Messages 1984 to 2000

Editing Volume II.

August 11, 1991.

Received by K.S.


_Dear beloved brother and friend, Jesus, Our dear brother in Christ, Dave, would like to know if the editing work he’s been doing on Volume II meets with your approval, or if there are areas which you’d like to have done differently. Can you help me understand why it’s such a burden to be around R___? Why she does things so slowly and why she doesn’t seem to be able to respond to what we ask her to do? Thank you for your help and love. I love you and feel so blessed to be chosen as one of the many to be engaged in the same work as Mr. Padgett (as you mentioned to him in a message which appears on pages 93 and 94 of  Vol. II, TGRAJ), that you are influencing many mortals to get into the psychic condition necessary to do this great work. Thank You, dear Father in Heaven, for all the great and many blessings You bestow upon us every day. Please continue to protect me from unloving spirits and help me in my soulful progress in Your Great Divine Love! Amen.


I am here to write, my dear sister in Christ, and I come to you again this morning, as usual, to convey my thoughts through you in writing. I am your friend and brother in Spirit, Jesus of the Bible, who is Master of the Celestial Heavens, and I welcome this opportunity you give me to deliver my message of the week.

As we explained in our message through A____, we are well pleased with the work you are doing, which includes the editing work being done by our friend and co-worker, Dave. As you see, we have been explaining about the necessity and desirability of reaching out with these most important Truths in as many ways as your Love motivates you to reach out. And the most important aspect of that outreach is that it be done in Love. And we see that Dave is putting his Love into the Work. And if he is satisfied with the results, then we are satisfied, also. There will be translations to follow. There will be condensations of these translations into other languages. There will be some presentations that may contain various descriptions that are not accurate, but these will be explained to the best of one’s ability at the time of their progression and understanding of the subject which they are attempting to explain or describe. But, you see, it will not do any harm if someone has the idea that the streets of heaven are covered with gold, for example, because what the author of the description was trying to get across was that, in his or her “vision,” heaven was “beautiful and glorious,” and gold, to that person, came closest to the “value” of what was envisioned to fit the description of heaven.

So, in these various writings of the Father’s Truths, many of which will be dedicated to sharing with mankind, the importance of prayer for God’s Divine Love is stressed as the means of salvation. This is the message which needs to be perpetuated. Everyone needs to begin their divine progression with the longing and prayerful desire to receive God’s Grace of Love before they can become prepared to progress to higher levels and understand higher Truths. So, their concepts of what heaven is like will undergo many “changes” according to their condition of soul and its ability to perceive Truth or higher understanding.

When writings contain some “ideas” which don’t correspond with actual happenings or descriptions of certain places, this is not a crucial mistake; no harm will come from these inaccuracies, especially when they pertain to the descriptions and occurrences in the material surroundings of the spirit world, and what a person may expect to find when he enters therein. Because we have explained about the importance of soulful longings for the Father’s Divine Substance of Love as the Way to attain salvation of soul in our many messages of Truth, these important teachings will be retained in the many explanations and translations which will follow.

There are thousands and millions of Divine angels who work with men to oversee the work they are doing for the Father of Love. When these writers and translators are desirous of serving the Father in the highest and best ways they are able, these angel guardians will be able to influence them in their writings. When it comes to the part about prayer to the Father for His Special Gift of Grace, these writers and transcribers of these Truths will be especially blessed and influenced by these spirits to include and emphasize this aspect of our teachings.

It has been emphasized in my writings; it has been retained in other messages; it will remain the theme throughout all our explanations and descriptions in the future, even as mankind becomes more highly developed and is able to perceive higher Truths through their soul’s perceptions, the emphasis will still be made upon the importance of prayer to our God of Love for His Divine Essence to be poured out upon our souls. When this is the “lead” thought and desire and action, everything else will follow. So, when it is asked if we are well pleased with the work being done, just remember that we consider the Love with which the Work is done to be the first consideration as to its effectiveness in reaching the hearts and souls of God’s children with the Truths of His Love. Whether or not a “t” is crossed, or an “i” isn’t dotted, has no effect upon the Truths which may be absorbed by a seeking soul. Sentences may be rearranged, explanations may be given in several different ways. In my writings through Mr. Padgett and Dr Samuels, many explanations have been given as to how one may proceed onto the path of Truth. So, the Divine Path will be covered, one way or another, when the reader is searching. Continue with your different presentations, so every combination of thinking will be able to grasp what is being said.

Even though we are desirous of eliminating the untruth which hangs people up from receiving true salvation of soul, we are more interested in presenting Truth in as many ways as conceivable to the searching mind and heart.

Continue with the wonderful work, dear Dave, as you have been extending your love into it, with a sincere desire to help the reader find the Truths of God’s Love within the pages and paragraphs of our communications. We love you, each and every one of our co-workers in the flesh, and we are by your sides whenever you call upon us for help and Love and protection and support, because we are aware of the treachery in the world and of the many spirits who interfere with our work; some for no motive other than to interfere, to attract attention. And even if they do not have your attention because of your unawareness of their presence, they have it because they have influenced you to turn away from your spiritual thoughts, and thereby have been successful in their efforts.

In R_____’s case, she hasn’t taken charge of her chosen direction with firm conviction. She “sort-of” knows what direction she wishes to go, but then there are these “others” who also need to be included. She feels if she stands firm, they may not see that she is flexible enough to include their concepts in with her own. So she leaves herself open to undesirable influences. She needs to pray more consistently and fervently for God’s Divine Love to give her the courage and strength of her convictions. She needs to desire to rise above the negative influences of lower spirits. She needs to pray for protection from these influences and break the bond and rapport they have made with her over her lifetime.

It is no easy task to change thoughts established over a long period of time, and especially when these thoughts involve self-hatred or rejection, or beliefs that make one feel unworthy of being happy and feeling free from burdens. Some people have the “idea” that if they aren’t “suffering,” then they aren’t doing God’s Work in a dedicated way, while just the opposite is true. If a person fails to feel a sense of joy and upliftment when engaged in spiritual work for the Father, then I would say, he or she isn’t doing that work as a motivation of Love, as an extension of their desire to serve Him in a loving act of service as a privilege and blessing to be able to be of service in this way.

This should help you see that you are doing your work of service to the Father in love, since you feel this upliftment of spirit and joy, and because you feel especially blessed to be able to serve in this way of being a channel for my thoughts, and you look forward to this privi1ege each Sunday; and even more frequently when the need arises. This is the attitude and hope and love and upliftment we like to see present in our workers at all times. And when it is absent, we’d prefer the worker to take a break from the “job,” and pray and rest and only return to the life of service when it can be seen as a privilege and not a burden.

We love you, dear ones, each and every one, and we will never leave you alone when you pray to God for His Help and Love and Protection. We are His ministering angels and carry out His Biddings as a movement of our Love; and we feel extremely privileged to serve Him in this way. For we know the day will come when the doors to the Celestial Heavens will close and we will no longer be able to come to earth, and mankind will no longer have the privilege to receive God’s Grace of Divine Love. This is what is known as the “Second Death.” The second time the privilege to receive His Love will be withdrawn from the souls of His children. But, until that time, we all will be working among men to help them become aware of this Great Gift and privilege which is theirs to become at-one with their Father in Heaven.

I am his beloved son, Jesus, who leave you now with my blessings. I have become at-one with my Heavenly Father through my prayers to be blessed by His Great Substance of Love that transformed my soul into a divine soul.

Jesus of the Bible


Master of the Celestial Heavens.