Messages 1984 to 2000

Jesus: Truth and the journey to perfection.

August 11, 1988

Received by D.L.


I am now here to write, my dear brother in Christ, and I come to you this lovely day and in this glorious setting to once again share with you and others my thoughts of today. I am, of course, Jesus of the Bible and Master of the Celestial Heavens, and I am most happy for the opportunity to again come to you and communicate in this way for your and others’ benefit.

Change, as you know and have been told, is the law eternal. But the spiritual Truths needed by humankind never change. What is only lacking is the proper communication of these Truths to as many of God’s children as have ears to hear and souls to understand. And, of course, when I say this, I mean that all of God’s children have the capacity to discern and incorporate the spiritual Truths of God; but capacity is not enough. What is needed is both access to these Truths and a great soulful desire for them. To provide access is the easy part; to encourage desire is the far more difficult task. But that is what makes our work so challenging and, ultimately, so worthwhile.

Truth is not and never has been something that some people might regard as sterile facts, with no life apart from information useful perhaps to the intellect. No, spiritual Truth has life within it, and this means a living force of its own. But, for this force to be fully appreciated, it is necessary that Truth find its repository not in the mind alone, where it may or may not reside for a time, but more importantly in the soul where Truth’s true home is located, and where it adds to the life and vitality of that soul.

And, so, our task is ever so much greater than to merely communicate information; our eternal task is to first reach the souls of earth and of the spirit world with the promotion of desire; for without the desire for Truth, Truth itself can find no home of permanence. It is only when desire beckons from a yearning soul that Truth of a spiritual order comes to that soul. And once it enters and finds a lodgment conducive to itself, Truth remains forevermore with and in that soul.

And, so, dear ones, as you go about your many tasks of a spiritual order, always bear in mind that the information we and you provide must take root; information alone is not enough. And it is primarily through your loving and concerned efforts in your personal contacts with others that the spiritual desires and aspirations within yourselves may be recognized by your listeners. And it is this desire within yourselves to share the Truths you have incorporated that gets communicated more convincingly than the information itself.

Yes, you must keep in mind that real spiritual Truth lives and makes itself primarily known through the loving outpourings that Truth itself encourages from within the soul. And this is only one reason of many why each of you must continue to desire a greater knowledge of spiritual Truth that is available unlimitedly.

With such desire and acquisition comes not only greater knowledge but also a greater force of persuasion in Truth’s accumulation and communication to others. “Be ye perfect like your Father in heaven is Perfect” is a tall order, I know. But while this is necessarily something we must strive for eternally, inherent in this statement is also the lesson I am trying to communicate today; that is, that the journey to perfection is dependent upon the accumulation of Divine Truths.

And, as we all know, it is the Divine Love of the Father that allows this accumulation in the first place. I realize I have said all of this before in different ways. But I have chosen to present my message of today in yet another variation on the same theme. What I would like principally communicated and understood is that none of us should become satisfied and complacent in the notion that, because we perhaps possess more of the Father’s Truths than some others, we can therefore rest contentedly in our presumed superiority - languishing, as we may think, until others have incorporated as much as we have.

No, Truths are not meant to be possessed by a few, but are available to all. And there is no set point where any of us can afford to become content with our accumulated knowledge of Truths. For if we do this, we stagnate, and the resulting lethargy does not allow us to impart that potential but dormant desire within us to share our Truths with others. And, so, I must say again, it is a desire for God’s Love and His Truths that not only we must have but also what we must kindle in the hearts, minds and souls of others that is vital to both our Celestial mission and what is your mission and calling as well.

If together we can enliven the great key of desire for Truth in others, then Truth they shall find and Truth they shall receive - and this irrespective of the information we may also impart at the same time. But, when I say all this, I do not intend it to be understood that I am offering a criticism of any one of you, for I am not. I am merely presenting a reminder that I myself must not lose sight of. For, you see, in the last analysis, while we may encourage and increase the desire for God’s Very Own Truths in others, this becomes possible only if we continue to radiate this same desire within ourselves.

And, as a final thought for today, let us not forget that beyond desire are the Father’s Truths themselves, ever ready to flow into those souls who seek His outpouring Love with true and constant yearning.

Until our next communication, then, I leave you now with my love and blessings, and those of the Father.

Your friend and brother, Jesus