Messages 1984 to 2000

What is Faith?

December 28, 2000

Los Gatos, California

Received by Amada Reza.


I am here with you, my dear sister in Christ, and I am your friend and co-worker in the Divine Love of our Heavenly Father, Mary, the mother of Jesus. You must know that you are always welcome to ask a spiritual question, and the question posed by our dear brother, Hans, is one worthy of discussion for us who love truth.

What is faith? This is a question which has been asked as long as man has had a concept of God, or what this Being is in Its relationship to the created human being. But as you all know, the material mind always fails in its attempt to answer this question. Faith is of the soul; and then, the question is raised, what is soul? It is important to first investigate the soul, created in the Image of God’s Soul, for here you will find the way to arrive at the answer of faith.

Faith is the perception of the soul, much like sight and hearing are the perceptions of our material bodies. When we were created in the Image of God’s Soul, we were also created with the ability to perceive things spiritual, even without receiving the Divine Love. This is so because were it not for these spiritual perceptions, we would be unable to turn to God in prayer.

Love and faith are the means by which we can commence our communication with the Soul of our Creator. Consider them as perceptions still to be developed to their fullest potential, but capable of bringing us into rapport with God.

Imagine an infant newly born into his physical body with all the faculties to perceive the world around him, but still undeveloped - this is what the “natural” state of faith and love are within our souls. We “know” God is there, we perceive His Presence through these untrained tools - what then?

Just as the infant reaches with trust into the unknown world to his mother and father, we can reach out to the Love of our Creator Soul for His Love. Soul communicates with soul, and so it begins. When it is we reach out is difficult to determine; my son longed for the Love of God while still in the womb. God responded with His Love. You have heard of the saying that faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains - it is no more than this that will bring the Great Soul of God to come to His child who reaches for Him.

We cannot measure how much faith exists within the human soul that will bring God to it because this is a communication between two souls, Creator and created. The manifestation of faith in each soul is as unique as is the soul itself.

When one turns to God in prayer, faith is activated, Divine Love is the response. One exists for the other. The mind may not begin to understand the relationship of the child to its Maker, but the soul, the true and real part of us, is the only means by which we can know God.

Faith is what causes the soul to long for the Love of the Father, for we are aware of His Presence and in this awareness, we ask. Although our free will is an integral part of why we choose God’s Love, it is the soul’s capacity to know of God that allows us to turn to Him. Some souls are more in tune with its perceptions, thereby enabling it to more easily develop its relationship with God. But every soul has the ability to perceive Him, there is no exception.

How does one nurture this perception of faith that it may grow into a force such as can move the Great Soul of God to respond with His Love? Simply long for this Love to come to you, in faith know it is there for you, and unfailingly it will be there in you.

Faith/Love - two sides of the same coin - one cannot be without the other. These are what open our soul to the Soul of God, no less, no more.

I will like to continue to write on this subject, but will leave you now, my dear sister. I am your sister and guardian friend, Mary, the mother of Jesus.