Messages 1984 to 2000

High Celestial Spirit: Facts, Names, Dates and Discrepancies.

April 2, 2000

Santa Cruz, California

Received by K.S.


Dear Father in Heaven, I pray for a great inflowing of Your Divine Love at this time. I want to know the truth and to be a clear channel for thoughts from Your Celestial messengers. I am sure they are aware of the controversies which are swirling around about facts and figures and how some historical accounts differ from others and even though these should not interfere with spiritual information, man’s mind allows them to somehow lessen the importance of developing a relationship with the Creator.

Please help us, dear angels, to clear up some of these discrepancies, if possible, so we may reach more seeking souls with the truths about the availability of God’s Love. Amen.


I am here now to write, my dear sister in the Christ Love, and I come in answer to your desire to receive a written message for followers of our messages to help them understand better how to deal with the many controversies and discrepancies revolving around the teachings.

There will always be a big difference in what people think happened and what really occurred because, for example, people of today are not really familiar with what was going on 2000 years ago, what the lifestyle was like or the living conditions. You are aware of the fact that witnesses to the same event recount their experiences differently. They interpret it through their own reasoning powers, they oftentimes embellish the story from time to time, and when two eye witnesses to the event have their accounts compared, there are very few similarities after some time.

A person’s memory is not a dependable resource for recalling accurate facts because the imagination is active, sometimes they “remember” the events the way they wish they had occurred. So to dwell upon “historical facts” as a guide to what you choose to believe in or set your goals by, is not a wise decision. Each and every individual soul must make the decision for him or herself as to what they consider important and we have been trying for many centuries to help our followers to understand that their relationship to God, the Creator of their souls, is the most important aspect of their life and spiritual development.

What the body does, what it eats and what it wears, is of no importance to the development of the soul. So, if you wish to know the truth and be set free from the worry and anxiety of so many material distractions, we strongly suggest that you pray and pray and ask your loving Heavenly Parent to guide you upward to help you put aside material concerns which do not help lighten your load, but instead keep you tethered to the earth and bind you up.

If you want to find peace, seek God with your heart and soul and do not “worry” about facts and figures, dates and names, and this school of thought believes such and such and that school of thought believes something entirely different. You may ask, what am I to believe? If you would like to become a well-balanced person, you must seek to develop your love nature, because you are first and foremost a soul. And because you are a soul who is related to God, since He created your soul in His Image, then to become whole you must develop your relationship to God, otherwise you will be only a developed intellectual being neglecting your more important spiritual, loving aspect of your nature.

There is no way that we can stress this enough because many individuals believe they are seeking the truth with a sincere longing and heartfelt desire but they fall short of opening themselves up to higher knowledge because of hanging onto preconceived ideas. They allow the “opinions” of others to sway them away from making a real, meaningful and true connection with God, which will fill their souls with Love and Truth. This soulful connection will help them become tolerant and understanding, and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that their fellow human beings are souls, God’s children, their brothers and sisters, and that they will eventually come into harmony with God’s Will, whether in the natural, intellectual sense or in the Divine nature of God Himself.

As you are aware, the souls who reside in the spiritual heavens have exercised their free wills to choose their own destiny, hanging onto their preconceived ideas and false beliefs and not allowing God to take these away from them. They choose to believe as they do, and their desire to hang onto these beliefs, for whatever reason, is stronger than their desire to know the truth. One may, for example, decide that beliefs that have been around for centuries must be true [due to their longevity], or that because so many people believe in them they must be “right.” These excuses might be a manifestation of a person’s lack of desire to seek truth from a deep, heartfelt place. The person might not want to offend the family by going against the grain of traditional beliefs, they might not want to experience the discomfort of change. Whatever “reason” is used to not put God and truth ahead of personal choice will not lead to the truth.

So, as you see, you need to continue stressing the importance of prayer to God for His Love. You need to stress the importance of being willing to admit that some of your previous concepts and beliefs could be erroneous. Be willing to introspect, to grow and change. When you seek the truth with heartfelt sincerity, working on developing your relationship with God as your priority, or your main goal, you will evolve, you will receive His Love, you will, even if slowly, overcome your false concepts and become wise and happy, content and peaceful. You will not worry about others who prefer to choose the natural or intellectual pathway, but will respect their free will choices, as God gave them a free will to choose their own destiny.

I have tried to give you a way out of your concern about those who start to enter the divine pathway of spiritual growth and development, then back away because their mind’s concepts don’t fit into the framework of higher truths. I will leave you now with my blessings and sign myself a high Celestial spirit who has been praying for God’s Love for 2000 years and this love has imparted to me wisdom which I am willing to share with my fellow human beings.

May God Bless you, each and every one.