Messages 1984 to 2000

Jesus: Atlantis.

October 18 & 20, 1988

Received by D.L.


Dearest Master, Jesus, with regard to the devolution of man, the Padgett messages tell us that, in the space of only several hundred years man’s moral decline was such that he could hardly be distinguished from the beasts of the field. And it was from the bottom of this degenerate condition that man began his slow ascent thereafter to the present day. Well, one of the Padgett messages is from Sebastobel, familiar with the Atlantian history, who relates that Atlantis was a very advanced civilization beyond our own – so advanced, in fact, that members were capable of transporting themselves from place to place by the application of will power, without the apparent need for any carrying or propelling physical vehicles. Sebastobel claims that this was accomplished by employing certain forces of nature, still existing, but unknown by man of the present day.

Well, Master, the first question I have for you today is: If there were indeed advanced civilizations like Atlantis or Lemuria, is this because their moral and intellectual advancement had been restored to that of perfection or near perfection enjoyed by our first parents, Aman and Amon? And, if so, following the destruction of these civilizations by alleged natural forces (earthquakes, etc.), did humankind again go through a period of decline and moral degeneration to yet another low estate similar to the beasts of the field? And was this followed by yet another period of moral and intellectual advancement for mankind?

Not only Atlantis but also many civilizations have come and gone during the millions of years of man’s existence. Does this mean that there have been not one, not two, but many periods of devolution for humankind followed by many periods of evolution toward restored perfection?

And, finally, we are instructed that God’s Laws are immutable, and this applies to both natural laws and spiritual laws. This being so, how could the people of Atlantis have been able to transport their physical bodies by mere thought or will power when this seems to be in direct defiance of physical or natural law? And if they could so transport themselves through some kind of higher physical law taking precedence, why is it that the citizens of Atlantis could not have transported themselves elsewhere, out of danger, during the earthquake that allegedly destroyed their continent and civilization? Surely at least some of them could have presumably escaped before the earthquake had completed its destructive work.

Hoping that I will be a clear channel to receive your answers, dear Master, I now welcome your loving presence and message of this day.


I am now here, my dear brother in Christ, and I come to you in response to the questions you have put before me. I am most happy to resume our messages again, and I will do my best to clarify some of the issues you have addressed. I am, of course, your friend and brother in Christ, Jesus, Master of the Celestial Heavens and the eternal leader of our church on earth.

In the first place, let me say that Atlantian history is not so surprising when it is considered that many civilizations have come and gone since man’s earliest beginnings. These emerging and retrogressive or ultimately collapsed civilizations have been many, although your present knowledge of history takes in but a few, such as the rise and fall of the Roman empire, the Egyptian dynasties, and the period of Grecian superiority. But many centuries antedating these civilizations were others of which you have no knowledge, but which indeed existed for varying periods of time. These civilizations were advanced in certain particulars and not so advanced in accordance with your present level of development in other particulars. The laws to which Sebastobel referred in the Atlantian civilization are indeed the same laws that exist now and have always existed. But utilization of these laws has depended upon a number of factors in terms of man’s development and his readiness to have these laws, or their operations, brought to his consciousness and understanding.

Spiritual forces are in back of all new revelations, inventions, and knowledge given to mankind. And these forces are employed when it is deemed that a particular era and civilization in that era is prepared to receive this help from the spirit side of life. Atlantis was a civilization that had advanced to a point where it was deemed fit and timely to impress upon it a knowledge of certain laws and their operations, whereby proper utilization of them would result in advantages of a material order. And the Atlantians were indeed given the inspiration that led to what might be termed more advanced control and utilization of certain forces in nature that could be employed for man’s comfort or benefit. But this is not to say that other civilizations have not also come and gone with similar inspiration having been given, acquired, and then subsequently lost for a variety of reasons.

Indeed, most civilizations have gone through a period of moral decline where the initial knowledge given and obtained was ultimately lost through the collapse of these civilizations - this collapse being inevitable on the basis of the certain results of the wrongful exercise of choices built up over time. But not all civilizations have been lost to themselves or to history on the basis of devolution or degeneracy. Some have been lost in terms of the so-called material disasters that man is always potentially subject to as a consequence of other normal workings of other laws.

