Messages 1984 to 2000

Mary: “You are the gift to this world.”

April 2, 2000

Santa Cruz, California

Received by Amada Reza.


Dear Heavenly Father/Mother, I pray for an inflowing of Your Divine Love - may this love elevate my thoughts and desires to spiritual things. I know that You Love us and that You want to share Your Love through the ministrations of Your highest angels. God, if it is Your Will, I ask to be a channel for Your truth and the thoughts of the angels. Please protect us from lower spirit influence during our time of vulnerability and keep me from harm. I love You, God, and want to serve You in the best way I can. Amen.


I am here with you now, my dear sister in Christ, and I am Mary, your friend and guardian in the Divine Love. I want to assure your mother that we are, as God’s spokespersons, very happy not to take credit for these thoughts that we share because the truth is what is of the greatest importance, not the personalities of those receiving or transmitting truth.

And so I will address this question of the discrepancies in the mediumship that Padgett possessed as a gift and was used by the angels to transmit their thoughts. With regard to proving the veracity of these discrepancies, this endeavor is of a mental or intellectual desire, born of the need for the type of reassurance that cannot truly be found on a material level. For once you are assured that the spirits who wrote were or were not who they professed to be, then you would need to continue to investigate other contradictions that arise because of the attempt to understand these things with your mere mind.

We are primarily interested in developing with you, a level of trust and faith that you will be able to know without doubt that God’s Love is working its miracle through you. For let me say, my children, that truth is not for only a few select souls, the truth is available to all God’s children, and we want to see everyone know that they are able to understand what the Will of God is in their own life. It is important to us to take the mystery out of what being a true Christian means, and to see you all confident in your faith that this understanding of soul is within your own grasp.

There are many people in the world who need the reassurance of love and when you manifest your faith that you are possessed of the very Substance of God’s Soul, and that this love has transformed your life in a personal and compelling way, then you will become the examples that others will want to follow.

D__ is correct in saying that people are “leadable.” They want to see good examples of others who live exemplary lives, people who they can look up to and admire. But there is a down side of such notoriety and that is that people often do not want to take personal responsibility for their own mistakes and unhappiness. They would rather ask what to do and do it, and when the results are not desirable, they would be able to blame the one who they were “following.” It is important, then, that the nature of the messages you disseminate are such that you instruct these souls how they may develop their potential to become divine and transform their natural love qualities into the immortal qualities of the Christ.

Prayer to God in earnest soul aspiration is what brings this Love into your soul and it is only the humble soul who seeks to discover what is available to him or her. Though they may have good jobs and a good family, they are seeking such fulfillment that will bring the peace that passes understanding and only God’s Love will cure that longing and unfulfilled desire. It is often difficult to become an advocate of following the Will of God in one’s life because what must occur is a development of faith in oneself as becoming an instrument of this Love that transforms you.

There are no measurable effects to see that this Love is working right away. You are still the same person with the same parents, the same faults. But what happens is that you become aware of your own strengths, you see them perhaps for the first time as the gift of “you.” You are the gift to this world. How can I explain it any better? God gives you the Gift of His Love and you become the gift, you are the vessel, the outward manifestation of this Love.

What it takes for us to become more able to accept ourselves in such a way is that we remove the material expectations from our minds and hearts, we lift ourselves up to God and offer our life as a token or our love and devotion, “Do with me what You Will.” So many times we hear this said, but so few are willing to do it. It would take such faith to be able to forgive the weaknesses we see in ourselves and our ineffectiveness to change things for the better. Do you see how you are only responsible for your own actions and thoughts, that you do not need to feel like a failure because your love and desires for a better life is not enough to change your surroundings?

Pray for this Love and know that it is yours. You are now the Christ spirit in the world and you are the only one who can make this a reality, no one does it for you. If you want to be reassured that this one was or was not a saint [canonized by the church], I say you are all saints by the nature of the word. Trust that God will show you the way and that truth will become your creed, a living creed that cannot be defiled by doubt and mistrust. Your faith will empower you and give you the wisdom to discern the truth and do so in an appropriate and timely manner. The goal is to become examples, show the world through your own life what it means to pray to a loving God and to have faith in His Providence. The tender and merciful love you have for others is because your self-love is developed enough to enable you to accept any fault or failure. These are material and short-lived things that do not amount to any importance.

I am not disregarding that our faults sometimes hurt our own attempts at progression or hurt others we love, but even this God forgives, and you must be like our God in His infinite Mercy and Kindness. There is all the time in the world to accomplish this goal of at-onement in soul with His Soul and He is very patient with us.

There are many spirits who are here, and you must know that they benefit greatly from these times. It is not just because we are here, but it is because you have devoted your time and energy to setting aside this hour to pray together, and we accompany your prayers with our own, and this produces a powerful and effective influence upon these aspiring souls.

Dedicate yourselves to your spiritual development. Cherish these times during which you aspire to know things of the spirit and we will always be here.

I love you my dear family in Christ, and I pray for your souls’ progression in this wonderful quality of Love that is such a strong part of your lives.

I am Mary, the mother of Jesus and I am a true follower of my son, who is our Master and elder brother.