Messages 1984 to 2000

Mary and Jesus: Answering personal questions and why James Padgett was chosen.

Santa Cruz, California

September 16, 1999

Received by Amada Reza.


Dear God, I love You and want to serve You with all my strength, with all my love-the love of my soul, my being, my self. I want to be an instrument of Your truth as Your ministering angels may use me. Make me a channel for Your Love, guide my hand and mind to worship You. Help keep any lower spirit influence from interfering with what the angels will say to help Your children. I have faith in the Power of Your Love to heal us, God. Amen.


I am here, Mary, the mother of Jesus, and your guardian in the Divine Love of God. I am here to tell you of my wish that you feel the peace of God’s Love surrounding you and opening your soul to perceive the truth of the love you possess and the power of this love to heal you. There is an immeasurable source of power in this Gift which my son taught of - the Divine Love of God is no less than His Substance, His Essence that is the fountain of all goodness, all beauty, all love. You are possessed of this Love and you recognize the Gift as your own.

I wish to tell L___ that he is also in possession of this Love and he need not concern himself with understanding the details of why he received the inflowing of love that he received on that day in question. He just needs to accept the presence of this love in his life and make it real to his own mind and thoughts throughout his day. No, he is not unworthy and he is going to receive this love in even greater abundance as time goes on, for he is now the owner of immortal substance, the Divine, that can only grow within him, as leaven rising in his soul to bring him into closer at-onement with His Maker.

As for explaining the prophecies and so-called miracles that are witnessed by so many as testimony that God can, indeed, speak to man, let it be known that it is only the message that is of importance to understand and embrace. If we are to concentrate solely on the means by which the truth is brought to humankind, we would miss the opportunity to embrace the living act of love, manifest through the soul of a man and a woman, a child, a spirit. This is the true miracle, for faith is a power that witnesses the Hand of God upon our lives, the unseen becomes seen, the unknown becomes known and the one who knew not love becomes transformed into a being born only of Divine Love.

God will continue to speak to His children through the medium of many hands and hearts and many minds and discoveries that will or will not be recognized by men and women. But know that as you embrace the truth of His Presence in your life, you will become the testimony, you will be the Christ walking among men, for His Love will speak through you and will bring goodness to evidence and patience, peace, tolerance, forgiveness, mercy, compassion, faith and love will be alive and well in the world of human and spirit.

My children, please be my own sisters and brothers of peace who love and teach as did our dear brother, Jesus, my son, who I love so much, and go to God with your hearts full of joy and the strength of your desire to bring the Kingdom of Love to earth. For this is what we must do, manifest this Love as God’s Will for us - to be at-one with Him and to let Him know that you recognize that He is there, always present with the Grace and Power of His Love, that He will never leave you alone.

For those who have left your sides, those you love and want only to be in happiness and well-being, know they reside in the great and unfolding universe that is governed by the Hand of Love and Mercy. W___ is at peace and at-onement with His God, my dear T, and he wants you to pray for this salvation that has come to his soul and he wants his family to do the same and to be at peace now, as he is. You are graced with the life of a soul, awakened from the dimness of wonder and regret, for you have discovered that God has not forgotten you, as He will never forget any of His children. Let Him hold you in His Arms tenderly and with all His Love to bring you into the peace that passes understanding, and put to rest all the doubt and fears and guilt that you have done wrong. God’s Will is for us to be with Him, and so W is, as you are now, T___, as you all can be.


Jesus now speaks:


I am here now with you, my dear sister in Christ, and I am your brother, Jesus, who is Master of the Celestial Heavens and the one who shows mankind the way to receive the Gift of the Heavenly Father’s Divine Love. I want to write to my brother, M___, a message why I chose the mediumship of James Padgett and why it was imperative that the message of my gospel be delivered in such a humble way.

You know, my friend, that it has been many years that this truth of the potential of the human soul to receive God’s Love has been buried or hidden in the dogmas and half-truths so prevalent in the world. But you can see that the predominant reason for such error is that the mind of men and women misinterpret the manifestation of this love and truth. As imperfect as the mind is in grasping things purely spiritual, it is nevertheless a necessary component to bringing the majority of mankind to the understanding of what God is and wants of us.

So, as the scientific mind was developed and the knowledge of the existence of things came within the scope of our reason and belief, it became more clear that the truth must be delivered in such a way that could be distinguished as a plausible means of communication, one which anyone who can grasp the principles of the laws of communication and rapport could achieve. As I am now holding the pen and moving it on the page, it happened with my dear James Padgett, and he was such a willing partner in this communication, for he had not only my love, but the Love of God and his family. Such a battery of influence and energy was available to him like no other before or since and it will happen more and more as you are all open to developing your souls in the Divine Love. This Love has the power to strengthen the natural abilities you have to be in rapport with the angels - messengers of God - but let me say, that I am only one more angel, one messenger among many, for you are my messengers on earth and you are my spokespeople and it is through you that my word must become alive and a testament of the truth of God’s Love.

Be yourselves as a candle for this Love of God and burn brightly in the darkness with faith in the Power of Love to bring you into at-onement with your Creator, and let others know of this Gift waiting for their asking, waiting for the chance to bring them at-onement in the nature of immortal love.

God is our Creator, our Maker, and it is to Him that we will return. But know now that He dwells in Spirit within your souls, that you have now become an extension of His Grace in this world, a human soul, a light, a being transformed into angelic purity and goodness. Yes, you are human still, but you are blessed with the Gift of immortal life, such as can never be taken from you and affords you the knowledge that you are forever in the embrace of God and that you can do no wrong when you pray for His Guidance in your life.

I am your brother and friend and I am only here to say, pray, as you will eat and drink, pray for the living substance of all life to fill your soul and cause it to grow into a being unafraid and full of faith, a being who walks in the light of truth.

I am Jesus of the Bible, but I am Jesus who serves a God Who wants His children with Him in Love, in Divine Love.