When it is considered that man must die the mortal death at some time, in the eternal scheme of things, it is of little consequence whether he begins his eternal growth and development in the spirit world perhaps a little sooner than a little later. And, sometimes, an earlier passing to the spirit world is much more a reward than a presumed punishment. And so it was with the Atlantians. Their abrupt ending to their mortal existence was essentially a blessing in disguise, for this was not a civilization that had degenerated, but one that had made considerable strides not only in the arts and sciences but also in the more important and saving areas of spiritual contact and soulful development. Indeed, mediumship practiced during the Atlantian era was much more prevalent than it is today. Contact between spirits and mortals was what you might almost say was commonplace at that time. And, so, with this more open communication between both worlds, is it any wonder that mortals of that day were privy to more of the accumulated spiritual knowledge preserved since man’s earliest beginnings than mortals are privy to or aware of today?


Master, was the Atlantian prosperity and advancement the result of their approaching perfection? And, with their destruction, did mankind go through other periods of decline and restoration?


In answer to your question concerning perfection or near perfection of the residents of Atlantis, in a relative sense, yes, they were more spiritually developed than are the various civilizations of the modern day; but, no, they were not developed perfectly. Had they been, they would have obtained the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, and this has not been achieved by any civilization at any time in the world’s history. The civilizations that have come and gone have varied in terms of their spiritual development and material mastery of their environments. And, in the course of human history, humankind have made their way in an advancing and retrogressive manner, with periods of relative growth and development followed by periods of backsliding and moral degeneration. And, so, when we speak of the evolution of man from the bottom of his degeneracy, we do not intend to convey that his progress has been without its ups and downs since that time. Progress, as you know, rarely proceeds unerringly as far as the human condition is concerned. There are always a certain amount of setbacks and mistakes, as well as a certain amount of advancements and corrections. And, so, over-viewing man’s entire history, in the various parts of the world, civilizations have varied in their amount of progress or lack thereof. But humankind as a whole have been making their slow progress (if sometimes haltingly, or retrogressively backsliding along the way) whereby it can be said, generally speaking, that they have advanced beyond the period of their lowest degeneracy. Of course, there is much development still ahead for humankind to attain to, and this is why our work can never cease until the day comes when, in fact, there is peace on earth and the perfection of love and brotherhood that the Father intends for all of his children. But, as we see it now, there will continue to be many advances and many steps backwards before this perfected development has been attained by all the civilizations of the earth. And we must continue to work until this takes place, as you have so often been told.


And what of the alleged transportation of the Atlantians by thought or will power, Master?


In answer to that question, yes, these people were able to enact certain laws that enabled them to exercise spiritual force upon material conditions, but material conveyances were still necessary for transporting purposes. That is to say, people then were not able to fly through the air unassisted by material transport vehicles. But these vehicles were not powered by fuel of a material order, but by forces existing in nature which the Atlantians learned to utilize. And regarding their destruction, which I know is your next thought, this cataclysmic event took place at night and at a time when few were in readiness to attempt to react or escape. Those who were awake and aroused had their immediate concern for their loved ones, as well as for themselves, and their concern so directed gave insufficient time for any planned or organized escape. The flood spoken of was a combination of an enormous fault beneath their continent giving way, resulting in both the collapse of their land and a concomitant tidal wave of immense proportions. Before anything could be done of a saving or escaping nature, these combined forces destroyed the land swiftly and surely, which of course included all of its residents.

But all of this is truly ancient history. However, I might add that, in this case, the destruction of this civilization was not decreed as any sort of punishment delivered from on high, but the result of the natural workings of the then rather primitive and incompletely formed earth surface. The beginnings of the earth were frequented with many more of these natural upheavals owing to its “growing pains,” if I may put it that way, at that time. Today, these cataclysmic events are far more infrequent.

Well, my brother, I hope I have answered your questions to your and others’ satisfaction. Let me say in closing that the work of spiritual restoration and development is still before us, and this work continues to be of vastly more importance than the physical changes that are also a part of the mortal condition. And I know that all of you remain dedicated to this work along with us, and I thank you all for your sustained efforts in behalf of the Kingdom of the Father. Until next time, then, I leave you all with my love and blessings and those of the Father, and I thank you for receiving my thoughts of today.

Your friend and brother, Jesus.