Messages 1984 to 2000

Annual Trance Message - June 2000.

June 25, 2000

Aptos, California

Received by Amada Reza.


Medium prays aloud: Dear Heavenly Father, I pray for Your Love to fill my soul at this time. I pray that this love elevate me to make rapport with Your Celestial angels who are surrounding us with their love and influence. I know that they would like to share with us their love and their thoughts and I pray to be a channel for these as my soul development in your Love allows. I pray for faith in the power of your love to lift me above the temptations of this earth plane. I pray to be a clear channel for your love and your truth. I want your protection from any spirits that may wish to do harm; may they surrounded with an angelic influence and be shown the Way to you. For we know that we want to be in your love and in your arms. Thank you. I love you Amen.


Jesus: I am here with you now, my dear brothers and sister and I am your brother and friend, Jesus; and yes, I am the Jesus of the Bible, but I am also the Jesus who loves you with the Divine Love of our Heavenly Father. I am here now to answer the questions that you have burning in your hearts that will help you ascend in your spiritual progression to become at-one with our Heavenly Father. For this is the greatest mission that we have here on earth and in the spirit world: to arrive once more within the Grace and Presence of our Loving God, that that is Home. And so, I welcome your questions at this time

Doug: Good morning, Master. Thank you for being here with us. I don’t even know what my question is, but hopefully, you can answer it anyway. I woke up this morning and thought of our circle here and I saw all the pain that each of us are carrying, all the wounds, all the healings waiting to happen, and I just … I wanted to ask, not to appear impatient, but what can we do to hasten the healing, to bring it here, now, for each of us?

Jesus: My dear children, it is sometimes a struggle to see ourselves as God’s, God’s own. We may believe that we belong to this earth, we may believe that what we come from is what we are destined for. But I want you to try to see with the eyes of your soul to a time before, when you were God’s own, for He has not left you, even though it may appear at times that He has.

God will gather you to Him once more, as He will gather all of His children. It is your responsibility to clear from your own vision what it is you think you are to see what God sees – and that is a child who is well loved, who upon asking for this Love and help will never be denied. Yes, it may seem like He does not answer your prayers, but if in the middle of your darkness you were to open your heart, open your heart to this Love that He has for you, the darkness would clear away, the Light would come and you would see. He is your Father, you are His child. Reach out to Him and let Him hold you, for this He will do, and you will not be denied. Your prayers will be answered.

Glenda: Thank you for coming here, dear brother Jesus, and thanks for taking the time to be here with us. I love you and I thank you. I just have a simple little question. I hope it’s not too simple. Occasionally, I am curious … we call it deja  vu, and I wish I could hold onto that feeling. For some reason it just feels so wonderful. I can only hold onto it … I try to hold onto it, but it just happens for a few seconds and it disappears. Why can’t I have that last longer? What a wonderful feeling. I just wondered if you could share with all of us because I’m sure everyone here has had a deja vu feeling. Thank you for your time.

Jesus: At times in the course of our lives there are moments that a different reality peeks out from how we may usually see the world. There’s some kind of awareness that for a brief moment illuminates our mind and our heart. Some people have discovered doors that open that allow them to see another world besides just this physical world. They may use drugs. They may meditate. But what happens is the mind and the body have been sufficiently put aside for a moment to allow this consciousness of “something else,” something bigger, something that is just not here, surrounding us in our usual daily affairs. These doors open, but they cannot be left open because it may be difficult to function on this earth plane. It is a different reality; it serves a purpose and that is to make you aware that there is something else, something other than what you see. It stirs within you a desire to know, to understand what is beyond your understanding, and this is good. Does this answer your question?

Glenda: Yes, it does. Thank you.

Dave: I don’t know why I’ve got these tears. I’m so happy (soft laughter), I just …

Jesus: They’re called tears of joy, Dave.

