Messages 1984 to 2000

Mary: The Urantia and Mormon Text.

January 16, 1999

Received by Amada Reza.


_D___ forwarded me a question posed by a seeker from the internet on what the Master’s thoughts were on the Urantia Book and the Mormon text. I hope that you find some light herein. Love, A____

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray for Your Divine Love to come into my soul, filling me with faith in the Wonder of Your Strength and Love. I pray for only the truth to come through me as Your Celestial messengers may wish to convey. I love you and pray for protection from any influences that wish to harm. Thank You, my loving God. I love You.


I am here with you, my dear sister in Christ, and I am Mary, the mother of Jesus and your Celestial guardian. God is ever watchful of His children and when we turn to Him in prayer and desire to know the truth, He will not disappoint our aspirations. I want to say in regards to the text that was referred to, the Urantia book and the Mormon doctrine, that these have indeed been Celestially inspired in part, as you will find in many teachings that have come through over the ages. God’s Hand is in the affairs of His children when they earnestly seek to channel His Will, but the interpretation of these messages and illuminations from the spirit world are often limited by the mortal who channels the information, limited not only by his or her own soul development, but by the motive he or she has in receiving and sharing the truth (or untruth, if that is the case).

The mind of man and woman when used as a conductor of information being channeled from the spirit may be involved in the process and this is often the case when we are limited in our ability to successfully transmit the truth. As D___ said, there have been times when the angel, filled with Divine purpose and transmitting the truth, may come through one time and a spirit from the natural heavens, whose development in love and understanding of truth is compromised, may come through the same medium at another time. In the case of the Urantia text, it was received over a period of time that allowed the change to occur in the condition of the thoughts and motives of the mediums. In the case of the Mormon text, however, the mind of the one receiving the text was involved as his own interpretation of the truth was laid over the message he received and it took on a very different meaning after he translated this message to his followers. Passion for doing God’s Will is simply not enough to protect the truth from being altered. One must, in humility, put their own agenda aside and in sincere prayer ask to be a channel for the truth. After that, the soul development, which changes the actual substance thereby condition, of the mortal receiving the message from the Celestial, presents the proper condition to receive truth. We encouraged Padgett to pray as much as we did because the condition of his soul, mind and brain allowed us to transmit higher truth.

Truth is a thing that is just as much definable by quality and condition as the substance of our bodies and minds, a thing that actually shapes the universe by its working. Praying for truth and praying for the Divine Love are a combination of efforts that can only bring the soul and mind of the one who prays into a place of understanding and true knowledge of God and the universe. We must let our seeking brethren know that within them they have the keys which open the door of their perceptions to see what is real and immortal. With this responsibility we must charge them: to seek with all their heart to know only the truth and, in faith, ask God to give them the Love which is the fulfillment of our being in at-onement with Him and let them know this can only be achieved by them.

As we have given you the message that no mortal mouthpiece is necessary to mediate between the soul of man and woman and the soul of God, then it will apply as well to any text you read or receive. Even this message which I am transmitting must be taken with the understanding that it is only through the prayer of the individual and the transformation of soul that truth is clear and meaningful to him or her. Living the truth is the only way one may see its working and benefit from the cause and effect of being in accord with God’s Will and the resulting harmony. When you become attached to the presentation, albeit inspiring and uplifting, it limits your attachment to God, for He is ultimately our Author and Scribe and it is only through Him that we know ourselves. In this way we can remain humble and of pure motive when there is no wish to bring anyone around to believing our words, but only the Word of God, written in each soul who aspires to know what His Word is and how he or she may become like unto our Maker.

I pray always for the love of my Heavenly Father to fill my soul and thoughts so that it imbues my thoughts and writings with a spirit of comfort and peace. One can say the simplest word, the simplest phrase, and it will make the heart sing, put a smile on another face. You have met people who hold out their hand and when you take their hand, no word is even necessary, but their love is communicated. When you who are in the business of teaching and spreading the truth of God’s Divine Love realize how it is your own self that must be the testimony, you must be the truth, shining in the clarity of your thoughts and purpose to love and only love, the truth will be - only then. One can read the volumes you distribute with the mind only and completely miss the significance of the message therein. It is like eating the most delectable fruit and not being able to taste it. Living truth and living love is what brings life to words and ideas and elevates them to a place that can lead others to believe.

Have faith in the power of this Love to work through you, my dear children, and see the call as one to want to know the truth and ask God for His Love to heal and illuminate your everyday activities. You are all blessed in this Love and, in reality, as disciples of our Master, we depend upon you not only to disseminate the truths but to be mouthpieces for Divine Truth and to manifest the Will of God in your lives in every way.

I love you and thank you for this opportunity and I will be with you when you ask. Only ask.

Mary, the mother of Jesus.