Messages 1984 to 2000

Jesus: Spirits may adjust their appearance to meet the expectation of mortals to whom they appear.

The following message was received in answer to a question why four people saw the same spirit in four different ways. The friends were out driving and their car lost power for some reason. A “man” with brilliant blue eyes approached them and asked the driver to pop the hood, then calmly explained that it was just a blown camshaft bearing and that they should have no trouble getting home. They were able to drive home without incident. When they were discussing the incident years later, all of them remembered the “man” differently, though they did all agree upon the fact that he had very blue eyes.


September 2, 1999

Received by K.S.


_Dear Creator, Source of All Love, I pray that I will be able to receive some words of wisdom from one (or more) of Your Celestial children. In the stories of people’s spiritual experiences, there are accounts of different people “seeing” the spirit helper differently, i.e., one describes a thin person in slacks and the other a husky person wearing overalls; how is this possible? In a more recent story, four separate observers described four different appearances of a spirit helper; is there a simple, easy-to-understand explanation for this? A___ commented that at least all four participants of the experience of being assisted by a spirit helper, did see a spirit helper! That’s consoling._

Is the appearance interpreted through the mind of the observer in a way they’d prefer to see someone who’d offer help? I understand that higher spiritual happenings don’t always (usually don’t) fit into the framework of reason and that perhaps we shouldn’t try to understand them with our cognitive power. If you’d address this issue, I’d be interested in what you have to say about it.

Please help me put aside my forethought and preconceived ideas so I may clearly receive Celestial input and wisdom.


Message from Jesus

I am here now to write, my dear sister in Christ, and I have been waiting for you to be ready to receive my thoughts. I realize there have been distractions during the unfolding of daily routines, but you do not have to wait until everything is “just so” before channeling my thoughts. It can be accomplished during any normal segment of the day, like you might decide to take a walk or make a cake or whatever particular activity you choose to delve into. Prayer is essential, peacefulness is helpful, but remember that your preparation time for receiving messages has already spanned thirty years and this isn’t just wiped out because of involvement in material activities, but can be recaptured in an instant, as it is a condition of soul which you’re in ownership of.

I am your friend and brother in spirit, Jesus of the Bible and Master of the Celestial Heavens, and I come to you today in answer to your desire to receive a message for your brother B___, not that he has presented a Question but has expressed the desire to receive a Celestial letter!

I have seen your confusion about how different people can “observe” the same spirit helper in different ways and, yes, it is one of the phenomenon which isn’t easily understood by the reasoning mind’s interpretation, but even on your material level of happenings, events are seen and or remembered in different ways by different people, tall or short, different color clothes, different facial features, expressions - so, then one doesn’t have to stretch the imagination too much to grasp how an ordinarily ethereal bystander/helper could be interpreted differently by different observers.

Some earthlings may “know” for a fact that angels don’t need wings to fly and they may feel offended if an angelic helper appeared to them donning wings, while others would feel uncomfortable to see an angel without wings, so under the circumstances, don’t you see how merciful it is of our Heavenly Creator to allow the mind to “adjust” these visions to more accurately suit their needs?

And the explanation is a great deal more complicated than that, and I’m not sure it would be helpful to attempt an explanation, but I will try. As the laws governing humankind on earth operate at a certain level of awareness, you do realize that some people cannot grasp even the most simple concepts, and that even so-called educated people fall far short of understanding certain other fields of study; these differences don’t put a stigma on anyone except as far as they are willing to believe certain limitations apply to them. The mind ordinarily isn’t nearly developed to its potential and, as you know, it’s because its quality is dependent upon the development of the soul in love. The mind, as energies of the soul, can be developed in its ability to understand material consequences and concepts without having much development of love nature, but when one tries to grasp spiritual effects and manifestations, more of the soul’s perceptions are required to be open and active.

People can learn and study. They can go through the books and read about the experiences of others who have been considered brilliant educators and consider themselves “above average” in their advancement. So they “pass the test”, so they receive the certificate and all this qualifies them to fit into a certain place in society where they feel comfortable, or that they have earned this position of prestige. But, even though they may be considered “above average” in book learning, I assure you that there is a great deal farther to go in their “education” before they can be considered wise.

Wise men, as you are aware, are considered to be spiritually developed souls, old sages, so to speak, so by this comparison then, it can see that this condition is not reached by attending the university, even by people who have reached a certain position in life and have served in this position for a long time. Their further development depends more upon their experiences and interchanges with their fellowman and their development of compassion than in their continuing education in their field of study.

So, to the “normal” human being living in their earth life, their main focus is material objectivity and not much of their spiritual sensitivities are involved. Each and every individual has his and her own set of ideals, values, way of seeing things, and, as such, can interpret certain uncommon interventions in their peculiar way. I realize from a material perspective you still can’t grasp how four different people can see the same spirit helper in four different ways, but it has to do with the four different points of view, including attitudes, beliefs, thinking patterns and “remembrances.” These can be extremely false because they include dreams, experiences, varying interpretations of daily experiences, even programming and putting unpleasant experiences to rest, so to speak, also referred to as “blocking it out.” So, when you take some set of people with their various makeup and attitudes, resulting from having dealt with certain events which, to each person, was the “only” way they were able to resolve the conflict at the time, then you have a wide conglomerate of perspectives in this one gathering to interpret the event from their different points of view. And it is a good observation to see that in the particular event in question, that they all were able to see that something happened. In certain other situations, some do see the ethereal event and others do not.

That could be even more controversial and in the “olden days” when people were stigmatized for being witches if unexplained spiritual events occurred in their presence. You can understand why people are hesitant to talk about these unusual experiences in order to avoid being considered weird, at best, and insane by others.

So now you feel it was a good thing that everyone present “saw a spirit helper” and aren’t too worried about the fact that the appearance of that helper was different. Hold your spiritual experiences dear to your hearts, don’t worry that others don’t believe in them or share similar experiences, but just know that when you are ready, new events will be ready to unfold for you as you point yourselves in the direction of your dreams - you will be finding that your dreams will come true. Follow your hearts, do what comes easy for you to put your love into and that proclivity will become more developed and will bring greater fulfillment. If you enjoy, for example, drawing plans for an addition to your house, draw those plans, work on them, put your love into them and you will be successful in accomplishing your goal. As you see we have told you, it doesn’t matter what project you work on or what activity you involve yourself in during your daily earth life functioning, but what is important is that you remember to do it with love, put all of your loving thoughts and energies into the project, enjoy what you’re doing and this desire to do your best, to accomplish this goal that you’re loving to do, will open the perceptions of your soul to higher input, to ideas brought to you from advanced spirits who have experience in the field of your choice.

Consider that you have been developing your mind and proclivity for a certain subject for say, 50 years, then consider some helpers in the spirit world have been developing their understanding on the subject for a few centuries, now, using your common sense, can you not see that they would have a greater understanding of the subject and its possibilities than you could possibly have even if you studied for most of those 50 years? I’m aware of the fact that I got off track and the last subject had little to do with why different people see the same spiritual event differently, but it is something you can pray about and as you seek sincerely with your heart to have a clearer understanding it will be forthcoming. Do not despair, all is well, you are making big strides in your spiritual progress, as are the others in your spiritual family.

I will leave you now with my sincere blessing for a productive and harmonious day and week ahead. Keep up your good prayers and have faith in the Power of God’s Love to heal your body, mind and soul.

I am your friend and brother in Christ,

Jesus of the Bible


Master of the Celestial Heavens