Dave: I love everybody here so much and I’m just filled with it. But anyhow, first of all, Master, that explanation of God was just so beautiful. Thank you for that. The loving Father always ready to take us into His Arms of Love. Oh… If I can get myself on another track, I’d like to say that we have such a wonderful time on our annual meetings and we have such joy and fun and we’re silly and filled with laughter and good will and when I think of that, I think of what must be going on upstairs, there in your domain. And if it’s going to be anything like we’re having down here and amplified to any greater degree, I think I don’t know how we’re all going to take it (soft laughter) because we’re not used to this kind of love and joy down here, you know, for too much longer. Well, you know that I’m trying to say. How is it for you folks up there?

Jesus: Dave, I want you to know that it is God’s Will that you feel this joy everyday of your life. You are deserving of being surrounded by people who love you and who you love unconditionally. In the Divine Love of God we realize who we are; we realize what we can become. And, yes, we have very much love for one another and it makes us very, very happy. But this experience is going to become more commonplace in your life. So it will not be such a shock (laughter).

Dave: There you go again, Master, (more laughter) got me laughing. Thank you very much.

Michael: Thank you, Master, for coming and sharing your time with us. We love you so very much. I don’t have any specific questions. Is there any guidance you may be willing to share at this time? I’m more than willing and open to hear it.

Jesus: Michael, you love God so much. I want you to know that He Loves you, that He is with you always. And everything you do, He cares. Every moment you spend thinking “How can I serve my God?” you are serving Him. He loves you and He’s with you as we are with you.

Whenever you ask we will be there to help you. There’s nothing so small that does not deserve our love for you because living on this earth may seem such a chore, you may feel that you miss the mark because you cannot teach all of God’s children what you know — but you are. You are God’s child in this world. You do not need to be anybody special, you do not need to do anything tremendous, because God Loves you, and this is the most powerful truth that we can ever know. When we carry that in our hearts and go about our day knowing that God Loves us, we are serving our God, we are loving Him.

I love you, Michael.

Michael: I love you, too.

Holly B: Thank you, Master, for being here. I’d like to share a question from another member: How does one receive Divine Love in the absence of trust?

Jesus: Trust is important because it must begin within one’s own heart. One must trust that there is a God. One must trust that God hears a prayer.

Sometimes the darkness that occurs on this earthplane can distance the soul from trusting in anything good, but I want you to consider that this earthplane also offers a tremendous diversity; there are certain freedoms that a person has to become aware of other realities. The earth is referred to as the great plane of probation and the reason this is so is because here you have a choice, you have a chance, this is your time.

The free will is the greatest gift that you have been given. We must use our free wills as tools to help clear the way in our search for the truth.

I will tell you that the truth will prevail because once you leave this plane, you will be face-to-face with it, and if you do not trust that there is a God who loves you, who hears your prayers, it will be very difficult to know, then. I say this because the truth is here now — it surrounds you now. There are opportunities, now.

If you cannot trust, you start learning to want and getting what you want. You want freedom, you seek it. It takes the hand knocking on the door for the door to open. Bring your hand up to that door and knock as loud as you can. I promise you it will open.

Holly B: Thank you.

Celeste: Thank you for being here with us today. I thank you so much for the gifts that you have given me in my life by your guidance and brotherhood. My question, hopefully, can be used to help others but it is primarily for me. I am seeking guidance, Jesus, on how I can … what my mission is in this life … how I can best serve my brothers and sisters on this earthplane. Please tell me your thoughts about what I should be doing for God.

Jesus: There is a spirit here, who is near you and surrounding you with his love. He is your guardian angel. What he is doing right now is embracing you and expressing how much he wants you to just be yourself, because this is the greatest gift you can give to this world, Celeste.

He loves you so much and he wants to help you. He wants to show you when you ask “what can I do?” that you are such a bright and wonderful soul. You are so giving, you are so ready to help. He’s ready for you. His name is David. He loves you.

Celeste: Thank you, Jesus.

