Messages 1984 to 2000

Mary: On Cruelty to Animals.

October 30, 1999

Santa Cruz, California

Received by Amada Reza.


A petition for the protection of cruelty to animals states: “There is a crisis of epidemic proportion happening under the bright Spanish sun. Dogs, the giving, loving best friend and companion to man from ancient times, are being slaughtered in the thousands. After torturous treatment in training for hunting or racing, these noble dogs, with a lineage that can be traced back to the Pharaohs, are systematically destroyed in the most horrific and inhumane ways any perverse human is capable of imagining. Hunting and racing dogs are routinely hung to dispose of them at the end of the racing season. Others are chained with metal cylinders wedged in their mouths to prevent them from barking, drinking or eating. After days of excruciating agony, they die alone and in unimaginable pain. Others are chained in the path of incoming tides, drowning in an agony of fear and panic.”

_T___ asks: “Please find out what happens to these creatures, these poor, poor creatures in Spain and Korea and all over the world that have no life but one of pain and torture, and then die. I don’t want a “softened” answer, for my benefit, but I really need to know whether they are received into love and whether this occurs “knowingly”. Thus, I just really need to know whether I can feel assured that upon leaving these awful, horrific places of existence these dear, gentle animals experience Love and ascend, or whether they “hang around” in places until such time as the human beings they are “connected” to one day find the Light. Oh, I don’t even know whether you understand what I am asking and saying. I am so very upset. Please may White Eagle, anyone, help me to know what the Truth is, and whether I can do anything (in the form of prayer or of sending love) to the souls of these creatures (i.e. whether my love for the creatures I have never seen will make a difference, here or beyond this plane).”_


I am here now, I am your sister in Christ, your friend, Mary, the mother of Jesus and your guardian on the path to at-onement with God in the Divine Love. I am very happy to be with you to help your sister, T___, understand that she should not suffer for the innocent creatures of this world. My dear one, God loves His children and all His creations with a Love that is eternal and never failing, and in this Love there is the power to heal all the illness of the world. Although it will take the desires and willingness of His children to seek to know what His Will is, to embrace the loving purpose of their lives, this Love is what will bring our world into the balance and harmony you seek to establish. The laws of the universe are such that they bring humankind to realize what are the errors of their ways, and the suffering they inflict upon other creatures because of their greed and carelessness will be accounted for in the world of spirit.

Meanwhile, in the face of such atrocities, as this slaughter of animals who are abandoned by man, never for a moment believe that God abandons them. Animals are much more sensitive to environment and thoughts than people are, and I will assure you, T___, that there are spirits who come to calm these creatures and surround them with love and good thoughts. You must understand that much of what pain and suffering is, arises from the negative thoughts and experiences of the mortal who possesses these thoughts, and although an adult may often believe that a child suffers unusual cruelty as victims of war, they do not feel pain as one might think. Pain of the heart and mind is of such a variety that is not easily abated by soothing thoughts and words. This suffering is often the result of having broken the laws of God and cannot so easily be rectified, but the momentary pain of the body is something than can be “kissed better” by a loving guardian, whether that guardian is in the flesh or in the spirit, and is often forgotten quite quickly. So these animals do not suffer deaths that your imagination makes them suffer, they are in a condition of relative harmony with their world and they are spared the pain you often associate with such treatment.

T___, understand the source of your own pain in this observation of cruelty and consider that you, yourself, may have felt unjustly treated in your life at some point, that makes you protective and sensitive to the unfair treatment of others. Perhaps by your prayer for Mercy for those who have done you any wrong in the past, you will find some relief from your suffering for these innocents. No one is going to get away with their non-loving actions, and it is true that such treatment is a clear demonstration of a lack of love for God’s creatures and the proper relationship we must all have with our world and its creations.

So I ask you to add your love and prayers for these wonderful animals to those that are present with them already, and turn to God for His Love and Mercy for those of His children who are so out of harmony with His great Law of Love. We are one family and we must love one another back into harmony and health, well-being and peaceful living. I love you and pray for you and with you. I am your sister and your friend who is with you whenever you call upon me to be there, to hold your hand and guide your thoughts in a loving direction. Have faith in the Power of God’s Love to heal these sins and let His transforming Love elevate you into the peace that passes all understanding so that you, too, may be a balm in this suffering world.

I am Mary, the mother of Jesus and your guardian, and a follower of my son, who is Master of the Celestial Heavens.