Messages 1984 to 2000

Jesus: Trusting in others.

March 19, 2000

Santa Cruz, CA

Received by K.S


Dear Loving Creator Soul. If I’m in condition to receive their thoughts clearly, we would like information about how we can learn to trust people when our experiences have shown us so many people are untrustworthy. I pray for a great inflowing of Your Gift of Divine Love at this time. I wish to surrender my will to Your Will so I will experience the peace and joy You have in store for Your children who love You and seek to do Your Will. Please help me put aside my forethoughts so I won’t interfere with the message the angels wish to deliver. Protect me from lower spirit influence and let only the truth come through as my soul development in Your Love will allow. Thank You. Amen


I am here now to write and I come as usual in answer to your request for a message, today’s message being about how one learns to trust when experiences have taught you otherwise.

Trusting others is similar to other aspects of spiritual development and the application of faith, because you have learned that life in the material world is only a fleeting shadow, and that you, as a soul, as a spiritual being, are the real person; that it is your real life, and more thoughts and energies need to be devoted toward the development of awareness of yourselves in this light.

When you teach “turn the other cheek”, knowing (that) what people say “about you” and do “to you” is for them to answer for, your truthful and loving interchanges with them will bring fruitful experiences. You will attract situations according to your expectations and attitudes. If you make the “mistake” of trusting someone who is not deserving of that trust, you have not accumulated negative compensation for that “mistake” - and the probability of someone responding positively to your trust is greater than them responding positively to your lack of trust. It is giving someone the benefit of the doubt and, like you did with J___, again and again believing that this time he might come through (which he never did). You had hope; you tried to see the good side of his potential, which was, and is, the positive way to function.

A person can be reserved without being negative. You can take a “wait and see” attitude, giving a person the chance to prove that they are sincere, that they have changed, that they are trying to improve their attitude and response to life’s demands. But when you learn to develop your ability to trust others, the likelihood of attracting trustworthy souls increases - and the ability you have to help others become trustworthy also increases.

Trust is not something that is easily “jumped into” from a string of unpleasant experiences, but it is something which, when attempted, prayed on, and the sincere effort made to take on a more positive and forward-looking outlook, can be accomplished. Your reservation can be an unwillingness to put yourself in a position that will cause difficulty or pain if, or when, the other person “fails again” to live up to what they “promised.”

A person can be a recluse and feel that by so being, they are avoiding painful interchanges with others which might prove to be less than satisfying, or avoiding the inability to live up to the expectations others might place on them. But even in cloistered groups who do not mix with society, there are problems with unfulfilled emotions, there are disagreements even with the initiates who have dedicated themselves to a life of subservience and service.

The problem lies with the lack of development or maturity of one’s emotions, and in order to mature there must be an acceptance of the fact that the emotional nature, which is part of the soul, is the more important aspect of your being, way and above the importance of what to eat, where to go or what to do. We have been observing an expansion in humankind to become more aware of inner feelings and emotional needs, and this is a good step toward the development of the spiritual nature and love quality. But oftentimes, these lonely souls have no one to turn to for advice and guidance. The dedicated ones, of course, will listen to their hearts and hear us guiding them toward God in prayer and will find others to help them in their search for truth.

This search is a lengthy process, because even if they are aware of the fact that they have a spiritual nature which needs nourishing, they may not be very much aware of the many negative thoughts, emotions, and patterns of behavior which are in the way of their growth, expansion and development. Start them with prayers to know the truth, help them see that they are the ones who are standing in their own way of spiritual development, that they are hanging onto old ways of thinking and acting. People become stuck in the rut of their own making, and try as they might, they keep falling back into it even when they think that they’ve been making progress to change patterns of behavior.

Prayer is most important, because change must commence with the soul. Even though the soul desires to know the truth, it has allowed the mind to be in ascendancy, and the mental patterns and false beliefs which prevent the soul from realizing its fulfillment need to be changed. When the loving soul is given the reins to assert its authority, it has to be done in a humble manner - the soul gains strength by becoming subservient to God. This is the paradox when trying to help “aggressive” or “assertive” personalities to progress and change to become more spiritually oriented - they have to learn how to let go, and it is a very difficult lesson for them.

Many who believe that they are in control of their life, its direction and their situations don’t have what it takes to give up their “control” over things, and this is their dilemma, their downfall, and it is what keeps them on the material level of functioning. When you learn how to surrender your will to God’s Will, you let go of material limitations and can therefore experience the wonderful spiritual growth you are seeking.

So I will advise you to continue to trust, with only small reservations, to the best of your ability, and to know that your thoughts and desires are more important than whether or not someone “disappoints” you. Your fulfillment and joy comes from God’s Love, (which) brings peace and harmony to your soul - it has little to do with the actions of others.

I will leave you now with my blessings, and hope this has answered your question adequately.

I am your friend and brother in Spirit,

Jesus of the Bible


Master of the Celestial Heavens