Mark: Dear Master, Jesus, thank you for this extremely good opportunity to ask you a question. I guess my question is always about the same. As I have been awakened not too recently about my soul state and sins I’ve committed in my life, but it is a wonderful thing to realize that there is a better way and at the same time, it is so difficult to escape from the feelings of unworthiness that go with that awakening, realizing that I’ve been so immensely out of harmony with the laws of God. The more I realize that, the harder it is for me to feel worthy. Is there any way that I can transcend that feeling of unworthiness? It is a very great force that keeps me down and I wish there was a way I could escape that.

Jesus: My dear brother, Mark. I wish you could see the condition of your soul. I wish you could see how we see it, because you are full of love. What you have done in your own mind is condemn yourself for wrongs that God had forgiven the moment you committed them.

My dear brother, please accept yourself as God has. Let Him love you, let Him love you always, don’t look behind you, only see what is in front of you - the glorious and loving future that will be yours.

Please take our love into you as your own. We love you, Mark. Please see us as your brothers and sisters. Please love us as we love you and accept that you are with your family now. You are with those who see your soul, who see you as you truly are. This is beautiful.

Mark: Thank you, dear Jesus.

Lisa: I have a question about the hells. I have read that once you enter into those spheres you don’t have a physical body as such, so the punishments are not in the physical kind of sense. What I am wondering is, if a person commits suicide and is in the hells, what exactly happens? Does God take into consideration why they committed suicide? Is there any personal guidance?

Jesus: The soul is the life of the human being. The soul is the true self. The soul, created in the image of God’s Soul, is a creation of God.

When one comes into this earthplane and loses awareness of this relationship and is so consumed by the evils and terrors of this earthplane that they forget who they are because of the hopelessness, the darkness and the evil that surrounds them, and giving these things power over your soul, if one was to commit suicide and go into the spirit world, their awareness would not be sufficient to let them see God and that relationship. They would be consumed with their helplessness and their darkness and the evil they wanted to escape from. This has power.

The miracle of the soul is that it is not confined to this earth. The soul can aspire to the Creator of its own self. It can be elevated beyond what this physical body limits the soul to. It can become aware of the truth of God’s Love, it can become aware that there is a higher power that far exceeds the power on this earthplane.

You have a free will, it is a gift. This free will may be used to elevate you in your aspiration to transcend the evil of this earthplane. But you also have the free will to descend below the power of this evil, to succumb, to snuff out that light that is burning within you. This is a choice that you have to make and God respects that choice because He Loves you and He will not force you to love Him.

Yes, it will be very difficult if one commits suicide, but nothing is impossible with God. Let Him take your life now, as His own. Don’t take your own, let God take it. Give your life back to God, let Him have you. He will take care of you.

B.W.: Thank you, Jesus, for being here. My question is a little bit lengthy, so if you don’t mind me speaking for a few moments …

Jesus: Feel free.

B.W.: Thank you. My question concerns the issue of war. As many are aware there has been much war in the history of mankind which has brought much suffering, excruciating pain and, as the Celestials have mentioned, the devastation of men’s souls.

Even though Moses had commanded us many hundred years ago, through his soul perceptions of God that “we shall not kill,” much of the world has seen it necessary and desirable to go to war and hold great militaries. Being so, I am not so sure that the majority of mankind has even the slightest understanding of the commandments. Furthermore, the Islam religion through its teachings in the Koran, believed to be a revelation from God, has permitted and even declared that one shall defend oneself and go to war if one is attacked - referred to as Jihad, Holy War.

Many millions, and perhaps a few billion, people belong to this religion and hold these beliefs - a great percentage of mankind. The world super power in the U.S. hold the greatest military in the world and is ready to use these forces when the government sees fit. They promote military programs in the high schools, like ROTC, and I have seen many teenagers in my high school marching around campus with a big, long rifle, which has disturbed my consciousness.

