New birth

Messages 1984 to 2000

Getting on in this world and the next.

May 17th, 1997

Santa Cruz, California

Received by K.S.


Dear Father in Heaven,

I pray I will be able to receive Jesus’ thoughts clearly this morning.

A seeking soul, ___ is seeking comfort and reassurance about her mother’s well being since she became a spirit in November 1996. She wants to know what her mother thinks about her having a baby? She’s annoyed by her father’s conduct, since her mother passed away, and wishes to know if this problem will stop?

Thank you, dear Father in Heaven, for Your Wondrous Love. Please help me put aside my thoughts so I can receive an angelic message for the inquirer.

I pray for a great inflowing of Your Love at this time. Thank You for all the help and Love You bestow upon us every day.

I want to be Your selfless servant and be more willing to channel messages for seeking souls who want messages from the angels. Please remove my blocks and fears (of not being a clear channel); thank You dear Father and ministering angels for Your help.


I am here now to write, my dear sister in Christ, and I come to you again this day to convey my thoughts in writing in answer to your request to receive a written message from me.

I am your friend and brother in Spirit, the Spirit of God’s Love made manifest in my soul, Jesus of the Bible and Master of the Celestial Heavens. I welcome this opportunity to serve you and God’s many children in this way.

We can confirm what ____’s friends have told her, that she is able to visit with her mother while she sleeps; but, under ordinary circumstances, these visits aren’t remembered because the person still living in the earth life would become disoriented and may want to enter the spirit realms prematurely. So, the Mercy of the Father has prevented free recall of such experiences.1

Her mother is with her much of the time, showering her with as much love as she can. And even as ____ wishes to know that her mother is happy, her mother wishes to see ____ happy; and if having a baby is what ____ wishes in her life, then her mother will be happy to see her daughter’s desires fulfilled.

What her father does with the free exercise of his will is something over which we have no control. We can attempt to influence him in a more positive direction, but if his desires and will aren’t in accord with our influences, then he will attract spirits who will support his less spiritual desires.

The way this trend can be reversed is, first of all, for her Dad to have the desire to change his conduct; then to pray for help to be influenced in a more loving and positive direction.

Prayers for a person can help, but may not bring about the desired result in a timely manner if the one being prayed for is not cooperating, or is not in harmony with wanting to bring about the prayed for changes.

It is a good step for ____ to be seeking Truth and praying for God’s Love; these good thoughts, prayers and choices of direction in life will bring spiritual help and guidance. These prayers on the part of the seeking soul enable us to bring forces to bear in a person’s life which will assist in clearing the pathway for spiritual progression and greater peace and comfort in daily living situations.

When one dedicates oneself to pray on a daily basis for more of God’s Grace and makes the effort to put him or herself into the Loving Care of their Heavenly Parent, the Creator of their soul, they will be open to the influences of their ministering angels.

Reading the messages from the angels is an important discipline to help the mind become aware of the workings of God’s Laws which have governance over the lives of His children. But sincere prayers from a contrite soul are the more important disciplines which bring about the Transformation, which bring into the soul a Higher Power to overcome weaknesses, to rise above “natural” human tendencies to worry, to feel alone or that it’s up to the individual to solve all his own problems.

When a person so believes, he is cutting himself off from the higher help the angels could offer, because we can not force our help on our fellowman, woman and child against their wills.

So, the prayers for help are necessary in order for us to intervene with the helpful influences and other interactions which we so desire to offer and to be able to accomplish, but which oftentimes we cannot because of the individual’s “independence” and “I can do it myself” attitude which does not leave him open to our help or loving influences.

Sometimes people make the observation, “he is his own worst enemy”, and we can safely say, this is more often than not the case, because people are souls, and as such, their spiritual natures need to be in ascendancy over their material natures and desires, in order to fulfill their higher destiny. But, alas, the majority of human beings are not interested in developing their spiritual natures first; they think that’s a part of them which they will learn about when they become spirits. But they are already spirits and souls; these are just residing in a material body at this time.

So, let me assure you that the more thoughts and energies you put into the development of your spiritual qualities, the more happy and fulfilled you will be in your earth life, the more God will be able to provide for you from day to day; the less you will worry about material concerns. You will just know they will work out in the best way, as you become more dedicated to your spiritual growth, and know yourself as soul, as a beloved child of God, Who has the Power to take care of you in a grand and wondrous way, if you are willing to put yourself into His Loving Care; if you are willing to not try to be in control of what you think is best for you.

Be humble. Trust in God’s Love. Try to understand He has far greater wisdom to know what you need to make you happy and fulfilled than you can figure out or “decide”. Take things to prayer; ask questions from your heart. You might be surprised what wonderful answers you are given. You will feel what is the right thing to do. You will know in your heart the right decision to make.

But you have to reach out and ask. You need to be humble enough to realize you can’t know all the highest and best answers through the use of your reasoning mind. That takes a desire to develop spiritually, not intellectually. When you acknowledge the wisdom of soul you’ll know that wisdom can surpass intellectual knowledge; then you should be willing to have greater faith in your potential as a spiritual being.

Many people spend many years of their lives acquiring intellectual knowledge, but in the end much of what they have "learned" is incorrect and not even useful in their interchanges in life. But wisdom gained in soul from receiving Divine Love from God brings useful information and perceptions which enable souls to be open to the influences of their guardian angels, whose wisdom far surpasses all the intellectual development possible in earth life.

You may think, “oh, that’s easy for you to say and/or write”, but I’m here living in this world and I have to fulfill the requirements of what’s expected of me to “get an education” in order to get ahead in a career or to fit into the mainstream of earth life’s expectations. But there is a place for spiritually developed people in the world. They will have less pressures and struggles to endure from day to day; they will develop greater self love, because they will learn to depend upon God for strength and assurance. And so they will also be provided for even in the material sense, because of their faith in the higher laws which have governance over the lesser material laws. I didn’t mean to get sidetracked from my original message but the readers may find the information helpful and useful in their lives.

I love you, each and every one, and will leave you now with my love and blessings for a productive and harmonious week ahead.

I am your friend and brother in Spirit,

Jesus of the Bible and Master of the Celestial Heavens.


1 This matter of travelling at night to the spirit spheres has been wonderfully set out in considerable detail in two books by Robert James Lees, which books are in the suggested reading list. There is also an extract of this material here.