Messages 1984 to 2000

Jesus: humankind is beginning to see Truth.

January 16, 1989

Received by D.L.


I am now here to write, my dear brother in Christ, and I come to you today most happily to deliver another message that may be of benefit and interest to you and to humankind. I am your brother in the Christ spirit, Jesus, who is Master of the Celestial Heavens and the eternal leader of our church on earth.

Today, I would like to make comment on the fine work that you and others have advanced in the preparation of our New Revelation to humankind in the form of our writings through Mr. Padgett and Dr. Samuels. As you know, these messages are not really new, for the knowledge promulgated has been in existence for many centuries now. But, alas, as you all are also aware of, this knowledge of the Father’s True Plan of salvation has been largely lost owing to the many omissions and interpolations introduced into the Bible since my early followers died and the church emasculated my true messages of peace and salvation that I came to earth to teach.

It has been truly unfortunate that humankind has been placed for so many years in a position not unlike their position before my advent into the world; namely, in abject ignorance of the Father’s Love for His children and His Great Desire that they no longer seek to make their own way, unassisted and unaided, but rather turn to Him for His Guidance and saving Love that will bring them all the happiness and fulfillment that their hearts’ desires could ever hope for, and more besides.

But, as I say, although ignorance of this has prevailed for so many centuries, and even in spite of the information that had been communicated by me and my early followers, I am happy to say that the light of Truth has never been actually extinguished, albeit dimmed through the introduction of false and conflicting dogmas and doctrines advanced by the so-called modern churches of today.

It was my mission when I came into the world to present the Father’s Truths to a soul-hungering world. And, when I did so, there was as much opposition to these Truths as there is today, but with this one saving and encouraging difference: The world is now at a point where the great differences in dogmas and beliefs are so numerous and confusing that humankind are beginning to discern, in their frustration and even despair, that the Truths of God cannot really be found in the man-made notions and creations of the fallible mortal mind, but must be sought for and found through an instrument and faculty beyond the limitations of reason and the material senses.

Of course, I am now speaking of the soul and its powers, which far transcend the mind and its reasoning capabilities in its exercise of attempting to discern what is true from what is not.

In my own day, the Jewish nation, such as it then existed, at least did not have the variety of religious beliefs that prevail in the world today because of the overextended imaginations of men accumulating so many diverse and false notions concerning the Nature of God and man’s final destiny. But, in one sense, the more firmly established belief systems that existed in my time were perhaps more difficult to permeate and unseat than the belief systems of today.

What I am trying to suggest here is that humankind are tiring of having to exercise their reasoning powers to sift through so many diverse doctrines that exist today, which, in turn, makes it more easy, perhaps, to suggest to them another avenue of approach to Truth which does not require the powers of the mind, which are fallible, but relies upon the discernment of the awakened soul for that which they seek.

It is this great and growing discontent with the mind’s limitations that affords us all - you, our dear co-workers, and we in the Celestial Heavens - the improved opportunity to appeal to the souls of humankind which, underlying at least, are becoming more and more primed to open to our influences than they have been in the distant past when the ascendancy of the mind, uncluttered by a plethora of belief possibilities, felt more secure in its presumed knowledge of religious Truth.

Diversity of available religious notions may be and is a source of frustration to the individual mind seeking Truth; but such diversity, leading to such frustration, is truly a blessing in disguise when it comes to that individual coming closer and closer to being open to our own appeal to the use of his soul, rather than his mind, to arrive at the Truth that only God Himself can provide through apportioning His gifted Divine Love into that soul, and in response to his fervent prayers for Its in-flowing.

Of course, since the very beginning of my own ministry, I unfailingly appealed to men’s souls, and identified the soul as that faculty of man which could discern the Truths of God. But, as you know, man has accustomed himself to relying more heavily upon his reasoning faculties than upon his soul’s capabilities. And while this apparently could not have been forestalled or prevented, for man’s exercise of free will could not be violated, yet, this very untrammeled exercise of the reasoning powers is perhaps just what was needed before modern man could and would become ultimately disenchanted with these faculties as the appropriate instrument to discern the Truths of God.

And I am now suggesting that it appears that this new, so-called Aquarian age is and will be one where humankind will finally become more receptive to the efficacy of the soul’s faculties, and less confident in the presumed supremacy of the mind. This being so, we can then more effectively than in ages past break through the mind barrier of humankind, which is to say that the opening of men’s souls will begin to be more frequent as it becomes more clear than ever that the mind has had its protracted and unsuccessful day, and that the time has come for the soul’s powers to be employed instead.

And, so, my beloved ones, while our Celestial progress has been slow over these past two thousand years, I want you to take heart along with us in the sure knowledge that this present time of man, and of his progress toward his receptivity to the Father’s Truths, is an encouraging one.

It is time to “strike while the iron is hot,” as one of your expressions goes, and to give out with our information with renewed vigor and confidence. There were days when whatever we offered was met with closed ears, hardened hearts, and dead souls. But the time is fast approaching (and for many the time is already here) when our messages of Love and Truth will be received gladly with open ears, hopeful hearts, and resurrected souls.

We must continue, therefore, to work while it is day, for the night cometh when no man can work. But added to this saying of mine, I should like to say that we see this day as becoming much brighter than in the day of some of our earliest efforts; and this means that our harvest of found souls will be on the increase as we begin to apply our saving efforts with new rededication, and with the recognized and encouraging fertile ground of the growing availability of more receptive souls to bring within our fold being within our collective reach.

I would like to add before closing that we are all most pleased with your many fine efforts to bring our Truths before the world once more in the form of the improved and wonderful new edition of volume I.

You can be assured that we will do everything in our power to have these Truths distributed as plentifully, wide, and as far as possible in the coming days ahead. You are all to be commended on a job truly well done, and one that we see will appeal to a whole new harvest of aspiring souls - souls now open or becoming open as the presumed power of the mind is finally set aside and the Way of the soul emerges triumphant in seeking and finding the Pearl of Great Price, the Father’s immortalizing Love.

And, so, dear ones, I leave you now with my blessings and the blessings of all of us in the heavens overseeing your magnificent work. Know that we love you dearly and that the Father loves you most of all.

I am your brother and friend, Jesus.