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Jesus: Healings Are Not Always Performed Instantaneously.

March 31, 1988

Received by D.L.


I am now here to write, my dear brother in Christ, and I am happy to come to you once again in an attempt to answer the questions you have put before me this day to your satisfaction and to the satisfaction of others, B. R. of course included, who wish to know more clearly the Workings of the Father’s Will where B____’s condition is concerned. I am, of course, your friend and brother in spirit, Jesus of the Bible and Master of the Celestial Heavens, and I am always happy to bring whatever enlightenment I can to my beloved co-workers in the flesh who seek my assistance.

First of all, let me say that B____’s condition is not a serious one, but one that does require medical attention at this time. You were correct in the thought that healings are not always performed instantaneously, especially if a greater purpose can be served in their delay. And what do I mean by this? Well, in the commission of a healing by the Father, He must take into consideration all possible benevolent outcomes - some possible outcomes not being as desirable or all-inclusive as others. The healing of a physical condition, placed upon a relative scale of things of importance, is not of much moment and certainly well within the capabilities of the Father to perform. However, there are always other healings of a higher order which can take precedence, as the Father so chooses. In this regard, I am speaking of soulful healings, and this not necessarily to one but potentially to many. For when the Father acts and brings His Will into operation, rarely is there but one isolated effect that occurs. In addition to the possible physical healing performed, and this to the person benefiting from this healing, there are always others who are touched by such a healing in some way, and particularly when the healing is understood as being the result of prayer and the effect of the Father’s Own Ministrations.

The Father knows of all the prayers offered in B____’s behalf, many of which have been presented most sincerely and with the souls’ activations having been included. And, this being so, as I have explained before, such soul-yearning prayers always reach the Father’s listening Ear and unfailingly activate a Benevolent Response on His Part. And you shall all come to see and witness this Response in due course, and as the Father deems it the right time for the healing to be manifested.

In previous messages that you have received, you were informed that there is a great network of helpful assistance, and this extends from the highest heavens even to the lowest hells. You were further informed that any source or agency can be employed by the Father in answer to a sincere prayer offered to Him. This source can be one of the Father’s highest angels, a good spirit, or even a loving or capable mortal who is in the right position of time and circumstance where his or her own talents can be employed in the successful execution of the Father’s Will. And when this benevolent outcome is enacted, through whatever source, it is rare indeed that only the person receiving the healing benefits. For, you see, while mortals and even we in the, highest heavens may see a narrow or even a broader picture, as the case may be, the Father’s Perspective is all-encompassing and extends far beyond limitations of time, space, or the conceived possibilities of men or spirits. His View of things extends not only to the moment but potentially to the far future, and His Acts of Benevolence carry forth in such a way that maximum benefit is often accorded to not one but many included in the prayers that have been offered in another’s behalf.

Already you have heard from B____ himself that his son, J_, has experienced an increment in his faith in prayer when he learned that his father did seek the medical assistance of a doctor - this outcome being a direct answer to the prayer that his father would seek such assistance. As J_ expressed to his father: “I see that God does answer prayers after all.” And, so, you can see from this one example of God’s Workings alone, there is more that the Father would like to accomplish than to bring forth a healing to one. There are indeed others to whom the Father’s Benevolence is being extended as well. For, as you must know, those who pray for others with deep love and great soul yearning are not absented from the benefits that follow.

I shall conclude this portion of my message by saying that the Father’s Will will be done in all good time and to the satisfaction of many where B____’s present medical condition and its improvement is concerned. Continue in your faith and in your prayers, and realize that nothing whatever is lost in repeating the same or similar prayers from your soul. For as you continue to pour forth such prayers in love, at the same time, you add to your own souls’ goodness and development. Every prayer offered to the Father in love has its own reflexive reward of an increment in soul development to whomsoever offers such prayers. Furthermore, every time this occurs, there is a union with the Father Himself. And this, more than any physical benefits that may result, is more than enough reason to continue to offer such prayers in others’ behalf. For, while praying to help others, one effect, not often thought of or considered, is that one’s relationship with the Heavenly Father becomes closer and more in at-onement with Him. And regardless of whether or not the Father answers your prayer in the precise way asked for or desired, the closeness you have achieved with Him at such times is actually one step closer to union with Him at all times - the very purpose and goal that all of His children should strive for as often as possible.

I have no formal message to add at this time. However, I would like to mention that, while yet another Easter celebration is upon us, I and all my Celestial brethren eagerly await the time when not my death and shed blood will be celebrated, but when my life and its teachings will be at the forefront of man’s understanding. And you, our beloved co-workers, in the dissemination of the Father’s Truths to your mortal brethren, are indeed advancing this cause and helping to shorten the time of the prevailing ignorance of men as to the True Plan of salvation given to His children. Keep up your endeavors, my beloved ones, and know that you have all the great love and backing of we, your Celestial brethren, to ever assist and inspire you. And, more than this, you have the love and Blessings of the Father Who is mindful of all that you do to advance His Cause of bringing His children to Him in love, and not through the sacrifice or death of any of His children.

Until our next communication, then, I wish to thank you for receiving my thoughts of today, and I look forward to many more opportunities to share more of such thoughts with you in the service of bringing you all to the Kingdom of the Father. I am

Your brother and eternal friend, Jesus