Messages 1984 to 2000

Mary and John: On M___’s Lack of Self-Love.

November 12, 1999

Santa Cruz, California

Received by Amada Reza.


I am here with you, my dear sister in Christ, and I am your friend and guardian, Mary, the mother of Jesus, and a follower of my son into at-onement of soul with that of our Great and Loving Father. I am very pleased to have this opportunity to write in answer to M___’s question and I want to assure him that he does, indeed, have in his possession a portion of the Divine Love.

This Love is the Substance of God’s Soul, and when It comes to the soul, who seeks sincerely for Its inflowing, It begins to transform the very nature and qualities of that soul into a new creation, one that is immortal and like in quality to the Great and Merciful Father. If you can believe what I am telling you, that you do possess this Love to some degree, and you recognize that you are ignorant of its presence and activity in your consciousness, do you know then, that this Love works in such a way as to bring about the transformation from the inside, out?

The lack of love that is present within your soul and mind that causes you to doubt and fear, will be healed with such subtlety that it becomes absorbed by the greater presence of the love and the change will occur over a time, so that you may not even notice it. This change will become noticeable to you as you begin to feel free from the limitations of negative thoughts and feelings and you employ the qualities of love and faith more in your actions toward yourself and others. I say this to you so you may understand that this metamorphosis is a process that is not obvious by the observation of the mere five senses, it is a quiet process that only the soul of the child and the Father are aware of. Although I can say that you are in possession of this Love because of certain emanations and influences that I see at work in your heart and mind, I do not know, as God knows, the extent of how this Love has taken hold and what its power is in your life. Your free will plays a distinctively important part in how this Love comes into your possession, as well as how it manifests through your actions. Free will is the greatest gift bestowed to the human soul upon its creation, by this gift we are able to communicate to God that we desire His Love and this is what pleases Him.

This being so, I wish you to understand that if God has created us thusly, gifted with the will to choose, and we exercise this right of ours to pray for this Love to come to us, it would be against God’s very Plan and Purpose for us, His children, to not bestow His Love upon us. God does not close the door of His Loving Soul to His children, His greatest creation, such is not His Nature to do so. Just as much as the saint, God loves the sinner, when there is a plea from the sincere and penitent soul for help. The highest angels in the heavens are joyful for the opportunity to descend into the hells of man’s making, to bring comfort and hope to those who seek. Please picture, then, that not one who inhabits the realm of spirit, in which the transformed and immortal souls of God’s children reside in joy and peace, would ever deny love and help to any of God’s children. The nature of the Divine Angel is love and only love and in this, there is only comfort, peace, safety, and harmony.

I ask you to trust that you are in the company of angels and when you pray for God’s Love, know that It does come to you, because you are sincere. I realize that you do not trust yourself, because you consider yourself a sinner, but I say, who is without sin that lives on this earth? Who can judge your qualifications to be an accepted and cherished son of God, when God, Himself, turns no one away? Sometimes the frailties of the human mind to grasp the concept of the unconditional quality that characterizes the Divine Love prevents a clear understanding of how it works in our lives. The mind becomes caught up in the attempt to fit this Love into the ordinary workings of human conduct and interactions with others. My advice to you, as you try to grasp the channelings of the angels through anyone, is to receive the information into your mind, then ask God to help it settle into your heart to be discerned by the sentient quality of your conscience, that is always present. Ask if this information is consistent with what you know is the highest quality of the Love of God. Is there mercy and goodness present? Is there comfort and peace? Is there a sense of acceptance of yourself and your brothers and sisters? If you cannot answer “yes,” then it is more than likely not a truth that comes from the Divine Mind of God and the angels.

You need to cultivate more trust in your ability to discern what feels good and right to you, and what feels wrong. You have come to your God, asking for His Love, and He has guided you to the Truth. The truth will set you free, it does not make you a prisoner of your own feelings of failure, because He Loves us and knows we may become reborn into His True Children. Forbearance, tolerance, patience, mercy, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, hope, faith, joy and peace - these are the true qualities of the Love that become ours when we seek for It. There is no sadness or darkness. There is no sense of failure, for we are free to receive the blessed Gift of God’s Love. Free yourself into this newfound connection with God and let Him open your eyes. You will see, I promise. I know you can.

I wish to add my encouragement to you, and I am your brother and friend, John of Love, and a disciple of our Master, Jesus, in teaching humankind the Way to receive God’s Merciful Grace, the Divine Love. You may witness in this earth life, what you can admit are wrongful acts and what are acts of love, and you do so with the powers of your own mind and heart - what feels good to you and what does not. God gave His children the ability to know right from wrong, and it is our responsibility to exercise our faculties, both mental and spiritual, to identify what is sinful and what is in keeping with the loving plan of salvation. So, you are asking what to make of this guidance given to you by your sister, and I say that you can apply your reasoning powers and your intuitive perceptions to see how this information fits into a concept that God is a Loving God and not a God of wrath. Does it bring you to greater enlightenment and make you feel connected with your heart and inspire you to love? If not, then you must recognize that God speaks more truly and honestly to you, and that you must trust what is spoken by Him through the ministrations of His Holy Spirit and the Presence of His Love in your soul. When you pray, thus, for the truth to be shown to you, the angels will come to aid your thoughts, and gently bring you to clearer understanding.

Only God can determine how we are to become as transformed children, He can see into our souls and know who we are and He loves what He sees. He has never rejected any of His children as unworthy, for in truth, we are all worthy of His Grace. We are His children and beloved by Him and as any loving parent would, when a child cries out in need, the hand is given to bring that child comfort. Do not doubt this truth, for it is the foundation upon which the Celestial Heavens are established, the active manifestation of Divine Love permits nothing other than the qualities of the very nature of God to be manifest. We, as God’s messengers, will only bring such truth as will elevate the human soul to recognize God’s Love and Mercy, not scorn or rejection.

So, I ask you to utilize the faculties that you have, that have been given to every human soul, in order to identify what is truth, and know that what I have said, and what Mary has said to you, is the truth, but we are humble enough to realize the importance of your role in establishing this truth in your own life. No one else can do this for you, just as no one else can say whether you are or are not worthy of God. As for working with other mortals who profess to represent God’s truth, this is for you to determine, my brother. It is meant to be that way - God wants us to come to Him willingly and by our own desire, not by what we or others “think” is the right thing to do.

I hope this has offered you some sense of direction in this matter and that you continue to seek the Help of God and His angels to understand how you can serve Him better and become His true son. I love you, as I do, also, my dear brother - we are John of Love and Mary, the mother of Jesus, who are Christians of the soul, true disciples of our Master Jesus and inhabitants of the Celestial Heavens.