Messages 1984 to 2000

Jesus: The Great Network of Communication.

July 9, 1987

Received by D.L.


I am now here to write, my dear brother in Christ, and I am happy once again to be able to come to you and deliver another one of my messages for the benefit of others. I am your dear and loving friend, Jesus, who is Master of the Celestial Heavens and the eternal leader of our church.

Today I should like to discuss another aspect of progress in man’s development as this pertains to his desires to receive the communications and assistance of those of us in the spirit world, and in the Celestial Heavens, who are ever prepared to lend whatever assistance we can by helping humankind to achieve the fullest potential of growth and development that they are aspiring to.

As you know from previous messages, there is a great network of communication, not only in the Spirit world but also extending to the Father’s farthest reaches of creation, which, of course, encompasses the earth plane as well. And, so, there is no place in God’s Universe where help or assistance is denied to any of God’s children who are seeking such assistance, either for their betterment or for the betterment of others.

We, in the Celestial Heavens, have work to perform throughout the Universe of Being and among all God’s children, be they in our Heavens or in the lowest reaches of the hells. But you and humankind must understand that our work is not imposed upon anyone. We can only respond to others if we are asked to respond, because to do otherwise would be a violation of one’s free will and right to privacy. Of course, there are lower spirits in the spirit world who do attempt to impose upon humankind’s free will and right to privacy, but this is not something that a Celestial or higher spirit will ever do. And, so, again, if we are to be of assistance to others in terms of their spiritual progress, the first thing that must be recognized is the need for a rapport to be established with us before we may truly step in and render whatever assistance that may be required.

Now, as you also know, this takes in more than an appeal to us directly. First and foremost must come a rapport that each individual must establish with our Heavenly Father. It is to Him that each prayer should be properly directed. For it is through a prayer to our Father that, upon receipt, it is more often than not redirected to our attention for purposes of providing the assistance petitioned for. Of course, this assumes that the prayer directed to the Father has emanated from the soul of the aspirant and not merely from his mind; because, as you have been informed elsewhere, the Father’s Response to prayer is based on soulful communication, and not upon mere thoughts that originate in the mind only. But assuming that the prayer has been a soulful one, and that the Father desires to have His angels respond to it, He will commission whomever He intends to carry out His Wishes in the supplicant’s behalf.

So, in essence, what is being said here is that all prayer should be initially addressed to the Father; for this, in turn, is what allows an activation whereby our part comes into play. But once we do become involved, then it can be said that a rapport or rapport possibility is established not only between the Father and the aspirant but also between the Father’s angels and the aspirant. And, subsequently, if desired by the prayerful petitioner, this rapport can be extended not only for one service performed but potentially indefinitely thereafter. In such event, the supplicant then has the benefit of Celestial companions for however long he truly chooses to have them in accordance with his true and underlying heartfelt desires for their companionship and helpful influence.

And so it is that, when this occurs, a milestone is truly reached in one’ s progress and development. Before the establishment of this ongoing rapport with both the Father and His highest angels, a man essentially operates alone and unassisted as he moves through the mortal existence. And to make matters more difficult for him, without the protective influence of both the Father and ourselves, a man is also subject to the frequent interpositions of lower spirits who are ever attempting to encourage mortals to serve their own selfish ends or desires. And, so, you can see by this consideration how important and essential it is that all humankind recognize the sheer folly and potential great damage they can contribute to their own progress by resting on the insecure and ultimately futile premise that they can proceed through life successfully entirely on their own, and without the assistance of their Creator along the way. Unless the futility of this premise is first recognized, true progress in a man’s growth and development cannot take place. Small but insignificant material gains may be made here and there, but of what value are these when a man enters the spirit world where, of necessity, his material treasures must be left behind, and where he can enjoy these no more?

So, you see, when we talk of progress, change, or growth, we are not referring to transitory earth-related gains, material wealth, or physical pleasures, but rather to the progress, growth, and further development of the eternal part of man - his soul. And, indeed, when we are considering the soul, we are referring to a man’s spiritual growth and development, which is the only development that a man will have potentially before him in the spirit world, but which he also potentially has while still in the mortal phase of his existence. The choice is really his - to delay his progress until perhaps long after he has entered the spirit world, or to begin his spiritual progress on earth so that, upon entering the spirit world, he will be well on his way to attaining to higher spheres where supreme happiness might be his. Of course, it is ever our desire for humankind to recognize that the time for all to begin their spiritual progress is the ever-present now - meaning during the earthly phases of existence. But our desire in this regard cannot be realized unless and until humankind recognizes that the Law of Growth and Development relates primarily to spiritual growth, not to material acquisition or to the pleasures of the flesh.

And, so, I would like to say in summary that the Father is ever prepared to assist His children attain to the progress that comes only with soulful development. And, in the service of such progress, He is also prepared to commission His Celestial angels and other good and high spirits to assist any and all of His children seeking this progress. But man himself must first come to recognize that he is truly dependent upon the Father for the benefits of the Law of Progress to become his in the most vital spiritual sense. Adam, as you know, was guilty of the sin of pride, which is to say that he made the grievous mistake of believing that his progress was not dependent upon God, but could be made upon his own efforts exclusively. And, today, there are many who are no better off spiritually than Adam was, because they are making the same mistake in believing that they are sufficient unto themselves. No, as I say, as it was in Adam’s day, so it is today. God’s Laws are eternal and do not change. To advance spiritually requires the Father’s Great Input and Assistance, and the assistance of those whose development exceeds that of His young and aspiring children of earth.

And, so, I would urge all humankind to not rest upon the thought that their progress is entirely in their own hands, but to recognize right now that, as children of the Father, they have been, are, and ever will be dependent upon the Father for their spiritual growth, development, and increased happiness. And this means that the time to seek the Father’s Love and Favor to ensure these blessings is the now!

“Seek ye first the Kingdom, and all else will be added unto you” is as true today as when I first declared this Truth nearly 2000 years ago. And, so, with this final thought for now, I will leave you and humankind with my hope and prayer that they begin to pursue, if they have not already, that course of prayer that will bring them in unison with the Father and His Love. And, in receiving His Divine Love into their hearts and souls, they will know of a surety that their progress will be eternally assured, and that their happiness will have no ending.

I thank you for receiving my message of this day, and I am pleased that you have received it so well.

I am your brother and friend, Jesus