Messages 1984 to 2000

Joseph: Allowing the light to flow down…..

Santa Cruz, California

December 20, 1999

Received by K.S.


Dear Father in Heaven, I felt the presence of an angel and wonder if one of my Celestial guardians wishes to deliver a message? I pray for a great inflowing of Your Divine Love at this time. I pray that I will put aside my forethoughts to be a clear instrument for the angel to use for channeling a message.

Thank you for this gift and privilege of being able to be helpful to Your children by conveying spiritual information to humankind. I have faith in the Power of Your Love to help me overcome my limitations; to help me become more patient and wise, more loving and giving, more tolerant and understanding. I pray that only the truth will come through, as much as my soul development in Your Love will allow. Please forgive my sins and inharmonies and make me an instrument of Your Peace. Amen.


I am here now to write, my dear sister in Christ, and yes, you did pick up on my desire to deliver a message at this time. And, as you know, we can convey our thoughts and suggestions, even without a question having been expressed.

There are many lost souls in the world looking for a glimmer of light and hope and, oftentimes, they do not know which way to turn in the darkness and become even more lost and further away from the pathway of Love and Truth. How fortunate you are to know that there is a loving God to Whom you can turn for strength and hope, guidance and grace. These lost souls no longer believe that there is a way out of their darkness and despair, and they are desperately searching for some form of comfort.

You, God’s children who have found your way to Him, are their hope and you must reach out with your words of truth and love, so they will be found in even the darkest corners of the world…. I know that you are trying to reach out with the truths of God’s Love and trying to figure out ways this can be done, but what I am suggesting is that when articles are written and distributed, when essays and school papers are composed and shared, prose and poems, all the spiritual words of wisdom have the potential to reach a hungry soul with the truths of God’s Love, available to their soul through longing and prayers.

Even if you feel that it’s a feeble attempt, even if you believe that it will go nowhere, try anyway. For the help lies in the trying, when you reach out to others with the truths you know, you will experience great rewards; you may not even realize how much blessings you receive because it will benefit your soul and in order to come into greater harmony in your mind, in dealing with problems in the material world, you first have to attain harmony in your soul.

If you have the guidance and awareness that reaching out to others with the truths about the availability of God’s great gift of Love is what will help elevate your soul’s condition, then don’t you see it will be to your benefit to reach out as much as possible in every way you can?

We have ways of influencing seeking souls to find certain tidbits of information which will guide them onto the pathway of truth and love, but the information and tidbits need to be to out there to be found. Let me further assure you that if you are struggling with your imperfections, if you are concerned about your doubts, this is putting more energy upon limitations rather than giving your love, becoming interested in what you can do to help others who haven’t even found their way to God yet, and who question His very existence.

We’re not expecting that you will be able to level out the playing field, but perhaps you can allow some of the light which is only hitting the mountain tops, to flow down into the valleys and illuminate the way for others to find their way up. You are the light of the world, don’t hide your light under a shade, be a beacon for others to see. When you are putting your love and energy into sharing the truths you know, that will give you less time and energy to worry about your own shortcomings.

I have delivered what I wished to write and I thank you for taking the time to receive my thoughts. I am not complaining about the wonderful things you do, but I hope to help students and new followers of Jesus’ teachings to be aware of the fact that it helps them a lot more than they can know to share their understanding of spiritual truths with others, even when it seems that others may be rejecting the words-they will reach more hearts than will be noticeable in the beginning.

God bless you for your dedication, you will be rewarded. I am your friend and brother who leaves you now. I am a follower of Jesus’ teachings and a Celestial angel guardian. I will tell you my name when you are vulnerable to receiving it and not putting up a block.

(The angel who wrote was Joseph, the father of Jesus.)