Messages 1984 to 2000

Mary and John: Encouragement given to W___.

September 2, 2000

Aptos, California

Received by Amada Reza.


Dear God, I pray for an inflowing of Your Love into my soul and I ask that You help me activate this Love that It may elevate my mind and soul to make rapport with Your angels. W__ wants to know who his special guardian is, and through this knowledge that his prayer to You for Your Love will be strengthened. If it is Your Will, dear God, I pray for faith in the Power of Your Love to bring us the truth. I pray for protection from any spirits who wish to interfere with our love for one another. I love You, Heavenly Father, and I thank You. Amen

I am here with you now, my dear sister in Christ, and I am Mary, your friend and guardian on the divine path. I am going to speak briefly so that you may feel comforted that I am with you and loving you as you want to help our brother, W___. I am going to pass the pen to my dear brother in Christ, John, who is known as the Apostle of Jesus and a writer of one of the books of the Bible.

I am here now, my dear A___, and I want to assure you that I am your brother and friend, John, who follows my Master, Jesus, for all these years, beginning on earth thousands of years ago. I am in prayer to God for His Divine Love and this Love has transformed my soul into a new being, at-one in very nature with the Soul of God, our loving Creator.

I want to let W___ know that I am very happy to be his special guide in his aspiration to reach out to God and develop his spiritual nature. I have been with him on occasion to help strengthen his prayers and assure him when he seeks answers for those things that cannot be answered through the reasoning of the mind. W__, the heart, symbol of the soul, is the true gauge by which we may discern the Will of God, for God is not of this Earth, but His Spirit of Love pervades this Earth. We must open the perceptions of our soul to be able to dissect from the trappings and illusions of the material world the pure truth of Love and His Will.

I say this because where you may think spiritual seeking eludes you because you are caught up in the demands upon you to survive, you only need to accept the truth of who you are to begin to understand how this world will open up a path full of soulful discovery and fulfillment. You are a beloved child of God, you were created as soul prior to your birth and your relationship to your Creator is the most important relationship to nurture and honor. You do so by accepting His Love and realizing that your Father in Heaven loves you personally, deeply, and will guide you and provide for your needs. Accept this as true and you will appreciate your life, your mind and its gifts, your body, as tools to manifest the holy knowledge that you are His son, as I am His son, as Jesus is His son.

You are my brother in Christ, W___, and to this, I ask you to be true, for the love between us will not fade and there is no disillusion when my love for you is fixed as the orbit of the sun in this galaxy. I see your soul and you may see mine. Pray for this Love to become a part of you that It may open your eyes to see what you have not.

Yes, it is difficult to explain to others how this Love becomes activated and what It is in Its transforming power. But the reality of this Love and how It takes hold of you may not be denied by you and as you become a living example of this great experiment, others will recognize the presence of Love in your soul and that a change has come over you.

I love you and will remain true to you, W___. I am your guardian in spirit and you only need to ask for me to come to you and I will be there. We are seeking the Love of God to illuminate our being and to bring Light into the world, both mortal and spirit, and it is our souls that will lead us in the effort to become at-one with God. You are on this path for the rest of your life and into the spirit world, and Love will become your first nature.

I am John, your brother and friend, and I am never far when you pray for God to be with you.