Messages 1984 to 2000

Jesus: The Truths You Have Received from Mr. Padgett and Dr. Samuels Are Only the Beginning of Our Efforts.

April 17, 1987

Received by D.L.


Dearest Jesus, Your last message on theLaw of Prayer has given me and our Trustees so much pleasure. And we are grateful to have received such an important exposition on the Law aspect of prayer - how the Father will never fail to respond to prayers from the souls of His children. Thank you so much, Master, for this new insight into the workings of the Father’s Love and Mercy that you have given us. Indeed, you promised that your messages would make me happy, and you have kept your promise.

B has asked the question as to whether or not your beloved apostle, John, who is also one of my guardians, has any interest in communicating through me. My feeling has been that, for the present, you are taking the full responsibility of helping to develop my mediumship. But I trust you will let me know whenever John or any other of your wonderful co-workers would like to try communicating through me. Be assured that I am most willing to do my best to receive their thoughts.

Well, dearest brother, please speak on whatever subject you wish to today. I only pray that I may be able to receive your thoughts to the degree of your complete satisfaction.

I now welcome your loving presence, my dear friend and brother.

I am now here to write, my dear brother in Christ, and I come to you this day as usual to impart my thoughts of love and caring through you.

Today, it will be my pleasure to announce that you will have other communicators writing through you in due course, for we wish to have many others experience the opportunity to speak to the world through your channeling efforts. We have been waiting for your development to take place to that degree whereby our thoughts could be clearly received, and I am happy to say that your clarity is improving day by day and as you continue practicing and praying for the Father’s Love. Soon, others will come through; but, for the present, I would like to continue working with you for awhile.

I have no particular message to deliver today - only to assure you that you are proceeding correctly in praying and practicing. The time will come when others will be able to communicate their thoughts as easily as I do mine, if you will but continue to pray for the Father’s Love to enter your soul and better prepare you for message taking, as you have so prayed today.

Once we are more fully established as a church body, we will begin to establish a work force the likes of which the world has never known before. We, in the Celestial Heavens, have been waiting for the time to come when all our spiritual forces might be brought to bear in order to carry out and accelerate our mission of disseminating the Father’s Truths to a soul-hungering world. And the time will soon come when our powers will be able to be exercised in this direction. We have lacked our necessary counterpart “army” on earth to accomplish our purposes as we would have liked. But, now, with the growing number of our followers and earthly helpers, we are fast approaching that time when we will be able to exercise spiritual forces for good the likes of which the world has never heretofore seen. And these forces will be joined by the forces of our mortal brethren in a united effort to awaken humankind to their proper destiny.

Humankind has been stagnating too long in their refusal to turn to the Father’s Love, but this will change. More and more of humankind are becoming awakened to the Father’s Love and Mercy, many of which are becoming so through your efforts as a church body to illuminate the Way for them to proceed out of the darkness and into the light. But so much more is still necessary to enlighten humankind to some of the additional Truths which will make the Way easier for them.

The Father wants all His children to come to him with love and earnest aspirations, but He also knows how hard it is to seek higher things in a world filled with strife and wars. Accordingly, he requires of us to lend ever assistance to our fellowman so that, through our efforts, they might see the Way more clearly before them.

The Truths you have received from Mr. Padgett and Dr. Samuels are only the beginning of our efforts employed toward the greater enlightenment of humankind. We have other ways of reaching the hearts and souls of men, and these are being employed as well. One day, it will all “come together,” as your young folks sometimes like to say. The forces in the Celestial Heavens will join with the benevolent forces on earth to bring all of humankind under the full Protection and Guidance of the Father. But that time is still afar off. Our work is a slow one where patience is required, but the results of our work are always beneficial. It is now only a question of time before our numbers of followers increase to that degree whereby, in combination, we will begin to exert a benevolent force of such proportion that its effect will be felt throughout the world.

Just be assured, my beloved co-workers, that none of your efforts are for naught. Every bit of goodness and service and help have their effects upon the total plan of fulfilling man’s final destiny. The time will come when that destiny will be fulfilled, when there will be peace on earth and good will toward men, and when heaven itself will be experienced in the hearts and souls of mortals themselves. But, until that time comes, we must work and never cease to work. The laborers are few and the harvest is ripe.

And, so, my beloved children, I thought you would like to hear this day the encouraging words I have attempted to deliver. Sometimes it seems like our efforts are to no avail, or proceed at such a slow pace as to be hardly worthwhile. But I can assure you that this is not so. Every kind thought and deed has its positive impact and outcome. And when these thoughts and deeds begin to be accumulated, soon, a geometric effect takes place whereby good begins to overwhelm evil and happiness begins to replace despair. We are moving toward that end and ultimate victory of the human spirit over all adversity. And all our beloved co-workers have a part to play with us in this great drama.

Know that we love you and appreciate so much all you do in serving our mutual cause so unselfishly and lovingly. Your rewards will surely come; and, in fact, are already being experienced by each and every one of you in his or her own way. Your lives are taking on greater and greater meaning, and you are deriving greater and greater fulfillment from what you do. Is this not a phase of reward? But be assured that, when you all come over to the spirit side of life, you will discover the true and more complete experience of reward for all that you have done and do in the service of disseminating the Father’s Truths to as many of your brothers and sisters in the flesh as you are able to impress. Here, on earth, rewards are basically few and far between; but on the spirit side of life, you will discover a happiness that you have never dreamed could exist, all the more of which you will have earned and accumulated as the result of all your loving efforts on earth.

So, my beloved co-workers, do not despair. The work continues to proceed nicely, and you can be sure that it is all having its positive impact upon others. I love you, each and every one, and I hope that I have brought you words of encouragement and upliftment of spirit today. With my love extended to each and every one of you working for our cause, I will bid you good day for now with my wish that you all have a joyous and productive week ahead of you.

I am your brother in spirit, Jesus.