Messages 1984 to 2000

Mary and White Eagle: The miracle of Fatima and the Love of God.

Santa Cruz, California

September 19, 1999

Received by Amada Reza.


Dear God, Source of All Love, I want to serve You with all my love. I pray for Your Love to fill my soul, that your ministering angels may come and deliver a message to Your children. Please protect me from lower spirit influence - surround me with Your Comfort and Peace and the loving influence of the angels. I have faith in the Power of Your Love to bring us out of darkness, dear God. I love You. Amen.


I am here with you now, my dear sister in Christ, and I am Mary, the mother of Jesus, and your guardian in the Divine Love. I am a follower of my son, Jesus, and I partake of the Essence of God’s Soul, His Divine Love, to such an extent that it has brought me into at-onement with Him and close to the wonderful qualities of Love that only a soul awakened by the Love of God may realize.

I wish to answer D’s question which he passes along from L, regarding the miracle of Fatima, and I will assure you that I was, indeed, present when this event took place. As for why the event occurred to begin with, the world situation made it necessary to produce evidence, as promised by me to the children, to call into being certain formations to be witnessed by the large number of people gathered to see the event. These energies used by the angels to produce this light, taken by some to be another star, were not so difficult to produce due to the faith demonstrated by many of the people gathered. For faith is what drew many to come and witness the event, faith in the promise of God through me that He would speak to His children.

Although it was not easy for us to control a more perfect understanding of the intention of my message, which was to pray to God for His Love and Protection and relinquish the desire for material gain that gave rise to the wars of which I spoke, there were many who took from the experience a personal and real relationship to the Divine. Even though they may have become better Catholics, a true Catholic, as you know from your own experience, is one who believes in the Love and Power of God. It was this Love that my son demonstrated in his life and it was the Power of God’s Love for His children that came through him to bring about the healings that many of the people in our day witnessed. As so, it was brought about again, through the simple faith of many, that I would speak the truth to the hearts of men, women and children, and, as they gathered to hear, it was only a matter of redirecting their own ectoplasm and spiritual energies that helped produced the effect such as they saw with their own eyes.

There are many in the world who pray with souls full of love and faith that God will answer their prayers and, to them the truth is shown, perhaps in not as dramatic a way as in the miracle of Fatima, but a small miracle of their faith producing the effect of harmony, health, and well being and becoming the receiver of the blessings of love in their own lives. Rather than wanting to see another big event which even millions would attend and witness, make your own life the true miracle by letting God raise you from a mortal into an immortal being, filled with the Love and Power of His Soul. He is with you now, His Holy Spirit will come to you as quickly as you turn your thoughts to Him and long for His Love, for you are a part of Him, as He is a part of you.

Feel this Love in your lives, my dear children, and call it faith, to bring light to your darkness and the darkness of others. Feel the warmth of its energy flow through you as a balm to the struggling souls of your brothers and sisters, and if you struggle, let this Love fill you with its Peace. Know the Presence of this Love can dispel your deepest doubts and lonely fears that you are abandoned. You are cherished by our loving Creator and held in the embrace of the Celestial hosts who take charge of their earthly brothers and sisters and guide them in their desire to serve this wonderful cause of bringing Divine Love into the world.

See your lives as the miracle and you will recognize such events in your lives that you never before thought possible. Recognize the small events that are quietly spoken from the Spirit that need to be witnessed with eyes of sentient knowing that God has spoken and moves your hand. Let the Sun of your own transformed love shine as brightly as any earthly sun before you and it will be witnessed by many. Then know in your heart and mind that this Power of God’s is yours, for you are His creature, you are His children who inherit this Gift of Love and it will be - the truth will shape and change your every move and elements, physical and spiritual, will bow before you in service to the Law of Love.


White Eagle now speaks:


I am with you now, my dear sister in Christ, and I am your brother, White Eagle. I wish to assure you that you are in our hands at this time and we are measuring the time that you need for your health to benefit from this fast. I love you, my dear sister, and I am grateful to you for your love.

We are only here to help and serve. People must understand the Beneficence of God’s Love, that there is Comfort and Healing for the wounds of the spirit. You must believe in this Mercy in your own lives. Let us help you bring the Love of God into your very beings that it may make you whole. Have faith that the laws of God are subservient to His highest Law of Love, which you fulfill by activating your own love in your lives.

You are blessed and we will never leave you without. Please have more faith in this love, bring it into your daily affairs and know that nothing is so small or seemingly petty that love cannot make it a gift to your life and the lives of those you love and serve.

I am your brother, White Eagle,

as I am your sister, Mary, the mother of Jesus,

and we wish you a harmonious and love-filled day, my dear ones.