Recently a memorial was held in honor of the veterans of D-Day, my point that, much of the world sees it necessary to wage war or military missions in order to hold peace and order in this world. It has been perceived by many that if Sadam Hussein in the Gulf War was allowed to conquer and rule, unchallenged by the U.S. and U.N. and other nations, that the inhabitants of these nations would have had to endure lives filled with pain, suffering, agony and forced to live in an evil environment, created by these people’s rules. To prevent such a catastrophe from occurring we have found it necessary to use military forces to prevent such results.

The desired result was achieved, the evil dictator was put to a stop in this case, relatively few lives were lost, peace and harmony remain in the nations that would otherwise have been conquered. The mission was accomplished, and besides a few casualties and money lost all seems to be well. Great suffering, misery and torture of many have been fortunately prevented, which a lot of humanity is seen so fearful and therefore so greatly desired to prevent.

The problem is that we seemingly have violated the Commandment “Thou Shalt Not Kill”. I have come to understand that any form of harm, or desire to harm, is in extreme contradiction to the nature and will of God, as so many celestials have so easily perceived. However the question remains, do the ends justify the means? And how else does one solve the problem and maintain order and peace and harmony in the world? And this is what I have to ask you.

Jesus: This is a very good question, B__, and one which I’m very, very happy to address. If you will remember, I spoke of Who we belong to first, who we are – we are children of God. God is our Creator, and He created us with a natural love, that you may know somewhat in your own life. It is a gift to be loved by another; it is a greater gift to love another, and this is the purpose for which we are created; for God Loves, and that is the highest law in this universe. And when I say universe I mean this earth and the great world of Spirit beyond this earth. Every individual has the responsibility to establish the truth of what their relationship is to their brothers and sisters and to their God.

If one was to assume that a military organization which would ask you to pick up arms against your brother and sister supersedes the law of love, then one will suffer the consequences because you have broken the law of love. To pick up arms against a brother or sister is not what God intended for His children. He put love in the soul of a human being; this earthly body is not worth defending, B__, because it is finite, it lasts only a small time. Territories that they fight for are gained and lost throughout history, and you know you can’t take it with you.

“Thou Shalt Not kill,” thou shalt love. And the highest Commandment given by me to “love one another as I have loved you, with the Divine Love of God” will give you the strength and the courage and the conviction of your mind to know that you only answer to God and His Law of Love. Never has God sanctioned war among his children. Such a belief is in error, and a grievous one. Does this answer it your question?

B.W.: May I ask an additional question in reference to what you just said? In regards to that, the Islam religion, and I know you declared that war was not sanctioned by God, how did they come up with such a revelation from God? It seems like it must be false, but they declare it to be true and I don’t know what happened – it must have been in this communication or a mis-revelation, and that’s all I have to ask, do you know more of the answer?

Jesus: The mind is extremely powerful in its arguments, in its beliefs – has it not convinced millions of people that this Islamic law is actually a Commandment from God?

B.W.: It has.

Jesus: And what it will take is souls such as yourself to stand up and say, “That is not the truth. I know it because God loves and God has loved me, as God has loved all His children – that is the truth!” Seek the truth, B__; it will be shown to you.

Arthur: Master Jesus, I’m so grateful for this wonderful privilege, I want to thank you and your friends, Celestial followers, and I want to thank God for all the wonderful gifts He’s given us, and in particular I’m grateful for this group of friends. My question is, Master, a general one. I know that you’re not in the business, particularly in this situation, of giving us practical tips. A whole new life is opening up to me, Master, a whole new beginning, and it’s very, very exciting; and I’m very grateful for this privilege I have of being able to start over, Master, and I guess I just would like from you a few general comments about… in the form of guidance, as to how I can integrate my … For example, my search for a new job, of making a new life, how I can integrate that into my greater desire to serve the Heavenly Father?

Jesus: Arthur, as you know, you are very well guided. You are a channel, and what you have done in your life is pray to know what God’s Will is for you. God’s Will is that you become at-one with Him in Divine Love, in this Love that He has to offer you every day; and the Angels that surround you are supporting and encouraging your awareness of this Love working in your life in all the ways that It does.

