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Jesus: Who Is the Author of “New Teachings for an Awakening Humanity”?

September 9, 1987

Received by D.L.


_Dearest Master, Jesus, as I’m sure you already know, Rev. V .D. has brought a new book to J___’s attention, allegedly communicated by you through automatic writing, entitled, New Teachings for an Awakening Humanity. Heretofore, we have had no indication from you that you indeed authored such a book, but Rev. V. D. and we feel that it is important for us to know whether you, some other spirit, or perhaps just a mortal himself is the true author of this work. Our members may well question us about this.

So, dear Master, if you would be so kind, will you please answer Rev. V. D.’s well put question: Is Jesus of the Bible, Master of the Celestial Heavens, and leader of the Foundation Church of Divine Truth the true and real author of the book: New Teachings for an Awakening Humanity? And, if you so desire, please add whatever additional information you might feel would be important for us to have or know at this time, either relating to the book or to any other thoughts you may have for us today.

Thank you again, Master, for your faithful leadership and ever-present source for bringing the Truth into our lives and understanding.


I am now here to write, my dear brother in Christ, and I come to you this day to answer the question you have put before me. I am your dear friend, Jesus, Master of the Celestial Heavens, and the eternal leader of our church on earth.

The book to which Rev. V. D. refers was not authored by me but by a mortal who has taken certain inspirational thoughts and has used these thoughts in the formation of a book of his own. Some of these thoughts he has indeed been inspired by in the process of his meditations and his concern for world peace. However, while his aim is a noble one in terms of attempting to encourage this much to be desired outcome, he has overstepped a proper boundary by appending my name and my alleged words to his writings. Of course, his intent has been and is to further the cause of world peace and the brotherhood of man, and he has realized that the authority my name would possibly add to this work might contribute to its importance in such a way as to be believed in by many more seeking world peace than if the authorship of this book were merely his own. But, as I say, this is largely a work and product of his own mind in combination with his strong desire to see peace a growing reality even in his own time.

There is much to be said for his attempt to accomplish a noble purpose, such as the furtherance of world peace, and many of his expressed thoughts are good ones; but the authorship of this work is his own and has not been written or inspired by me. He has in his automatic writing attempts received words of wisdom from some high spirits, but not those who are acquainted with, and who believe in, the Truths of the Divine Love and the New Birth as has been revealed to you in my and others’ writings through Mr. Padgett, Dr. Samuels, and others. And, so, while the love and humanity advocated is worthwhile, these words or teachings are essentially no different than those directed toward perfecting the natural love. And, as you have received in some of the messages I delivered through Mr. Padgett, while the perfection of the natural love is much to be desired, this process without the Assistance of the Father’s Divine Love is necessarily very slow. And, as I have also said, the brotherhood of man cannot be truly attained without his recognition that human love, as beautiful as it sometimes can be and is, is insufficient to bring about world peace when the Father and Creator of us all is excluded from this process. The Father’s Help is absolutely necessary, and man’s true relationship to and with his Creator must first be recognized and acknowledged before the tide of evil can be overcome by the forces of goodness. For man’s earthly and material ambitions are always standing in the way of his spiritual advancement. And so long as these material desires take ascendancy over his spiritual nature, his occasional, though heartfelt, desires for world peace will not be realized.

The soul of man must first be nourished and fortified by the Father’s Love before peace can truly reign on earth. For without this fortifying Love, man only too often and quickly lapses into desires to fulfill earthly ambitions which often are opposed to the goal and fulfillment of world peace. Acquisitiveness ever reigns on earth when there are material advantages to gain, and where the spiritual sight and perspective is lost in the pursuit of these things.

This has not been the first time that my authorship has been claimed for a published work, and undoubtedly it will not be the last.1 But you can be assured that I would not undertake such a venture without informing you of my intentions beforehand. Our relationship is based on trust and mutual understanding, and it would never do well to preserve these values if I were to conduct myself in such a way where you all - the trustees of the church and our members - were excluded from an understanding and knowledge of my plans and those of my Celestial brethren. And, so, if in the future you should hear of other published works, or claims of my authorship by others, be assured that these claims will be false unless you are informed beforehand of such intentions on my part.

As to an appropriate response to possible inquiries, you can declare with confidence that I did not author that work, but that you recognize some value to its import. There is no need to disparage this work or its intent - only to recognize that the authorship is not my own. It is unfortunate that the true author will have to account for his improper reference to me as its creator. The work could well have stood on its own for its considerable value in attempting to encourage love and peace in the hearts of men. But, do not concern yourselves any further with this issue than need be. We still have much more important work to attend to, and this should be your focus and impetus for expended energy at this time.

As has been told to you before, through John, those who have no knowledge of the Divine Love of the Father and the proper way to obtain It are not my true disciples, no matter how well-intended their purposes may be. This is not to say that there are not many who bring measures of love and wisdom to the world in terms of lower orders of truth. But, as I have said, my true disciples know me and know of my true mission on earth and in the heavens. And these disciples can be known quite simply by their acknowledgement of me as the true Messiah who brought the glad tidings to earth of the rebestowal of the Father’s Divine Love through the application of fervent prayerful petition to Him for His transforming Love. And, further, my disciples are known by the Divine Love which they themselves possess within their own souls as the result of their prayers and successful receipt of this Love. So, you always have these guidelines to go by when attempting to determine whether or not the information you receive, or are privy to, comes from me or from my true disciples.

As John said, try the spirits, and if they do not acknowledge what I have said, or have no knowledge of the same, then you will know that the source of information received does not flow from me or from the Celestial Heavens. And what has been said about spirits also applies to mortals. Only those mortals who have knowledge and possession of the Truths that I and my disciples have set forth, and who have found and acknowledge the existence and reality of the Divine Love within themselves, are to be believed as being my true disciples and among the truly redeemed of God.

I believe this is all I wish to say on this particular subject at this time. I am happy that you were guided to bring this matter to my attention, and I hope the answers I have given will resolve this matter in your own minds and souls, and to your satisfaction. I will not write on another subject at this time, but will come again when desired to deliver yet another message for the benefit of humankind and the furtherance of our work on earth. Until next time, then, I leave you with my love and blessings, and wish to assure you that you have received this message clearly and well.

Your brother and friend, Jesus.


1 Another work which falsely claimed to be from Jesus is the well known “A Course in Miracles.” This information was revealed quite recently, and is annotated here.