Messages 1984 to 2000

Desire for Truth…

December 10, 1984

Arlington, Virginia

Received by K.S.


I am here now to write, my dear sister in Christ, and I come as usual to deliver a message through you for the benefit of those who desire to receive our input into their work on earth for the Father - our Father of Love.

I am your friend and brother in Spirit, Jesus of the Bible, who is Master of the Celestial Heavens, and I thank you for desiring to receive a written message today; for as we have explained before, it is only as you have this desire to serve in this way that we are enabled to communicate our thoughts of love and truth. If it is a burden, or looked at as a “requirement” on your part, then, you see, it would serve a less Divine purpose. This is to say that any and all works of service need to be looked upon as privileges, and executed as movements of your love in order to accomplish the work with the greatest ease and productivity.

This is why we refer to our work as a labor of love and why we work unceasingly for the cause of turning mankind to the Father in love. Without the sincere desire on the part of His children to learn the Truth and to change their ways which are not in accord with this truth, His Kingdom of Love could not be established in this world.

There cannot be blind followers who do not choose for themselves and apply the spiritual principles they learn to bring them to closer unity with the Father’s will for them. The blind followers could be easily led down the wrong path and, they so often blame the erroneous leader, instead of their own blindness, for leading them astray. The sincere desire on the part of the seeker to know the Truth is an essential part of the success of our Mission.

If there were a way to instill the desire to know the truth into the hearts of these children, it would be of great benefit to our cause. I’m writing to you these things because we see the errors of those who follow blindly, believing in the words of the one they’ve chosen to follow, without the discretion of seeking confirmation through their own souls’ discernment of truth and the loving way.

You have commenced establishing your group’s growth on a sound foundation of love and trust, of respect and mutual agreement, so as to eliminate the possibility of any one person presuming he (or she) has the final authority within himself to determine truth. It needs to be derived through sincere prayer, sincere desire to know the truth, and recognizing that only through love and faith will the Divine guidance you seek be clearly disseminated through your soul’s knowing and awareness.

Continue to pray for Divine Love and protection from false prophets; continue to desire to live and spread the truths of God’s Love to His children in the world who hunger to know the truth. You will be able to feed only the hungry children, for the others are satisfied with what they have, even though it be so little - comparable to the development of their love and of their desire to develop it.

This is my message for today, my dear sister, and even though it may not seem to guide you directly in the work at hand, it will enlighten you as to some of the blocks or complications of the work we face in dealing with the people as a whole. The segment of souls you’ll be able to reach at this time is quite small, we are sorry to say, but nonetheless, you need to continue trying, as we do, knowing there will be some who sincerely seek and as a result of their soul’s desire - its hunger for truth - they will respond to what we have to offer with open hearts, joyous to learn of God’s provisions for their fulfillment.

I will leave you now, with my love for a productive and harmonious day, but will remain with you in spirit.

I am your brother and friend,

Jesus of the Bible and Master of the Celestial Heavens.