Messages 1984 to 2000

James: Convincing the family.

October 21, 1997.

Received by DL


I am with you now, James, your special angel guide, brother of Jesus, and, as you know, a Celestial angel. We are very happy to report that you made quite an impression on your cousins and their mates, particularly J____ and E____, although there wasn’t anyone who wasn’t quite impressed with you and what you had to say on the subjects you discussed with them. It is true that not all who hear of the Divine Love immediately embrace It or seek It because of a variety of inhibiting reasons, but that does not free us from the responsibility of attempting to get all whom we inform to make the “Grand Experiment,” as you like to say, which, of course, is to test the hypothesis of the existence of the Divine Love by experimenting in prayer to see if It can be attained.

And you are right to inform your listeners that they should not be discouraged if at first they don’t succeed, but should redouble their efforts and try even harder to bring the yearnings of their souls into play, not just rely on mental prayers or even lofty words which do not reach the Father’s listening Ear.

But you have done well this past weekend, not only in your presentations per se, but also in your demeanor that bespoke of your passion and conviction that what you were communicating was indeed fully believed by you. To convince others does require that example of firm belief in the communicator himself or herself with regard to what is related. This conviction communicated, much like the good salesman, is what gets people to at least buy the premise that what you are selling may well be worth their purchase. But, of course, there is much more they have to do to actually obtain the Father’s Love, and this depends not so much on the captivating presentation of the communicator or teacher, but upon the soulful readiness of the listener to put forth the soulful effort required to obtain positive results.

In time, all of your cousins, and some of their mates - most likely E____ - will make the attempt to communicate with our Father for the purpose of testing the existence and reality of the Divine Love. All depends, of course, on what degree of skepticism or openness each brings to bear during the attempt itself in addition to the most vital ingredient of all: the degree of yearning for the Love Itself

But, as you know all of this, I will not continue to sermonize any further. I just want to congratulate you on the great effort you put forth in an attempt to bring more souls within the Father’s Fold. And, as you have said, your requirement is not to convince but to inform. And all of us here must say that there was very little you failed to communicate of importance to your cousins and their consorts. You did a fine presentation and we all want to commend you on a job well done.

It was a very worthwhile visit and get together for a number of heartwarming reasons, not the least of which was to bring your Aunt J____’s message to her children, She is ecstatic in her happiness on how well you did, and indeed she was with you and her children for every minute of your presentations to them. She was tearful as well, but they were tears of great joy in seeing and knowing how well-loved she herself was, as well as realizing that the message she wanted communicated was indeed taking hold among the listeners. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house up here, as we all mingled our tears with your own. Of such wonderful experiences is our heaven comprised of. And when we see such love and sincerity and togetherness on a high level shared on earth, we regard this as a rare but very special occurrence, and we feel privileged to be a part of this in witnessing it.

J____ wants to communicate her personal thanks to you again, stating that she never dreamed you would be so instrumental in bringing such joy to her and such a wonderful message to her children. She has in reserve a thousand kisses for you when you come over, and she has already given you quite a few at this time and at my last count.

With regard to R____, she does affirm, as do we, that he was in a state, not so much of denial, but one of lack of awareness at the depth of his own sorrow at his Mom’s passing. He does recall breaking down, but he prefers to think that he got on top of his grief rather quickly and rather well, and that his sisters did have a harder time adjusting than he did. Of course, with the emphasis placed on their sorrow and adjustment, it became easier for him to repress some of his own feelings. But, to be sure, he deeply felt his mother’s loss and he still does, his words to the suggested contrary notwithstanding. In any case, irrespective of the degree to which he is actually in touch with his own feelings of loss and grief, he did receive quite a lift in spirit from the shared message from his Mom. He will be reading this message many times as time goes on, and this message itself will go a long way in helping him overcome his grief that remains with him to this day.

So, aside from your Divine Love presentation, much good will be derived from J_’s own communication to you and to her children. As N_ said, the message brought great comfort to all concerned, and this is no small blessing in and of itself And, so, to quote my brother, Jesus: “Well done, good and faithful disciple!” You have added another jewel in your crown of virtue which no one can take from you, and which will be a source of everlasting delight when you arrive in the spirit world to see the crown you will have even more completely fashioned by the time you are ready to claim it.

Well, my good D____, I think this is a good stopping place for the first message of the day. Do you have any questions?

(Yes, who will be the second communicator? Will it be a Celestial, a relative, someone I haven’t heard from yet?)

Yes, it will be another Celestial in your spirit band. As you have been told, you have six Celestials providing you support. You have heard from three of them - your mother, your son, and myself. We shall soon introduce the fourth. You may stop now.

James, the younger brother of Jesus.