Messages 1984 to 2000

Mary: What Influences a Soul to Turn to the Father.

October 20, 2000

Aptos, California

Received by Amada Reza.


I am here, my dear sister in Christ, and I am Mary the mother of Jesus, who is the Master of the Celestial Heavens and God’s beloved son. I am a true follower of my son into at-onement with the Soul of God in the Divine Love and I am an inhabitant of the Celestial Heavens along with many of the Apostles. I wish to discuss what influences the soul of a mortal to turn to the Father in prayer and humility.

As a soul incarnates into the material body, that soul, pure and undefiled, assumes many of the spiritual and material characteristics of the parents.

This incarnation lends to the soul the distinction as one unique and possessing an identity like no other, as even in the case of identical twins there are enough differences in the physical makeup that enables them to be told apart. But it is the soul that provides the true personality of the mortal and parents overlook this as their children begin to develop into the distinct individuals they will become in time.

The free will in the very young child, pure and unfettered by negativity, expresses itself in their interest in and natural curiosity toward the world. Discovery is a new and wonderful adventure and there is nothing to stop the potential of the soul to learn. The first years of a child’s life are important because one can help guide their thoughts and aspirations in loving and spiritual directions, encouraging them to discover the truth and limitless potential of the soul and, consequently, the mind to grow and develop.

This fascination with the world and passion to exercise one’s abilities is an extension of the soul seeking to express itself. One can see evidence of this in how the human being has not remained satisfied with only partial discovery of truth - frontiers have been crossed in every way, physically, mentally and spiritually. This unique creation of God then rises to that level where it has become able to dominate the earth and its creatures by the sheer force of will.

I bring this to your attention because the will plays a critical role in why the soul is inclined toward development in the Divine Love. Each of us has the same potential to receive the gift of the Divine Love of God and this gift of Love He awaits to bestow upon all of His children. Because His Love is a gift, it can be received only by the aspiring soul, as God will not force it upon us but waits for us to ask. Asking for a gift takes humility from one so exalted and powerful as this creation of man and woman because the free will, possessed by them from the moment of their creation, even prior to their physical existence, has never been interfered with by God.

It has been asked how God, who is all knowing and all powerful, could have allowed the unchecked manifestation of human will to have its way as it has. What of His Wisdom, they ask, if God knew the consequences? But the true life of the soul, that part of us that was created in the Image of God’s Soul, cannot remain out of harmony with the laws of its own creation. God created the human soul to become at-one with Him and, short of this, to live in accord with His Laws of Love, and with this, He also allowed this beloved creation to turn to Him and ask.

How long will it take for all the souls ever created to become aware of their relationship to God and their potential to become like Him? As long as it needs to take for them to come to Him willingly - all in God’s Time. The Love of the Father for us is unfathomable in its depth and power over us. He has unlimited resources available to Him to exercise an influence upon our soul to become in harmony with His Will. When a soul shows any inclination to wonder what more can there be that it does not have already, the heavens are ready to bring all manner of occurrences and influences upon that child to realize that God can provide what he seeks.

As I said, it will happen over the eventuality of lifetimes of lifetimes that all children of God will come into accord with His Will. But for those of you who have discovered the greater life of your soul, awakened by Love and transformed into the Essence of God’s Soul, you have been blessed by this gift of our will with which we all began. This spiritual awakening is rare and precious, and it is also what God wants for us. We are your family in the Christ spirit and this Love that characterizes our relationship is one that others will see and want to become a part of.

We love you dear ones and we are with you always as God shows His Love in us and in you. Praise Him for the wonder and power of His Love upon this earth and spirit life to come.

I am your sister in Christ, Mary the mother of Jesus, and your friend and co-worker.