Messages 1984 to 2000

Swift Bear: Within My Heart….

September 23, 2000


Received by Alfredo


Within my heart, I observe the irony of mankind, of my brothers and sisters, and I suffer for them. I desire to transmit peace, which pertains to each human being.

I deplore the insults, the lies, falsehood. They only lead us to pursue enmity and cowardliness. My desire is that this might not happen, but that we love each other, that we understand each other, joining faithfully the purpose of our life, developing humbly, finding the way we desire so much to discover.

Oh, if we would only understand God’s Love, the same Love, which we must develop in our souls, abiding in the spirit, realizing the capacities we develop throughout our life.

Why are there still disputes? It is clear that our development, our apprenticeship, has not even covered half of our way. But we always have time to advance, never stepping back.

In truth, we have enthusiasm within us, which sometimes lies very hidden. And when we want it so, we take it out to light, giving all our love, our help to our brothers.

Let’s think it over. In the best wisdom we may learn. Let’s not fill our souls with unconscious perjuries of hatred and evil. Would that be progress? No, it is discord.

Let’s deplore that we don’t exhibit at times those hidden qualities [of love], let’s find where they really are.

I know everything changes, and at the end, we’ll love everything and each other. Let’s be firm in the conviction that this will happen. And that we will be what every soul aspires.

Let’s fight to forget the lament, for eliminating that word from our vocabulary, and that sometime in the future, we may remember it as something that once caused sorrow to our soul, but that does not exist anymore.

God bless you. Swift Bear.