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Jesus: Answers questions about the fall of the first parents, and human cloning.

March 8, 1998

Received through K.S.


I pray for an inflowing of Your Great Gift of Divine Love at this time. Thank You for all the many blessings You bestow upon us every day.

I pray I will be able to put aside my own thoughts and allow Jesus to write through me uninterrupted.

We have a question about the withdrawal of the soul’s ability to receive Divine Love. A new student understands you (God) are all Loving and all Merciful and that You don’t “punish” Your children. But in the Padgett Messages it says You withdrew the potential to receive Divine Love as a direct punishment for the First Parent’s disobedience (for not accepting the Gift of Divine Love).

___. asked about cloning and its role in Your plan.

I love You, dear God and pray I can become a better example of Your Love made manifest in my daily living.

I pray my abilities as a medium be clear and helpful and that I am in condition to receive high spiritual thoughts.

I want to become more dedicated to serving You and working more closely with Your Ministering angels to establish Your Kingdom of Love in the World. Amen


I am here now to write, my dear sister in Christ, and I come to you again today to deliver my thoughts in writing and I am pleased you have decided to sit for a message.

I am your Friend and brother in Spirit, the Spirit of God’s Love made manifest in my soul which makes me the Christ, Jesus of the Bible and Master of the Celestial Heavens.

The new student/follower of my teachings is correct to believe and know that God is all Loving and Merciful and Caring; there is nothing in His Nature of a vindictive or retaliatory nature. He has set up Laws to govern His Creations and these Laws work unfailingly at all times, under all circumstances. When we speak of miracles for example, it is the workings of the higher laws over the lesser making it seem as if something out of the ordinary has occurred, which it has, because when material things are under the purview of natural laws certain things happen consistently without fail in test after test, but when divine laws go into effect over the purview of natural laws, then “miracles” occur.

So all the laws which have been put in to motion to govern the universe work without fail until a higher law comes into the action.

When the first parents were created with the opportunity to receive the gift of Divine Love, if they followed in the Way to receive It, that would have been their great and just reward, but as a direct result of their not having followed in the Way, it was withdrawn, because that must have been part of the original body of laws governing the availability of the Gift.

God doesn’t break His Own Laws, anymore than anyone else does. He doesn’t create a law which needs to be amended; so we can assume it was originally decreed that if the First Parents failed to seek for the Love, and/or fell to a certain condition of awareness, or made a decisive choice to seek Immortality independently from God, this would result in the forfeiture of the privilege to receive the Love.

As you are aware, this situation took place millions of years prior to my becoming a human being, so I have to give you an understanding of its occurrence from my knowledge of the Father and what I know would have been the case.

But I can assure you that it, the withdrawal of the potential to receive the Gift of Divine Love, was not a direct punishment from God, but only the exact compensation from the workings of His Laws set in motion even before a soul was bestowed into the animal body making the first created human beings.

As you see, a knowing of the spiritual Truths needs to be part of a person’s soul before it can become an awareness of that person’s mind. Words can be confusing, misinterpreted, even mean something different to different people. So it is wise to not depend on words to confirm what you think you know, but depend on your heart, your inner knowing and “feeling” of Truth.

If there is confusion and a lack of clarity, pray to know the truth, and have faith that the power of God’s Love in your soul will enable you to discern the truth of that particular issue.

It may take several sessions of prayer, but if you have an open mind and really want to know the truth (not to prove yourself to be right, for example) it will be revealed to you.

We in the Celestial Heavens have ways and means of influencing our charges, even at times when least expected… I should say especially at times when least expected we are able to bring influences to bear upon those seeking truth which will bring great enlightenment to their minds and hearts.

But the one important consistent practice which must be part of a follower’s discipline is to be open, pray to know the truth. Pray for Divine Love, seek to be at-one with God and become aware of His Presence in your life at all times. Thank Him for the blessings and opportunities you have to learn more spiritual truth.

This thankfulness and awareness will serve you well, will help to bring peace and fulfillment into your daily living, far above what you can create for yourselves through hard work and discipline and “figuring out” how to plan your lives well, so everything will work out right.

The way things in your lives “work out right” is by developing your spiritual natures to a higher degree of awareness every day. This takes time and discipline, but the rewards are far above what can be accomplished through other forms of hard work and discipline.

A word to the wise, they say, should be sufficient to help them know what the right course of action should be; but we have been giving these wise words over and over again for centuries, and how many wise people have taken heed? Maybe by the time they learn it, they become spirits! Even then it’s not wasted. But not that many souls really apply the truths they’ve been given on a regular, consistent basis.

Maybe the problem arises in lack of faith, because when one prays for the Love, seeks truth with heart and soul, even puts him or herself into the Loving Care of the Heavenly Father, it is also important to then activate your faith in the power of God’s Love to bring you up to a higher level of awareness.

It can be done with less effort than you now believe it will take, because you have the formula down. Your doubts and former negative patterns of thinking and believing are the major stumbling blocks which still stand in your way of feeling free and unencumbered by life’s vicissitudes.

Now I will attempt to share my thoughts about the cloning issue. As you know, the “miracle” of a sperm from the male of the species coming together with an egg from the female, resulting in a fertilized egg, is the start of preparing a vessel for the possible incarnation of a soul - if it develops to a certain point, if love is present, if conditions are right for it to develop. And if all the above criteria are fulfilled, then perhaps a soul will incarnate into that embryo, making it a fetus. It is of no consequence to the development of a soul if the DNA of their material body is the same as that of another material body. The personality of a human being is in his/her soul; it will be an individual with its own unique personality if a soul incarnates in that body, even if the creation of the embryo was devised by some interference of man’s creative imagination.

What renders something good or bad is determined by the motive for what is being done. Let’s say that perhaps the scientist has little self-love and wants to become world renowned through some unique “experimentation.” But if a soul incarnates and survives, and if that soul seeks truth and love and is humble and kind and caring, it has equal opportunity of becoming a divine soul as all God’s children have. But perhaps the one who created the means by which that soul had an opportunity to incarnate may be caught up in his own importance and even think he created a human being! But as you know, just because people have false beliefs, this does not make them true. A proud person will have a harder time developing his spiritual nature; a materially oriented person will be greatly limited in his earth life experiences.

So, as you see, humankind continues to reap what he sows; the workings of God’s Laws in the lives of His children continue to work unfailingly.

You have the free will choice to learn to depend more upon God and make your life easier and more fulfilled, or depend more upon yourself and continue to struggle from day to day trying to make things work out in a harmonious way.

The reason humankind can’t make things work out in a harmonious way in the material world is because they have a dual-nature; spiritual because of the soul, and material because of the body. The mind can go either way, depending upon its free will choices. Since the mind is the energy of the soul, it is spiritual, but because it can hold material thoughts, it can dwell in the material and become stagnant or bogged down on earth with earthly things.

Choose harmony; select a high road for yourselves; seek truth; pray for God’s Love. Give yourselves the break you deserve as God’s children, take advantage of the opportunity to receive the Grace of His Love and activate the highest potential of your souls. It is your free will choice to make. Too many people remain satisfied with less, and they remain unhappy and quarrelsome and bogged down in the muck and mire of earth life - unredeemed by Love.

I love you each and every one, and pray with you that your dreams will be fulfilled. We will work with you every day in your quest for truth. We will never leave you unattended, and we have an even greater opportunity for Divine intervention when you pray for help and Love, and keep your mind centered on spiritual blessings.

I will leave you now with my love, and thank you for allowing me to convey my thoughts through you. You have been very clear today and I’ve had fun sharing my message.

Your friend and brother in Spirit,

Jesus of the Bible


Master of the Celestial Heavens