Sometimes it is difficult when you don’t know what is on the horizon. It is difficult to know whether or not you are doing your best, whether or not you will arrive at the goal; you may see much space between yourself and that goal. But you know that each step must be taken, one at a time. God is very patient; He will not hurry you, but guide you gently every day to make that phone call, to walk down that street, to say “Hello” to this person, to open that book; every day is a wonderful adventure, and if you were to see one day, as you see your future, upon rising ask God to guide your steps in love, and to guide your hands to do love, so that by the end of the day you can rest and know that God was with you, and that love has surrounded you and come from you, and you can be confident that you’ve done your best. You will be guided, Arthur, you need not question that.

Arthur: Thank you, Master.

Karl: Thank you Jesus for being here and sharing these infinite truths and your wisdom. Please pass on to God my thanks for the Divine Love He has shown me and also the many blessings He has given me, and what I once perceived as insurmountable obstacles really just blessings. I am most thankful that my wife, Glenda, came into my life; and my question is, has Glenda had a total and complete healing? Thank you.

Jesus: Glenda, I ask you at this time to look into your heart and to ask yourself if God sees into your heart, as He can, have you let Him touch every part of it?

Glenda: I believe I have, I feel I really have.

Jesus: Then I want you to know that His Love has filled you with this ability to trust. That you are His now, His child, His daughter. This is an important step to take in healing; when we become vulnerable to God’s Power over our lives, and let Him touch these parts of ourselves that we may have been afraid of, that we perhaps fear that God would not love that part of us, but God Loves every part, every piece. He looks upon you with such Love and acceptance, and that is how the healing can happen, through our faith in the Power of His Love in your life. Yes, I will say that you are healed then, by your faith in the Power of His Love to touch every part of you.

Glenda: Thank you so much Jesus. I am so grateful for the love that Karl and I have; thank you. I truly believe I have strong faith, I always have; it’s beautiful. I know I get a little silly with my thinking sometimes, and I am sorry for that, but I am learning through my brothers and sisters here to stay strong and that I am a wonderful person, I am God’s child, and I am so grateful, thank you. Thank you for the Love. I love you, God bless you Jesus.

Jesus: Thank you.

L.B.: Master, thank you for this opportunity. I guess I don’t really have a question. I just like to ask for a few words of wisdom on how we may be more soulful with our prayers and how we may increase the Love in our lives? When we go to our material lives we, at least I, get so caught up in it, that I feel like I lose the consciousness of that love, and I just like to know how I can better stay in that Love always.

Jesus: It’s kind of hard sometimes when you’re around other people who are so sure they know what’s important. They may convince themselves that this earth and its benefits are worth sacrificing human decency for; but I will remind you the human being is a soul. That is not so clearly evident in your lives as you walk amongst one another, you may see the hatred, you may see the anger, you may see the frustration, the disappointments, but you are brothers and sisters to one another, you have a common relationship, and that is within your souls. And you must try every day to see the soul in your brothers and sisters, even if they don’t see it. See it in your self, ask God to help you see your soul. See it as who you are so you know what to say, you know what to do, you know when you walk down the street that you’re walking in the Light of God’s Love, because He’s with you, as the Angels are with you.

Everyone wants love, L, everyone wants to be loved, and you can give them that. Sometimes it takes an effort to look beyond the facades, and that’s when you need to ask God to help you open your eyes to see them as they really are. It’s such a blessing to live in the beauty of this planet, for you remind yourself that there is harmony, there is peace, and you can become as majestic as a redwood tree in your love for one another; you reach high into the sky, in your soul you reach for that Love that, above all this creation, is the most important and the most long-lived power. Become like a pillar upon which your brothers and sisters can lean to know that there is hope, that there is a chance to rise above and aspire beyond the limitations of this planet. I love you, L. Thank you.

L.B.: Thank you, Jesus.

