Messages 1984 to 2000

Jesus: Automatic Writing and Thought Impression.

August 31, 1987

Received by D.L.


_Dearest Master, I have just read and re-read your last three messages through K___, finding them to be most wonderful and informative. I only hope that your message through me today can be as helpful to humankind.

I would wish that you speak on whatever law or subject you wish to address today, but I do have one question for you relating to how my own particular mediumship works. Mr. Padgett seems to have submitted such control to you that you and others had been able to not only use his brain but also his writing hand to communicate your and others’ messages of the past. Now, with me, I am neither aware of being in a trance nor am I conscious of any control being exerted upon my hand when I receive a message from you. I receive thoughts dictation-style, if you will, and I am conscious of my doing my own writing of these thoughts I receive.

In other words, what I write is not “automatic” but purposeful on my part - at least, this is how it seems to me. Can you confirm this or otherwise explain how my own mediumship channeling works? Is it really necessary that you or any spirit control a medium’s hand in order to get an accurate message through? Of course, when I say this, I realize that my brain is being controlled or used, otherwise your thoughts would have no medium or channel to make :transmission possible. But perhaps in my case it would be more accurate to say I receive your thoughts inspirationally (through impress upon my brain), but not automatically (in the sense that my hand is being controlled as well).

Thank you for your help with this, Master. I now welcome your loving presence and message of today.


I am now here to write, my dear brother in Christ, and again I am most happy to come to you to attempt to assist you in your understanding of both the subject you have addressed and other Truths I wish to make known to humankind. I am your friend and brother in spirit, Jesus, Master of the Celestial Heavens and the eternal leader of our church on earth.

As to “automatic” writing channeling and how this works in your own particular case, you are correct in your statement that you receive inspirationally from me and, in turn, that you consciously write the thoughts that I am able to successfully transmit through your brain.

Not all mediums receive in precisely the same way. It is true that the degree of control possibility varies from medium to medium and in accordance with the medium’s own gifts of reception. What is important is not how completely a spirit controls but how effectively and well a medium receives. And, as you know, this is dependent upon the medium’s own soul development and his preparation to receive some of the higher Truths of God.

The Laws of Rapport and Communication have been clearly spelled out by my cohort, John, and need not be repeated here; for you are well familiar with his messages on this subject, and you do know that it is the relationship one has with the Father - the amount of Divine Love received from Him in combination with the medium’s own soulful aspirations to know the Truth that determines the level of receptivity of the medium at any given point of time.

It is not necessary for a medium to be able to achieve a deep trance or for a spirit to actually do the active writing of the message that the spirit is transmitting. As I once suggested through K____, which suggestion started your own apprenticeship in this area, all that was important or necessary in your case was to sit quietly pray for protection and guidance, and then help write the thoughts that would be transmitted by me or others through your brain; and you have done this very successfully thus far and it should not be a cause for concern on your part with regard to who is doing the actual writing as long as you fully believe that the thoughts you are recording come from us and are not the product of your own thinking.

You are correct in your understanding that all thoughts coming through one’s brain seem to be one’s own, whether these be the mortal’s own thoughts or the thoughts that a spirit is impressing upon that mortal. But, as you have read and re-read the messages already transmitted through you, already I am sure that you are coming to understand and appreciate more fully that the thoughts you have received have come from a higher source than your own mind. I do know that you doubt this at times, thinking that perhaps you have lent a bit of your own creativity to these messages. But I can assure you that the thoughts you have received in the very great majority have been our thoughts and not your own. Of course, the language or particular words used are sometimes selected by your own storehouse of words, as contained in the repository of your own brain’s learning and storage, but the meaning given to you, which sometimes is translated into words with which you are familiar, comes from us. If you were reporting inaccurately, as in the case with K____, you would be told, and provision would be made for the particular message of that day to be repeated at a later time when you were in a proper and more receptive condition of soul and mind.

I do not want you to have anxiety about your ability to receive our messages, for you do have this ability and it has been demonstrated amply in the messages already transmitted and recorded. For, as you know, your faith and confidence in your ability to receive well is an important dimension with regard to how well we are able to transmit our own thoughts through you. One can easily set up blocks against receiving well if preoccupied with a shakiness of faith during periods of actual message taking. But I am happy to say that blocks have rarely occurred with you thus far, and I am confident that we will be able to continue to transmit our thoughts through you successfully and accurately. Just keep praying to the Father for improved ability, as you have been, and both your faith and your ability will continue to improve and enlarge.

As to Mr. Padgett’s channeling ability, as you have deduced before in your own thinking and analysis upon this subject, he was not entranced when taking our messages; neither was he oblivious to the thoughts coming through his conscious mind at the time he was actually receiving our messages. Had this been the case, he would never have interrupted our communications to have asked questions about the information be was actively receiving. It is true that a certain amount of energy was transmitted to him, along with our thoughts, so as to enable him to persist with the recording of some of our longer communications. However, while it may have seemed to him at times that he was not doing the writing - so intense was his concentration on our thoughts rather than upon his writing of our thoughts at the time - in point of fact, he assisted in the writing of these thoughts, just as one writes one’s own thoughts when this is done by the person receiving impressions from his own brain apart from any spirit’s impress upon the same. But, as I say, the energy given to Mr. Padgett to receive and write our thoughts did cause him to feel at times that the pen or pencil was writing “on its own.”

I hope I have answered your question satisfactorily for now. The important thing is not to understand all the finer nuances of how mediums may differ in their reception of messages, but to concentrate on the development of this God-given talent so as to be able to continue to receive our messages accurately and well for the benefit of humankind. And you have been told that the proper development of this ability continues to depend upon increased receipt of the Father’s transforming Love which acts upon both the faith of the medium and upon his increased ability to receive clearly and more easily without any blocks interfering; or perhaps I should say with blocks becoming a greater rarity as this receptive talent enlarges.

I think this is all I wish to say on this subject for now. Owing to the length of my explanation, I will postpone a more formal message to the next time. However, I wish to say in concluding this communication that I am well pleased with both your development and the sincerity of your ongoing efforts to improve your channeling ability. But you must not lose sight of the fact that you have come a long way already in the relatively short time that you have been receiving my messages. And I want to thank you for your devotion and persistence with this task of receiving our messages for the benefit of others. Just keep praying for God’s Love and for increased ability in this area, and you can be assured that neither the Father nor we will let you down. The Father knows of your sincerity and desire to improve and ever do well, and He would not have selected you to perform this work if you felt otherwise. So, as I say, have faith and persist and the reward of mediumship excellence will be yours, along with the knowledge that you have been an active contributor for the dissemination of more of the Father’s higher Truths to humankind. That blessing alone, as you know, few have been privileged to realize.

So, my dear brother, I will leave you now with my blessings and my love until next time. I am

Your brother and friend, Jesus.