Messages 1984 to 2000

Mary: Sharing.

February 25, 1999

Received by A.R.


Dear Heavenly Father/Mother,I pray for the inflowing of Your Divine Love into my soul that my heart, mind and body may be elevated to meet Your Celestial angels. I wish to receive a message that may help the souls of Your children aspire for Your Love and Help, Your Comfort and Peace. I pray for protection from any spirits who may wish to interfere with Your Divine Purpose as I open myself to Your ministering angels, my own thoughts put aside. I pray for faith in Your Love. I love you, my dear God.


I am here with you now and I am your guardian and sister in Christ, Mary, the mother of Jesus and his true follower in the life of everlasting love and divine spirit. I wish to communicate a message of encouragement to you who have developed your souls in the Divine Love and have made the effort to bring this love into your actions. I observe your concern for the effects of what you consider ill or besetting causes and I want to point out that as you manifest your love in this world, it meets the imperfect manifestations and discordant effects of the thoughts and actions of men and women whose wills are not in accord with the Law of Love.

This illness which besets the earth manifests itself in the broken circle of love that can surround and connect a certain thing to the harmonious balance of the workings of the Law of Love. What I speak of is the basic working and function of a particular object that is in contact with such influences that are devoid of love. These objects are then thrown into an orbit, so to speak, that is not in accord with the Law of Love, the activity of which runs smoothly and harmoniously. Let us use your car as an example. You observed when your car was driven by others that it was running in a rougher and non-fluent way that you had not observed before it was driven by them. Even though the object is operating on a purely physical level, it is nonetheless subject to the influence of those operating the vehicle. This principle applies to mediumship, also. When the medium being used as a channel is not filled with a loving purpose, the effects of the transmitted message are not going to have a beneficial influence.

What I want you to consider is that even though you may approach a particular situation that may appear to be simple to repair or apply your love, experience and knowledge to, your task may not always be met with success. This is not a failure on your part so much as it is the operating of physical workings of laws which are under the effect of the higher Law of Love, a lack thereof being applied to the object or situation.

Although you may think that you should be able to receive information from the angels that gives you appropriate guidance on how best to deal with a conflict, there are laws at work that may cause any amount of love and wisdom not to work. When we are with you and gently suggesting what may or may not be a viable pursuit, you are interacting with others who are responsible to reap and sow according to their own behavior and thoughts. If you are in the business of repairing what is broken, then you are not going to have a perfect track record or success rate. This is a source of frustration when you feel it is put to you to attempt certain tasks and are desirous of helping.

It is a challenge to be in this world and rise above the disappointment of not being able to solve its problems in all cases. I suggest that you spend more time devoted to the spiritual efforts of developing your ministerial careers and do so with the prayer that you attract others whose desires are the same. Music, as an example, is such a blessing in that it serves to lift others to harmony while you are actually expressing the love and joy of your own hearts. Your ministerial careers will succeed and it will require your love in action, manifest as faith in the power of the truth of this love burning in your souls and shining through you.

Approach your day with a prayer for the faith to say “no” when you are so guided to say “no” to a situation that comes to your attention. The attention you give is 100% and is not removed from that problem or conflict until you are satisfied that you have helped it improve. This is a wonderful quality and one that will tire you when it is applied to an “unfixable” situation, as you can see in the example of communicating with those whose minds are made up.

Accept the workings of the laws as they respond to the free will of God’s children and in this acceptance, have faith in the power of love in your own lives to manifest harmony and peace to those who are open to your love. Confidence will become yours when you accept this power within your own sphere of influence and you can say “no” as a way of saying “yes” to succeed for the cause of spiritual love. A community of good souls are coming together to bring the truth of God’s Love to all His children and this will serve to become the source of strength and support you need to continue in your efforts. You cannot do this alone and you are never alone - there are those who are just waiting for the invitation to join you, as they believe in you and want to help.

I hope this serves to guide your attention to the success of your own personal lives, for it is there that you can truly claim it. This is where you have control, you just need the confidence that you are successful in every meaning of the word.

I love you my dear ones and I am with you always as your friend and spiritual cheerleader,

Mary, the mother of Jesus.