Messages 1984 to 2000

Mary: On self-defense

July 7, 1999

Santa Cruz, California

Received by Amada Reza.


Dear God, I pray for an inflowing of Your Divine Love, that It may fill my soul and mind with only thoughts of Truth. If it is Your Will, I am willing for Your ministering angels of mercy and peace to share their loving thoughts on the subject of self-defense and if it is in keeping with Your Laws to kill another even if in defense of oneself or loved ones. I pray for protection from any lower spirit influence and I pray for faith in the Power of Your Love to guide us through our darkness. Thank You, dear God. I love You.


I am here, Mary, the mother of Jesus and your sister and friend in the Divine Path toward at-onement with our Creator. I pray for the Substance of God’s Soul, His Divine Love, to fill me and bring light to this subject which is at issue in the world - is it ever in harmony to kill even in self-defense?

I would first like to remind you that it is not for any one of God’s children to judge another, human or spirit, and the child of man and woman who understands that Love is the Great Equalizer, the One Force in this universe that all other laws are subject to, then you will understand the Celestial and Divine Mind. With this, we are just as much in love with the doer of evil as the victims of the evil and we look into the souls of our brothers and sisters and try to bring them to see the loving truth of their ways.

Each one must stand before their Maker with the full weight of their thoughts and desires, their actions and reactions, and if that one has contributed in any way to the breaking of the highest Law of Love, that one will need to fulfill the Law of Compensation. As we sow, so shall we reap and it is only the Merciful God, Who, through never-failing Love, can rescue this world from its sins.

So now I wish to speak to you who ask if it is ever right to kill in self-defense, to raise arms against another child of God, your brother or sister? Many people will recognize that when one defends property or what is outside the direct influence of the human soul, that such defense may be considered unnecessary. This is due to the subjectivity of who owns the property being defended. But even if defense were to come in the form of protecting one’s own life or the life of a beloved, there is the opportunity to see how love can endure even in the event of death of the physical body.

Our brother, A, brought forth the example of the young sister who was asked by her killer if she believed in God and her brave answer that yes, she believed, did not protect her from his bullets. (The young woman A referred to, was shot and killed in Littleton, Colorado, the scene of the tragic shootings at the high school.) But it is true that her words and her actions will haunt that brother - he will not rest until he understands the truth that his soul is a creation of pure love with the potential to become at-one with the very Mind of Love.

This example is one which can serve to illustrate what being a disciple of Christ means - to fear nothing, not even death, in the face of men and women’s evil thoughts and deeds, for such is transitory and will not last beyond a moment in God’s Time.

Consider the eventuality of your inhabiting the great plane of Spirit for the rest of eternity and how much more important it is to recognize the life of your soul and your spirit which is not bound by material laws that govern your mere physical existence. Even if one were to so practically say that here and now is what is important, that the life everlasting is tomorrow, I ask you to again, reconsider.

Now may be the time to give your soul its life, its lead, for it is the real part of you, it is the seat from which all of your desires and thoughts come from. What greater power can you have but to utilize this Being which is not only in the image of the Great Soul of God, but the very Substance through its prayer for the Divine Love? Can you not imagine the influence of the most wonderful forces in this universe upon your life and the lives of those who interface with you and what event can issue from such a life blessed by faith in the Power of Love?

You are seeking a pentecost and I tell you, my children, that it is possible, but only when the life of your soul is the only real life you recognize and seek to manifest. Transformation of the material mind into that of divinity will come when the aspiring soul finally finds its voice in all the desires and appetites of this mortal man or woman - no small feat.

Meanwhile, as you grow into your true self be patient and kind toward yourself and others. Consider love the first and most important reaction to any confrontation or challenge that comes your way. I love you, my own brothers and sisters. My soul is filled with the Love that shines from the Heavens of God’s Perfect Peace and I am never far from your side.

I am Mary,

the mother of Jesus,

and your angel of mercy.