Messages 1984 to 2000

Jesus: Encouragement.

July 30, 2000

Santa Cruz, California

Received by Amada Reza.


Dear God, I pray to be an instrument of Your Love, and that if the Angels of the Celestial Heavens wish to convey any words of love to us, that they may find me in proper condition to do so. I love You, dear Father, and I pray for Your Love to fill me, to lift me up in faith and aspiration for spiritual truth. I love you, dear angels, for your selfless love and giving. Please protect me from any lower influences - I have faith that God can protect me. Thank You for this gift. Amen


I am here with you, my dear family in Christ, and I am your brother and friend, Jesus. I am Jesus of the Bible, but more correctly, I am Jesus who is the beloved son of God, who loves his brothers and sisters in Christ with a love that endures through ignorance and untruth, for God is the One who has given us the Word that is Love, and this Gift of Love is ours forever.

I want to write a message of encouragement to you who are aspiring to do the Will of God in your lives, and let you know that you are beloved of God. The Truth has taken hold within your soul and It has changed you into a being who can no longer return to a way of thinking and living that is without the Truth.

When you have prayed for and received the Grace of God, even if only to the extent that you have found hope in the lives of others who you hold before you as examples of the Christ, then you will no longer be content to turn away from this Grace. Your longing soul has brought you to the paradise you seek, and you will never leave. This is a law, my children. It is true that this Love will grow in you as leaven in dough, for it calls out for more of Itself, and God hears that call.

I love you. I am encouraged that you have been won by God’s Holy Spirit, for here we will see the gifts of love manifest on the earth. You, yourselves, are a gift - bright, loving souls who aspire to help, to heal, to teach, to share. I am thankful for such wonderful helpers in this cause of building a Kingdom of Love.

M___, I want to assure you that you are being helped every step of the way [with the newsgroup proposal]. We will be influencing those who will make the decision, and you only need to continue as you have to pray that God’s Will be done, because it is for God that you are doing this. You have my blessings and support and I am happy to see the opportunity before us that the Word of Divine Love, a living Word made real by the Christ Spirit manifest in you, is now an opportunity for the world. All children, all religions, all races - God loves them as you love them and pray for their salvation.

I wish to say to B___ that you need not worry too much about the struggle you find yourself in within your heart and mind. God sees what is real, my brother, and what is real is that you are His son before any man. Because we are subject to the influences of the world does not mean we are any less of God, we just need to learn to strengthen our faith and prayers for the Power of God’s Love to heal us and lift us above these material influences. You are loved by us, B___. Do not ever forget this, and in your times of darkness, perhaps you will find comfort in this thought.

I want to address the evil and violence that is prevalent in this world. I ask you to remember that the mortal life is only a short time of your existence, and when you realize the greater truth of your life in spirit and soul, you will find courage. In this love that you have found there is a balm, a peace that can be with you wherever you find yourself, even in the middle of rage and disturbance, for you can see into the hearts and souls of men and women to know their true need. We are souls who seek from our loving Creator acknowledgement and love, recognition and self-awareness. God can give this to you when you ask Him for His Hand. Take His Love as your own, do not isolate yourself from this wonderful influence that you long for.

We are with you always, my family, and I want to ask each of you to respect yourself as the Gift of Love you have become. Never forget your relationship to God and you will never forget the truth of who you are.

I love you, my own disciples, and I am your brother in Christ and Master of the Celestial Heavens, Jesus of the Bible