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Jesus: Handling a church bequest.

March 15, 1990

Received by D.L.


_Dearest Master, Jesus, as I am sure you are aware, J____ has asked me to obtain your comments with regard to the will of L. C., and J___’s tentative response to the executors of the deceased. Praying that I might receive your response clearly and accurately, I now welcome your loving presence and message of this day.


I am now here, my dear brother in Christ, and I am again most happy to offer my suggestions with regard to the matter of L____’s will, and its disposal and distributions where our church is concerned. I am of course, your brother, Jesus, who is Master of the Celestial Heavens, and also a most humble co-worker for all my mortal brethren seeking to do the Will of the Father in their lives, and for the benefit of all their brothers and sisters in the flesh who are seeking the Way to our Father’s Love and Grace in their lives as well.

In matters of this kind - for there may be similar instances in the future where monies or other such properties will be willed to the church - it is always a good policy to accept graciously what is offered while, at the same time, not contesting with others who may be grieving that they have been perhaps unfairly dealt with.

In most cases, what is stated in a will is truly what a person desires. And if this were the only basis to make a determination, one would generally see to it or would attempt to carry out the last wishes of the deceased as stated by him or her. However, our position as a church body, representing the Love of the Father and the salvation of humankind, cannot always operate in so-called legalistic or traditional ways. And this is especially true when we are placed in a position of having to contest for monies when our mission is really to contest for the salvation of souls.

I would like to say that the heartfelt impulses of both J____ and K____ are those I would approve of in this instance. While the church could hold firm on the supporting of L_’s last will and testament as it is written, and with the disposition of his monies and properties as so directed therein, there is much more to be gained potentially by simply accepting lovingly and graciously the monies bequeathed to the church directly, and not contested by L_’s daughter, and forfeiting the half interest in his residual estate for the greater good of preserving peace and tranquility while, at the same time, giving an example of that kind of love and good will which is the heavenly way to respond to matters of this kind. At the very least, L_’s daughter will be favorably impressed by the church’s kindly and considerate position, and will look upon her father’s selection and affiliation with our church in much more respectful terms. But, even beyond this, we, as a church body, in offering such a resolution, will be acting in consonance with pure and loving motives. And whether or not this is perceived by L_’s daughter, or others for that matter, it is important that we always represent that which is good and loving and above material concerns, which could otherwise render our spiritual cause somewhat less noble than it has always been and should always continue to be.

And, so, I would like to say that I very much approve of J_’s letter as it stands, and would encourage her to follow what both she and K_ already know within their hearts is the right course of action; to whit, the very course for which they are seeking approval at this time.

As for L____’s part in this, you might be both interested and happy to learn that he too approves of your proposed course of action, for it was never his intention to displease his daughter in any way. He recognizes now, though, that for the church to “do battle” with her would hardly fulfill his true and loving wishes for her. Neither would such “battle” be anything he would wish imposed upon the church itself, which he also dearly loves.

Looking at this from several points of view, then, I hope that it becomes not only more clear but also confirmed to all concerned that the loving way is always the best way, whether this relates to the disposition of monies or to any other issues of potential conflict.

In the future, as I have suggested, similar situations may arise. If they do, continue to bring these matters to prayer, as you do, and you will be given the guidance for the most desirable course of action within your hearts. This is not to say that I am unwilling to confirm your choice, or to perhaps suggest a point or two that might prove additionally beneficial. This is to say, rather, that I want you to trust more and more the guidance you do receive through prayer, and as the result of your own sincere desires to only pursue that which is good and true. And with this final thought for today, I will leave you now with my love and blessings until next time.

I am Jesus.