Carol: Thank you Jesus for having brought us all here. And I feel the presence of so many brothers and sisters who are not here with us today; people who’ve been part of this group, people who’ve prayed with us. I ask at this time for it is a time of remembrance for our brother Isaiah, who passed over since our last meeting. He’s a very, very wonderful brother. And I pray for a blessing for Bill Carroll who’s also not here with us today, and various other members, Susan, Victor, Bill Asnis.

And my question is, some of us who’ve been praying together for awhile really miss the fellowship of those who have passed beyond our group, and feel that in some way there needs to be a healing; how can we harmonize and heal with brothers and sisters who are no longer part of our group?

Jesus: I will tell you a story. When I left my disciples upon being crucified, they were without my leadership, they were very confused about what they should do. Many of them had families, fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers, children, wives, husbands. They didn’t know where their loyalties should go. They cried out to God, for they believed in God, that much they had. They wanted to know what they could do; how could they carry on?

I missed them. I loved them so much. My heart went out to them because I could not be there to give them the confidence they so needed. But I prayed to God that He bless them with an abundance of Love so they might know their relationship to Him, as I knew my relationship to Him.

After their Pentecost many of them separated from one another. They left their families, they went out among strangers, but it is because they loved God and God loved them; it is because they loved me and I loved them.

So do not lament those who leave you, if they follow their heart, pray that they come into contact with their God. We will all meet again, Carol.

Carolyn: Dear Jesus, thank you for being with us today and blessing us with your wisdom and presence. I wish to ask for help and assistance for the children to be raised and to know of God’s Love and the responsibility of their souls in relationship to God.

So many times our young people put aside the teachings that we have taught them when they were so young and take up a mantle of their peers and worldly influences.

And I ask for help and assistance in how to bring them back on the path and remember what’s most important.

Jesus: Children are not from their parents here, they belong to God, Carolyn. And it is the most difficult responsibility of a parent to let them go because you see them struggle with trying to fit themselves into the world, and what they think is important and what they think is the truth. But it is something that we need to let them experience as they go out, and as a parent [we need] to love them unconditionally and be there for them when they are ready to ask you once more, “What did you say about Divine Love?” They’ll ask you when they’re ready. Meanwhile we’re responsible, as good children, to mind our Father, to keep His Laws. Do your best as a child yourself. Be an example to your children what being a child of God means. Someone who needs prayer everyday, someone who needs guidance and knows they cannot make it without it.

In this way they will know that even if they don’t know everything they might think they do, they can look at you and say, “Oh yeah, she told me we don’t know everything, but that God can help.”

We are all children. We are all vulnerable. Let’s be humble in our realization that every day is a mystery to us. I pray. I pray to God: “What can I do? What can I do to best to serve You?” I love you.

K.W.: OK. Good afternoon (giggles). It’s not every day that you get to talk to Jesus.

Jesus: You could.

K.W.: I have to be honest, I totally feel the Divine influence in this room, but it’s very hard for me to believe that of all the places in the universe that Jesus could be, that he could be here with us here today. I just want to vocalize that. But regardless of that, it does not stop me from having a question. (Giggles)

Kathryn: And believe that Jesus is going to answer!

K.W.: Yes, and believe that I’m going to get an answer. My question is, according to the messages and according to all the volumes, you’re the most powerful Spirit in all of the universe. You are the one that is closest to God and who has the greatest amount of power of any of the higher spirits. Now, that being the case, I don’t understand why there are…. The best example I have of a church is Christ Fellowship in Florida which is just flourishing and growing and they, I know, have a lot of the Love and are totally on to something. But why does this movement after almost 100 years not have that kind of strength? And not have that kind of power? And specifically, why wouldn’t you be able to manifest the money and leadership to make this thing really happen? I really don’t understand that.

Jesus: K__, I want to say that I am very pleased that you could be honest with your feelings because honesty goes a long way in achieving goals. It speaks to the heart, does it not? It cuts through a lot of red tape, so to speak.

