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Jesus Answers Questions About Rembrant and Marc Chagall, Providing Insights on Life in the Spirit World.

January 12, 1997

Santa Cruz, California

Received by K.S.


____ has a desire for information about two artists. He’s preparing a course on the two - Rembrant and Marc Chagall and would like, if possible, the Master to tell about some of the experiences these two have had in the spirit world. ____ writes, “Is Rembrandt in the Celestial Heavens? Where is Chagall in his progression? Chagall was sympathetic to the Master in the mortal life and Rembrandt had a burning love for the Master when he was a mortal.”_

“Would it be possible for these two to give me input on the course I want to give about them? Is there something they’d like me to incorporate into the course? I know I have free will and can venture my opinion and reactions to them, but I’d like this course to be special and it would mean a great deal to me if they could comment on my future course. I know both were reticent to share their personal spirituality in their art, even though their work, when religious, is spiritual in the highest degree.”

_____ wondered if the Master himself would like to comment on his proposed course? “Could it further his purposes? I know it’s just an art course, but, as you know, the Master can often surprise us with insights and with his ability to make connections where there were no connections before.”_

I pray I will be a clear channel for Jesus’ thoughts; I pray for a great inflowing of your Transforming Love. Please help me have faith in the clarity of my mediumship.

Thank you, dear God.



I am here now to write, my dear sister in Christ, and I come to you again today to convey my thoughts in writing through you.

As you may be aware, there is much information available about the lives and activities of these artists, about whom ____ is asking; but much of it is not accurate because when people make reports about the lives of others, they do not “feel-into” the emotional condition of the artist or person about whom they are writing or reporting.

I am your friend and brother in Spirit, Jesus of the Bible and Master of the Celestial Heavens, and I welcome this opportunity to convey my thoughts through you in this way.

When one writes a biography or a chain of events in a person’s life, much of what they have to go on is the result of what the person does, where he lives, who he marries, how many children they have and evidence of what happens during their lifetime. Unless they are close acquaintances, confiding in one another on a regular basis, much will be lost in the translation or in the recording of events as they happened - viewed from a spectator’s vantage point.

How is one to know what feeling a person had within his heart and mind during the rendering of a certain painting? Even if it turns out to be a masterpiece, and speculation is made about its significance, and “experts” interpret its meaning, behind the artist’s inspiration there may have been an emotion not even partially realized by the person analyzing the painting.

Unless a person has left extensive writings about events and happenings, especially important changes in moves and relationships, the history of another will be sketchy at best. One will have to “read-into” their works whatever they are “saying” of that individual; and we can each come away with some understanding of that artist’s work as we have interpreted it from our point of view.

So of course, some artists’ work speaks more clearly to some than to others, and still others find it not interesting at all.

_____ will know that if we give information about the spirit life of these famous people many will question the validity of the information. If he is willing to accept the possible rejection such information may bring then it is his free will choice to incorporate it into his course.

All spirits eventually progress; it is a law of existence in the spirit world. One of the ways a spirit progresses is to teach spirits who are on a lower level, to learn about soul progression.

So many spirits hang around their relatives on earth for a long time before they become interested in going to better places. Even when they are told the spheres above are brighter and more beautiful, they do not investigate the possibility of such information, but remain where they are because they don’t know of anything better. They are with their friends and relatives, and oftentimes even “join-in” the squabbles over money and other inherited property which they have left for them. They choose sides and influence the squabblers and even intensify the differences.

But after a significant passing of time, and perhaps after becoming aware of the fact they can’t change the outcome, they decide to find out if it is really true, that there are more beautiful locations for them to occupy.

When emotional people who have had struggles and unresolved situations come into the spirit world, they still have these emotional problems unresolved even when they are spirits, so they still have to be worked out; and one of the ways this can be best done, (if they aren’t praying for God’s Love and Mercy) is to continue to interact with the people with whom they have a lack of clarity, until their soul condition attains more loving acceptance and harmony within itself, at which time it can move on.

This doesn’t necessarily mean the relative, friend or mate on earth, with whom they had the lack of clarity, will be free from the negativity, because it is up to that individual’s own acceptance, growth and clarity whether or not they will hang onto the differences.

The artists _____ is asking about are on the Divine pathway; they are free from their earthly squabbles and differences, but they did have them, and they continued for quite some time before they progressed in earnest toward higher levels.

This may seem like it wouldn’t be possible for someone who was a great artist, perhaps who was able to channel good inspirational work from artistic spirits, but even though I may have been highly loved or respected by someone on earth, it does not mean my teachings were understood, or that the person so feeling was prayerful to God for Love and Mercy.

Even so-called Christians today who make the mistake of thinking I was/am God, or thinking my sacrifice brings them salvation, will not be free from sin when they enter the spirit world. In fact when they discover they were lied to by their churches, they may hang onto resentments for quite a long time before they are willing to forgive and go on their way.

Many spirits who discover that what they had been taught by their church is not true want to take revenge against their teacher, pastor, minister, priest or whoever lied to them and misrepresented the truth, and this holds back their progress for a great many years.

So, as you can see by this example, it is ever so much easier to learn of God’s Grace and Mercy and Love and forgiveness while you’re still in your earth life, where you can prepare your souls to enter upon the divine pathway where the confusion is at a minimum. Do this and you will be well on your way to the Celestial Heavens.

In this way you will avoid the confusion and anger and disappointments experienced by “orthodox” believers whose doctrines are false, or others who have no beliefs at all, or who hang onto unresolved differences which are perpetuated even after being an inhabitant of the spirit world of a long period of time.

Some artists and inventors and materially oriented people actually enjoy the arguments and squabbles and disagreements, and they do whatever they can to influence the mortals to perpetuate these differences so they can be in the middle of the fray and experience these emotional hostilities.

It may seem hard to believe when you want peace and harmony and love to prevail in your life and daily exchanges with others, but mark my word there are those unevolved souls who have not yet learned to seek for peace. In fact they do not even believe it’s attainable, and they not only enjoy the disharmony but they instigate it at every opportunity.

There are some artists on earth who have been visited by Rembrandt and by Chagall and have been inspired by their artistic abilities. If a spirit artist is willing to help a struggling mortal to “improve” his artistic procedures, he will respond to the call of someone who wishes to be in touch with this particular spirit.

Many spirits do not wish to work with people who still live on earth; but in certain cases and under certain circumstances a spirit can be persuaded to come and help a mortal with a particular project or work.

So, in this case, if _____ is interested in being influenced by these artists in his desire to make his course “special”, perhaps he could pray for input and influences from them as he is compiling the information for his course.

I will leave you now with these thoughts and hope they will be satisfactory for ____’s project.

In the spirit world many artistic projects, paintings and creations are continually being made; they are the results of the creative mind - a different medium than used in the material world. Even though the natural heavens are still a “material world”, the fine attenuation of the material causes the mind to interact with the elements in a way far different than is necessary in the gross material world; for example, no brushes or tools are used to “paint” a picture. The mind creates the color and applies it to the matte or wall or wherever the creation is to be located; and it is real and beautiful and fulfilling to create.

When you come to the spirit world you will find may interesting and fascinating things to see and you will be amazed to learn how they have been created.

I love you, each and every one, and will write again on this subject if there are more questions to be satisfied.

I am your friend who leaves you now with my blessings.

Jesus of the Bible and Master of the Celestial Heavens.