Messages 1984 to 2000

Mary and John: Message of Encouragement.

December 17, 1999

Aptos, California

Received by Amada Reza.


Dear God, I pray for Your wondrous Love to fill my soul at this time, that I might be an instrument of peace and love, truth and hope, as You see fit to use me. If it is Your Will, may I be able to make rapport with Your ministering angels, that they may use my hand and brain to transmit their loving thoughts.

_I pray for protection from any lower spirit influence that may wish to do harm, and I have faith in the Power of Your Love to keep me in good harmony and good rapport. I put my own will aside, and ask that if the angels have anything to write to our brothers, M___ and A__, regarding their progress, please share their wisdom at this time. I love You, my precious Creator, with all my soul. Thank you.


I am here with you, my dear sister in Christ, and I am your friend and guardian, Mary, the mother of Jesus, and a true follower of my son, who shows us by his example what it means to be child of God.

I want my brother, A___, to know that he is preparing himself through his fervent prayers to God for the inflowing of the Divine Love, for the work he so wishes to do. Do not be discouraged if you do not see the result you expect to happen, these expectations are somewhat limiting to your ability to embrace the gifts you presently possess and manifest to others.

Let your faith rise to God as His true son, loving Him above all else, and ask Him to take your hand and guide you. I know it is sometimes uncomfortable to not know in what direction He will lead you, but I assure you that by your faith in His Power over your life, you will not be led astray. Humility is what is required when asking to do God’s Will, because the mind will not always be aware of what the plan is, and is not going to be “kept informed” of every move in how your mission will unfold. You need to be as a little child and trust in the wisdom of God and His ministering angels to take you, step by step, letting yourself go into your faith, not blindly, but with the conviction of your own heart and desire that God’s Will be done.

It is like being told to paint one particular part of a scene, that you let God guide you as you put your hand to this canvas of your life, applying the brush strokes with love and care, and trust that the picture will become clear to you and others as time goes by. Take each step with care and great love, praying to be in God’s Grace and let yourself be content that the many details will work themselves out through the manifestation of the Christ principle. The angels are able to bring to bear many influences that will effectively remove any obstacles in your path to God, and through your continued faith and longing to serve with your soul, full of love for Him and all His children, there will be such influences that you may not even see, working upon your everyday life and your interactions with others. Be patient with yourself, tell your mind to be calm, and pray everyday for the Love, the Divine Love, to fill you and bring you to greater harmony and wisdom.

M, I wish you to consider what I have written A, and see that it applies to you, also. You must trust that God will lead you, as He always has, into the Loving way. You have good instincts and it is important for you to trust these, even though you do not yet recognize them as the perceptions of your soul.

Breathe deeply in this peaceful Love which surrounds you, and know that I am with you whenever you ask. Please do not keep from feeling that I am your sister who loves you and cares for you. I am your friend and I will never forsake you.


John now speaks:


I am here, John of Love, and a true follower of my Master, Jesus, who was my teacher on earth and still remains so after all these years.

I want to encourage my brothers, A___ and M___, that they must never lose heart, and that they must go on in their faith that God is with them and will always keep the light shining upon their darkness. For He sees into our hearts and loves us still, and we can have hope that the truth will make us free men, in the knowledge that our God is a God of Love and Mercy, and there is no darkness that is too dark, and no ignorance which God cannot bring to clear knowing that Love is the greatest Power and the ultimate truth and salvation of men’s souls.

Be steadfast and keep your faith and God will guide your ship in this world. I love you, my dear brothers and sisters, John the Apostle, and Mary and mother of Jesus, and your friends on the divine path.