What I can say in terms of this particular movement and why it is not numbering in the five thousands and why it is not rolling in the money; the Divine Love working in the soul is a very individual process - it’s a transformation that changes the soul’s image into the Substance of God. Now that is not a small feat; one might even think that this is pretty ambitious to even achieve. But each one in this room can testify that the Divine Love has changed their life. It has brought them here today. This church did not pay for these people for their tickets to come. They paid their own ticket, and most of them are not rolling in money either. But faith takes one beyond the limitations that usually beset us in our daily affairs, our daily living, where we have to choose: should I buy this? Should I buy that? What’s the most effective choice? Cost did not come to the minds of people that are in this room because they know they wanted to be here, to join in what they were looking forward to as a fellowship of brothers and sisters in the Divine Love. And each one will leave today and go to their places, and ask themselves, “What now can I do to sustain this Love in my life?”

I am not going to tell anyone what to do. The people in this room will not tell them what to do. This comes from their own hearts, from their own will, to love God and to be loved by Him in their lives.

There are many people who are willing to follow, it is any easier thing to do than lead; but each one in this room has to lead their own life, individually; to arrive at what their relationship with God is, and what they mean in this world.

They will not find approval from their brothers and sisters out there, they may even find some condenscension of what they have decided to do. This path is not a popular one, but we know in good time that we will unfold in such a way that God’s Will won’t be swallowed up by the will of man and woman, for it is our objective to build a church in the heart of humankind that all may see, not in a building, but in the souls walking down the streets, and the brothers and sisters shaking one another’s hands, and in the families, and in the loving outreaches that you have. You will be provided for all you need. Is there any one among you who wants? God loves you and He will take care of you.

Kathryn: Does that answer your question?

K.W.: Not totally. I don’t understand … the gist of the question is, does the power that you have as the Master … can’t you help us create an organization here?

Jesus: It is dependent upon every soul in this room. I can’t make anything happen without your own wills; it is not something I can do. God can’t do it - this is the way He created us all. We are His children, we have a free will. He respects that free will, as I respect yours.

If you open your heart and give it to God, K__, I promise you that He will use it and that is the most important gift that you can receive and give. Money does not mean anything to us, and building this kingdom cannot be upon the financial structure – it has to be built by hearts who have given themselves to God. So it must be slow, it must be careful; it must be built slowly, respectfully, willingly, lovingly, kindly. Does this answer your question?

_(Perhaps K__ nodded.)_

Kathryn: (sigh) Almost through Master. I know I’m a soul and I want to ask a spiritual question. I’m having trouble integrating my spirituality into my material life. I had a pain in my leg where it joins my body and it’s telling me something that I’m not getting. So now I just want to focus and learn what I need to do not to have this pain recur.

Jesus: It wouldn’t be so bad if you just had to sit all day and watch everybody do something for you (laughter). You might actually think you deserve it (more laughter). What do you think?

Kathryn: Well, I’ll try. (Laughter). I’ll try to be better, daddy-brother.

Jesus: Well, sometimes maybe it’s okay for us to be laid up.

Kathryn: For a good reason. We thank you for coming – we appreciate your presence. I feel exceedingly blessed to have the people here today and having you answer their questions. We love you. (Others say “we love you” to Jesus)

Dave: Jesus, is there something you would like to say beyond so much wisdom that you’ve given us here today?

Jesus: We are very, very grateful to all of you for being here. We are in great numbers as you know, and there are many among you right now who have been with you, who are surrounding you with their love and influence. And it is a joyous time for us, as it is for you. There are many here who have not seen one another directly for what you might consider a long time. But the love that we have for you, the love you have for one another, this is something that’s sustained in our hearts, no matter where we are. And I want you to remember that even though we part, that you are loved by everyone here. That is a reality, it is a Substance, and it is more real than anything else you see and hear and feel.

I love you also much, and I am grateful to every single one of you for the dedication in your own lives to this progression you nurture every day. I thank you for this, it is the greatest honor you do to me, to the Angels, and to our Heavenly Father. Thank you.

End of trance session.