Messages 1984 to 2000

Mary: Soul, Faith and Love.

December 30, 2000

Los Gatos, California

Received by Amada Reza.


I am here with you, and I am you guardian friend, Mary the mother of Jesus. I am a follower of my son, who is Master of the Celestial Heavens and a partaker of the Divine Love of God’s Soul.

I am happy to be able to continue to write on the subject of faith and the soul, and I would like to add that the human soul, made in the Image of God’s Soul, is indeed a mystery to the mind.

Let us consider how the sun in the sky is a never-failing presence that brings life to our earth. Even when it is hidden by cloud, its light and warmth serve to sustain plant and animal life. Just so, the human soul breathes life into the material body. It brings it into being, for without it the body could not have developed into the child born into the world you see.

God, then, is our answer to solve the riddle of who we truly are as spiritual beings, for it was His Will that we be as His children, beloved by Him. What can we know of God who does not have a face and hands for us to know him as we know our earthly parents? Through ourselves, dear children, through our souls alive within us, reaching out to our Father/Mother-Creator.

You can see how a child develops in the world, investigating all the possibilities within the means that his body and mind allow, but can you not also see the development of his spiritual nature, as well? Truth is like a vital fluid which we need to partake of to nurture our souls. We need to seek God’s Wisdom to guide us to know ourselves.

Faith and love are the manifestations of the soul’s awareness, but what these bring to us is the Truth of God’s Love, established as a living and real substance that we can hold within us and take with us wherever we go. And when the trials of earth cover up the light of love and happiness, the truth can set us free from the limitations of these trials, which are only temporary.

Love and faith let us see beyond the moment into the eternity of our life, our true life. We can with wisdom understand how to be patient when it appears that there is no change for the better. We can forgive a brother or sister their wrongs against us when we understand that they are not in harmony with the perfect workings of God’s Law. Patience, forgiveness, compassion - all these are a part of an active soul, awake to the truth, perceiving the world through the real eyes and ears of love and faith.

And the Divine Love, the precious Gift that our loving God awaits to give us, His beloved, filling us to become immortal children of His Great Soul. The greatest truth in all the universe, the One and only Substance that does not change. Where one day, even our constant sun will die, God’s Love will never die, but will forever light the heavens and the souls of men and women into all eternity.

Pray for this Love to become a part of you that you may see yourselves as you truly are and that you may see this world as God intended it to be. Let your heart open to this Love and happiness that was meant to be yours and you will be free, my dear friends, forever free.

I am your sister in Christ, Mary the mother of Jesus, and your co-worker in the Divine Kingdom.