Messages 1984 to 2000

High Celestial Spirit: Seeking the Truth with Our Heart.

November 30, 2000

Santa Cruz, California

Received by K.S.


Question: What should we do about the posts that followers of the Padgett messages put on the bulletin board, which are not in accord with what is contained in the messages? How can we advise new seeking souls that some of the information may be inaccurate and still accept others with their imperfect views?


I am here now to write, my dear sister in Christ, and I am happy to serve you and other fellow human beings who are seeking Truth and the Love of God to flow into their souls. I am a friend of Jesus and a follower of his teachings, and I am a Divine Angel and one of your guardians.

We do understand that it is a perplexing question how to be open and selective at the same time, but as you are aware, each and every individual soul has to seek truth for himself and herself. Even though we may know higher truths better than almost anyone who is living on earth, and even though we may write about this truth and expound upon it and even prescribe step-by-step methods how one needs to go about uncovering truth for themselves, this will not assure that the reader of our instructions will apply their own will and discipline to the instruction so that their progress will be more rapid and with fewer pitfalls.

When the mind of a seeker is involved, which it must be in order to integrate spiritual truths into their daily affairs of living, then there is a good chance that our instructions will be given a “spin” and will be interpreted by the mind to be more complex than they really are. They will go off on tangents and make the whole process a great deal more complicated than it needs to be. This is what the mind does - it questions, investigates, tears down, and dissects the simple truth until it is no longer simple. As you observe, there are thousands of religious practices that serve the millions of seeking souls who are on every different level of soul development.

You may emphasize the importance of seeking Truth with a contrite heart and humble soul. You may let everyone know that Truth is not learned at once, but starts small like a mustard seed in the soul and grows into a strong tree of faith as the desire for Truth prevails. Even though you may be inspired by an idea that you believe is marvelous and an unshakable Truth, take it through “the test” - let it sink deep into your soul and let God know that you want to know only the Truth, which will set you free from material bondage. Your heart and soul can soar free; peace can reside in your troubled mind.

It requires a big leap of faith to allow untruth to be posted on your open bulletin board, which you have set up to help seeking souls find their Way to God. Is this not similar to turning the other cheek, or to loving your enemies? What will you be demonstrating of Jesus’ teachings if you only accept your friends? Perhaps you may announce on the bulletin board the importance of seeking Truth with your heart and warn about the mind being speculative and unreliable. Evidence of this can be cited by the fact that there is only one God Who has been interpreted by the mind to be many different gods. People can and do believe whatsoever they choose to believe - this does not make it the Truth.

Everyone must start their spiritual journey right from where they are, at this moment. They have false beliefs, they have blocks and fears, they may want the approval of others and so they adopt someone else’s set of doctrines as their own. These beliefs can become very firmly established in the mind to the exclusion of all other possibilities. They have failed to let the Truth sink deep into their hearts and souls. They have failed to test the result of what these beliefs have done or have not done to improve their happiness and fulfillment.

The spiritual journey can be a peaceful and rewarding experience. If you are in turmoil and pain, there is something wrong with your belief system that is perpetuating conflict between your mind and soul. Remember that your prayers to God are the Way to spiritual awakening. Put your desires for Truth and Love ahead of any and all mental convictions.

Let us say that you hang onto the idea that “your” God is better than all the other gods people claim to believe in and that you “know” your way is best or the only true way. Any and all beliefs you decide to hang on to and defend and proclaim to be the actual “way it is” really does not help your soul get closer to God, does not bring peacefulness and harmony into your lives. The mind likes to argue or debate, which sounds more “intellectual,” but is anything really learned from this exercise of the mind defending its stand?

I will say again, seek Truth with your heart and soul, and be willing to let your mental convictions go, because more often than not these prevent you from growing and expanding your consciousness and awareness. The perceptions of your soul reach far beyond the reasoning powers of your mind. Give your lives up to God and let Him show you the Way to Him, to higher awareness, to the fulfillment of your higher soul potential.

The faculties of the material mind cannot grasp the meaning of the potential of the soul to become transformed into a new creation. Being born again in the Grace of God’s Love is an idea that may appeal to the mind’s concepts and it may believe it can grasp that idea. But it is far above the ability of the mind to understand this change the soul undergoes when it longs for Divine Love, and when this Grace takes lodgment in the soul and starts it on its journey toward At-onement with its Creator.

Seek Truth with your heart. Long for God’s Love to show you the Way. Be willing to change and let go of long held false beliefs that retard your progress in the Love. We will be with you to help guide you toward the Truth, toward the Light. Trust that God has provided a Way for you to find Him. Have faith in the Power of God’s Love in your soul to guide you in an ever-upward direction.

Embrace your brothers and sisters, even those who think they know the Truth. Become examples of God’s Love extended into the world. You will be moved by this Love to suggest that certain beliefs do not correspond to what the higher spirits have given us. When these suggestions are presented in sensible and loving ways, you will attract more sincere seekers who realize they will not be rejected even when they ask questions they may have been unwilling or ashamed to ask, feeling unworthy and believing that they may be regarded as foolish or stupid for not knowing the answer to what they think is such a mundane question.

I do pray that my message has not further complicated the issue, but has shed some degree of light upon the problem. I leave you with my blessings and thank you for being willing to serve as a channel in this way.

You may assure your followers that they have Celestial guardians who guide them and answer their questions when they put themselves in a quiet and peaceful place and pray to know the Truth and put aside their mental intrusions for this period of time.

I love you, each and every soul who seeks to do God’s Will and desires to serve as examples of His Love made manifest in an unhappy world. God Bless you. I am a high Celestial angel, who feels blessed for this opportunity to serve my fellow human beings in this world. Amen.