Messages 1984 to 2000

Joseph: Mind and Spirituality.

March 4, 1999

Received by Amada Reza.


Dear Heavenly Father/Mother, I desire to serve You through Your Divine Love manifest in my soul, mind and body. I accept the Gift of Your Love as a precious and real part of my life and I yearn to give back to You and Your beautiful children through the gift of mediumship. I ask for faith in You to lift my thoughts and aspirations to spiritual things to make rapport with Your angels of mercy and goodness, our Celestial guardians. Please protect me from any lower spirit influence by surrounding me with Your Love and Comfort. I want to do only Your Will and I put my mind aside and pray to be a channel for only the truth, the quality of which can help the soul aspire for at-onement with You in Your Divine Love. I love you, dear God, and thank You for this opportunity.


I am here with you now, my dear one, and I am Joseph, the father of our beloved Jesus. I am here to help you understand the workings of the material mind in relationship to the soul. The mind, as energies of the soul - the real and enduring part of the human being and spirit - has both material and spiritual aspects. When the soul condition of a human or spirit is undeveloped in the quality of love, be it natural or divine, the mind will only be able to process thoughts and information relating to the physical and material part of its surroundings. I include the spirit in this because a soul’s condition is affected primarily by the possession of love more so than where the habitation of that soul is, in the physical body or its spirit body. The law of attraction between mortal and spirit who are of similar development of soul and not in possession of the qualities of love and compassion, confines their pursuits to material things and they will only be able to consider and give thought to the material aspects of life.

Spirits sometimes assume that because they are divested of a material body that they possess an advantage over the mortal they are in contact with because they can more easily see the thoughts and formulation of ideas and influences. But they are very mistaken because it is due to their being without the distraction of this earthly body that brings them fully into their existence and soul habitation as undeveloped souls. We have urged you to begin your seeking and turn your will to consider your spiritual life while in the flesh because you are more easily open to your potential which constantly surrounds you in the myriad influences in the natural world.

Although one whose soul is unloving and unkind or lost as to its own existence as a beloved child of God may be blind to the beauty that is evident in this world, the opportunity in the diverse influences that abound is more prevalent than when they are in the spirit world. Once a spirit, they are relegated by the condition of their soul development to the plane of their spiritual abode and they are surrounded by others who are of like development. It is like going to a place where everyone thinks the same and looks the same in appearance.

But when you are the least inclined to consider the possibilities and give way to the ambition to improve your condition, this is met with a very generous helping of spiritual forces which work to the fulfillment of your soul’s longing. It is important to understand yourselves as spiritual beings who constantly long for a connection to our Creator and Benefactor. In children you witness the unabashed desire to try new things and reach out for more than what they have. This aspiration is a natural effect of their longing to not only survive in their earthly environment, but to surpass their limitations, both physical and mental in order to reach the potential they know inherently. Nurture this ambition in a child throughout its growth and development, balanced with the truth that the potential of their soul, mind and body will be met with success as they embrace the beauty of their own creation and the beauty of the natural and spiritual world.

This thought leads me to help you understand why you have this gift and how it can best be used, my dear sister. Your longing for your family to know the love of God as you knew it in your soul was a strong influence in your young life. Although you were at times beset by the presence of spirits who accompanied you when you were fearful or anxious, you were surrounded by Celestial influences most of the time. I say this to encourage your faith and confidence that your soul is somewhat clear of sin and ill will and that has enabled us to work with you more easily over the years. I am not saying you are without sin altogether, but the most damning sin you commit, my dear, is that of not loving yourself, and this can be said of most of those in your spiritual community. But considering your extensive exposure to angelic influence, it is somewhat easy to transmit the truth through you. As for getting information that others wish to know such as dates, times, events, these rarely enter into your communications due to the fact that they are not relevant to the issue which concerns us all, and that is the development of the quality of love in the soul.

You have had the wonderful fortune of living in the beauty of the earth throughout your growing up and this inspired your faith in the goodness of God. You believed in Him and His Love for you because of what you saw, tasted, smelled, felt and heard with your five senses, and the gift of your spiritual sight came as you aspired to manifest your love, first naturally, then divinely. We encourage you to think of your world as that which will bring you into accord with the Will of God and not to separate things into “good” and “bad” categories. It is too easy from the observations of the mind to relate to certain things as bad and overlook the benefits available on a soul level. Should one embrace with faith and love the opportunities which arrive in our daily lives, we could recognize the gift of progression as we challenge the ambition of our soul to grow and surpass its limitations. Every day then could be a new day, filled with new ideas and possibilities, for you are learning and expanding with the possession of this Love you pray for and receive. As it is said, the leaven works to bring you higher and higher in your love nature and understanding will be yours, as will compassion, empathy and mercy, kindness, forgiveness and tolerance.

I wish you to accept this gift, not with reservation but with joy that we can work as one, spirit and mortal, to bring the Love of God to all our brothers and sisters. You are being healed and this is a promise: that you will continue to succeed in doing God’s Will through your life, as you wish, and that you will be supported in this endeavor.

I thank you for this opportunity and I am your brother and friend, Joseph, a true follower of Jesus, Master of the Celestial Heavens and our beloved brother and son of God.