Messages 1984 to 2000

Keeping the Faith…

July 18, 1984

Arlington, Virginia

Received by K.S.


I am here now to write, my dear sister in Christ, and I am your friend and brother in the Christ Spirit, Jesus of the Bible who is Master of the Celestial Heavens. I come as usual with my great love extended to you and your work for the Kingdom of Love. And we are here to help you with your work in all ways we can - in all ways you are open to our influences. As you realize, the work must unfold day by day and cannot be “transformed” overnight into a movement which will “magically” attract people to the Truths.

This is what you must realize in your work, my dear sisters in Christ, and that is to not expect people to be open to these wonderful truths of God’s Love just because you know they are true and wonderful, because there are many different paths which people have embarked upon in their lives and many different beliefs which have taken them away from the Truths of God’s Love. Until there are more available open hearts to respond to the wisdom of our words, there will be a limit to the people we can reach with the truths.

We have the ability to turn people’s thoughts to develop an interest in what is distributed, we can arouse their curiosity in some new ideas, but cannot guarantee that their interest will continue or that their curiosity will drive them to investigate further than the initial inquiry. Proceed with your spiritual projects which your love motivates you to carry out, and be assured that at some future date these projects will bear fruit, and that they will be helpful in generations to come, even if you don’t see immediate results from your efforts.

As you were told by your Celestial friend, Andrew, all the writings we deliver will not be of momentous importance to the world, for the encouragement you may need from day to day in the carrying out of your spiritual work will not necessarily be what others need in their spiritual unfoldment and progression. Guidances and suggestions, therefore, may even seem contradictory to the mind’s interpretation at times because at someone’s particular level of development there may be a certain application of self-motivation or exercise of will which would be particularly helpful to that person and would not prove to be particularly helpful to another person at another stage of development.

So as you outreach with these Divine Truths in your newsletter, it would be wise to explain that as one progresses in Love, greater wisdom and insights unfold, revealing understandings which couldn’t have been revealed earlier in his or her spiritual progression. This is to say that the highest truths a person can know at a certain stage of progression will not seem so momentous when he or she has progressed in their souls wisdom through receiving more of the Father’s Love into their souls, and therefore what might seem to be wonderful news to someone will not be of great interest to someone else.

This can be handled in several ways. One suggestion would be to cover several levels of interest whenever possible, to the beginner and to the more advanced seeker so there will be something in each newsletter that everyone can relate to, to some degree or other. There will always be growths and changes; accept suggestions from the readers and testimonials of their spiritual experiences, for most people like to share these with others of similar interests.

Thank you for your interest in carrying out the work of building God’s Kingdom of Love on this earth – we can only accomplish this as we find willing workers to seek our guidance and carry it out.

As you continue to pray for our Father’s Love and Mercy and continue to hold the strong desire to serve Him, you will be influenced by your guardian angels, by the dictates of your hearts, and by the perfect laws that govern your lives to grow toward a life filled with love and satisfaction and joy.

As you realize how much you have to be thankful for, the more joy you will experience and the more peace you will feel in your daily living. Even when you are aware that there is so much work to be done, you also need to realize it isn’t going to be accomplished in a short time. So take your steps as you can, extending your faith that your work will unfold in due time, as you are ready, and you will be able to accomplish more than you even believed you could.

We appreciate all our dedicated co-workers, and do what we can to bring harmony and contentment into their lives. You each have a responsibility to accept your own goodness in order to appreciate these joys and privileges you experience, instead of feeling not worthy of them.

I will leave you now with these thoughts, and will come to write again in the near future. Continue the good work, and do not fear doing something “wrong.” When you see a negative reaction to something you do, I assure you that feeling was already present in the person, and he or she uses any excuse to express discontentment with their situation. You have experienced the impossibility of trying to please everyone, so do not expect to receive unanimous approval for anything you undertake, or you will be sorely disappointed in your endeavors. Instead, extend your love to the fullest in your work and strive to please the Heavenly Father and you won’t be disappointed.

Jesus of the Bible


Master of the Celestial Heavens.