmony of His Will, and for this reason, His Creative Spirit blesses the birth and death of all living things. As you, dear sister who prays for the Substance of His Love to fill your soul, turn your love to these creatures you care so much for, they are surely blessed doubly.

It is true that you can upon entering the spirit world recall their spirit to you as your dear friends, and the memory of their goodness and sweet natures will being them to you. Your reunion is born of love and this is what you need to remember, that God loves, only loves, and you are an extension of this love the more you pray for and receive this great gift He offers you.

Pray for Love to be manifested every day of your life and surround your beautiful unborn child with this powerful balm, and you will be at peace and your happiness will come to you both. I love you and I am with you in your prayers to heal and make whole what is broken. Let God take your hands in His Hands and transform the vessel you are into one anointed by the Holy Love of His Heart.

I am Mary and I am a devoted follower of my son, Jesus, and I am John the Apostle, and we are your friends and companions on the Divine Path as led by our beloved Master.


This message has a rather different flavour to another received about the same time, but via a different medium.